Kurt Andersen On The Economy And The Reagan Revolution | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Kurt Andersen On The Economy And The Reagan Revolution | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Writer Kurt Andersen joins Morning Joe to discuss his new book 'Evil Geniuses' and the Reagan Revolution. Aired on 01/13/2021.
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Kurt Andersen On The Economy And The Reagan Revolution | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I believe there were Republican Congress people who were deeply involved in the insurrection. I believe some of the Congress people knew what was going to happen & they already knew who the targets were, so they still behaved the same way throughout the situation, they continued to refuse mask & they continued to tout their lies of election fraud and I deeply believe many of our REPUBLICAN CONGRESS LEADERS are compromised & were & still are vital members of the insurrection and I believe you can surmise who they are by their actions and words even now. Just like there were & still are members or the insurrection in our military, various law enforcement, and other areas of our government, WE MUST BELIEVE, especially based on their words & actions, that their are members of Congress & members of their staffs that are insurrectionist.

  2. Reagan started rich taxes cut, stock buy back, and he play the race card like Nixon. And Union guys voted for him. Trump took the game book and 100″s times it.

  3. It was obvious that Reagan administration only care for the rich and businesses. We are living in the consequences of a failed social experiment. American greed is poison that rot this nation from the inside.

    1. Yup, “Trickle down” never worked and if you ask me, they KNEW it would never work! It’s only made corporations bigger/richer/and stronger and the result has been a hand full of Corps remotely running our country through the politicians the finance to get them even MORE tax breaks/subsidies/bailouts/and deregulation.

    1. republican here, solid 401k, retirement plan, own my own small business, and making six figures a year. ITS WORKING OUT PRETTY WELL 🙂 hows EBT working out for you? i hear the kroger cheese is delightful.

    2. Of course. How silly of me. That is why they are asking for a bailout right now, or why they prices for items and amunition has gone up.

    3. @Constituent A hardly working 🙂 my money makes money. its called investing, being smart, not relying on govt. handouts, lol.

    4. The saddest part is that the conservative media won’t stop talking about how much California is in trouble and what a terrible state it is. Those Trump supporters are so focused on memorizing the talking points on California’s problem that they don’t realize that other states are in worst shape.

  4. Ronald Reagan was the beginning of the disappearance of the middle class. His economic policies of trickle down economics we’re decimating to all but the wealthy.

  5. If you look at a chart showing income inequality, you will see how Reagan started a huge gap that has only grown since his time in office.

    1. and thats reagans fault? lmfao, no, thats lazy liberals that want free govt handouts instead of getting a job. reagan helped people who WANTED to be helped, not the lazy idiots, EXACTLY the way it should be.

    2. @Eric Graham Wrong! You cannot bluff people who lived through those disastrous times. Broken down cars littering the sides of the road on interstate highways because people were too poor to afford a tow to a repair shop, much less a repair for their autos, and for the very first time in my life, I saw a “Will Work For Food” sign. Those were _awful_ years.

    3. @Constituent A not if you had a good work ethic they werent lol. my household THRIVED under reagan, but we worked, we werent lazy 🙂 thats a liberal thing.

    4. @Eric Graham You’re completely full of bean soup, of course. Half the country lost the American dream in the Reagan years, and it was the saddest thing to witness.

  6. This is what happens when you hire a B actor to run our country. And now you see what happens when you hire a reality TV show host to run our country. Both were a disaster.

    1. Also hiring the B actor’s VP and that B actor’s VP’s son. The latter having sent the US into a 17+ year long war.

  7. Has Joe Scarborough yet acknowledged how Reagan got elected? The dog whistles about welfare moms? The big “bucks” ( hint: not talking about money)? The subtle racism of Reagan?

  8. What I remember is when I was in high school and a teacher of mine let me hear a recorded phone call of Ronald Reagan talking to Richard Nixon about black people. That’s when I realized how incredibly racist Ronald Reagan was and that I am glad he is no longer with us.

  9. Money buys politicians.

    Canada: “No corporation, union, or unincorporated entity is allowed to contribute to a federal election. Only Canadian citizens and landed immigrants may contribute and to a maximum of $1500.00 per year.

  10. This is Foucault’s Boomerang. Once the elites exploited and perfected their oppressive techniques on weaker nations, they will always take it back home.

  11. Reagan was the start of the decline of America, the start of corporate, business and money are more important than people.

  12. Joe is just waking up now to the idea that Reaganomics was just one big lie perpetrated on the American ppl.

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