1. He really thinks he can call the shots lmao. There are dozens of countries helping Ukraine and there isn’t anything the old Kremlin can do about it.

    1. The longer Pooty keeps his forces in Ukraine, the smaller the forces he’ll have this year, next year, and for awhile to come.

    1. @Dr. Les Bien Brave ukranian people sink all Russian ships and destroy the Russian army Slava Ukraine

  2. Russia was given sound advice and ignored it. You won’t find pity parties for making stupid decisions.

  3. Perhaps Putin the pyro shouldn’t have started the fire in the first place. The notion of Russia’s “feelings” and protecting their territory is absolute insanity.

  4. Russia: “You’re adding fuel to the fire!”

    U.S.: “Feel free to leave if you can’t take the heat.”

    1. @Kaze Ryu people think an invasion couldn’t happen and that’s precisely why it could. Especially when 3 of the world’s largest militaries are teamed up against us. Two of which have the personal to pull it off.

  5. Russia: “we find it very offensive that you send military aid to Ukraine”
    US: “actually Ukraine will find it to be very offensive, that’s the whole idea”

  6. Russia whining about the fire they created and continue to inflate while blaming everyone but themselves for the heat. 🤣🤣🤣

  7. we Poles know for a long time that if Russia says something is wrong, it means that it is the best thing to do and it has to be done!

    1. @Cotac Rastic Many countries in the area between the large empires in Central and Eastern Europe (Austria, Russia, Turkey) had difficulties existing while the three empires were powerful. That’s precisely why they should do everything in their power to not let any of them come back to life. What Putin tries to do is precisely that: revive the Russian empire.

    2. @gregowski Poland’s solidarity movement was the most well known. There were protests in other countries too. Hungary wasn’t invaded for nothing in 1956. The same happened to Czechoslovakia in 1968. Communists imprisoned more than two million people (that’s about 10% of the entire population) in Romania in order to keep things quiet, the last partisan who violently fought communists was captured as late as 1976, and protests involving thousands of people happened in 1977 and 1987, being brutally crushed by communist authorities, using armed forces, with hundreds of people being arrested, tortured, imprisoned after sham trials and/or forcefully relocated for life.

  8. Well that’s different. Usually Russian “diplomacy” is just threats. Today its threats and hypocrisy.

  9. “adds fuel to fire..” Well it truly is unbeliveable that the invader acts like a crybaby after the invaded fights back🙂Allies are important,there`s no way around that when the goin gets tough.

  10. I don’t know why Putin claims we are “adding fuel to the fire” when Putin himself is “Dancing on Gasoline”

  11. Russia: Starts fire.
    Also Russia: Complains about fuel being added to the fire.

    Then don’t start f’ing fires!

  12. What makes Russia think it’s special . You started the war clowns and you are not supposed to tell anyone what Ukraine should be get or not to get . Russia attacking Ukraine with all sorts of weapons and don’t wonna taste how it feels to be hit with the same lol .
    Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  13. It’s like a bank robber saying “the police is adding fuel to the fire by protecting the bank”

  14. Who invaded another country and started the fire? Russia is just like that home invader who complains that neighborhood watch and installing alarms will “add fuel to the fire”

  15. Europe: “I’m breaking up with you”
    Russia: “Well that’s just fine! I was just about to break up with you anyway”

  16. There must be something wrong with my sound system, because every time I read a statement from the Kremlin, all I hear is the sound of wailing babies.

  17. Russia: “You’re adding fuel to the fire.”
    The Wild West: “Can’t handle a heat wave? Then go home and stay out of Ukraine.”

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