1. @Harley Quinn Nobody will shoot iranian drone with patriot missile. Most of iranian drone strike are taken down by short range air defence system like NASAM and Gepard etc. Patriot is for ballistic missile defence.

    2. @al rabbi There is no such things in the Bible. Mohammad diaby is a muslims and makes fun of the Bible. Stick with your quran dont bring religion into this garbage channel.

  1. So Russia is going to purposefully send their aircraft *towards* the long range anti-air systems?

    Well… that’s one option.

    1. @J Jones there are several drones Russia uses in Ukraine, some Iranian made, some Russian made. Lancets and Geraniums are Russian, Shaheds and Mojaheds are Iranian. I thought you were joking when you said Russia is running out of drones. 😳

    2. Yeah, they “threatened Germany when giving IRIS T system to Ukraine and said the same. IRIS T is still working 100% despite being a “target”, lol.

    3. they will detect patriots easly, but can they destroy those ? I think Russia have ability to hit where ever it wants to hit… They are weak against moving targets and target detection but they have some missiles patriot even can’t intercept like hypersonic missiles or small drones…

    4. @Cem Yurdakul Just like Russia destroys the IRIS T system, any HIMARS, MARS? Still waiting that’s happening! lmao 🤣

  2. Guy who’s been beaten and bloodied but is too drunk to go down: “Oh, you’re gonna help him? Bring it on! I’ll fight all y’all!”

    1. They certainly will…don’t rely 100% on machines. Patriots are machines, they certainly will have their failures.

    2. Yes, over and over again with $5k drones, don’t target the cans, target the radars.
      When it comes to violence it’s a diabolical dance.

  3. Kremlin: Patriot missiles arriving in Ukraine will be a prime target for Russian airstrikes!
    Ukraine: Russian fighter jets arriving in Ukraine will be a prime target for Patriot land-to-air missles strikes!

    1. @Nothing yes Russia has claimed double the number of HIMARS sent destroyed. KEEP BELIEVING THE RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA

  4. What! Does this mean Russia will stop targeting civilian infrastructure, and actually (try to) fight the military again?

    1. @Moises Aguirre there is literally 8 years of information on the subject. Do some research and connect the dots like everyone else in the world with an actual functioning brain in their heads. And no there are not videos anywhere but on Russian propaganda TV showing Ukraine targeting any civilians in the Donbas region which are actually Russian actors that have been identified as such. I won’t say there hasn’t been some collateral damage of the few Ukrainians that didn’t listen when asked to evacuate the region so they were out of harms way that the Russians then used as human shields but Ukraine has been targeting Russian invaders in the region for 8 years, not Ukrainian civilians.

    1. @Lioh Convoy you target them the same way you target anything else: send an 18 year old with a radio, binoculars, maybe a laser if you’re feeling fancy

    2. Technically the Israeli Iron Dome with the new lasers are more advanced but Patriot is kind of like the Tom Brady of anti-air defense and not like Mahomes or something

  5. Russia is trying really hard to look strong. But we all see how weak and pathetic their armed forces are and how incompetent it’s government is, can’t even beat a nation ranked 20 positions lower than it in military strength even with weapons from the west I would say that only raises it’s rank to 15 or 16.

  6. When bombs and missiles hit civilians it tends to piss them off. History shows it doesn’t break them. Such actions galvanize the people. It does not matter what nation/group is doing the bombing.

  7. Threatening to hurl aircraft at an air defense system until one side runs out is pretty in character for Russian military doctrine

    1. @Totoi te Kelcha how many batteries US have total ? i am sure Russia has means to destroy every battery. US should send some other systems to protect patriots.. or patriots will be sitting ducks…

    2. @Cem Yurdakul How many Aircraft did russia have that can destroy Patriot? Ofcourse a single air defence system is vulnerable to enemy attack I know but I am replying to thy above comment who said russian aircraft not other means

    1. Well in fairness he doesn’t need to defend himself at the moment, the victim is slapping the sense out of the bully

  8. 1:43 I love this guy. Of course we heard them, there were explosions. No they weren’t outside playing soccer it was 6 in the morning.

  9. Theres some bitter irony in saying “patriot anti air system will be primary target”
    Thats like saying “sharks will become the primary target of fish”
    The thing was MADE to be attacked so it can intercept and destroy

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