1. He is just laying low knowing eyes are on him over the relationship with MBS , and other shady deals

    1. @Caise KC Kai why the hell are you defending and distracting from Jared Kushner? Grifter son in law. Every US taxpayer should want this POS held accountable.

    2. @Caise KC Kai you are spot on. These DF libtards are incapable of seeing the demise since Xiden began his America LAST policies

    3. @Caise KC Kai Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
      Oh, you actually believe that? Hahahahahaha
      Hey, did you hear? The Capitol building is surrounded by razor wire.

    1. AMERICA is run now by a cadre of corrupt officials who care more about lining their own pockets than looking after this country . Army needs to step in , arrest joe briben and all of his cronies . What is happening with hunter biden case ? Where are arrests in Epstein case ? As usual democrooks go unpunished . LET THE REAL TRIALS BEGIN . democrooks need to go to jail not heroes ,presidential elections were a joke those responsible should receive stiff jail time .

    1. @Jason Bordeaux I hate RACIST such as yourself. My channel is successful because I point out RACIST people. I hit a nerve didn’t I?

    2. @D.O.D Wait so kkk is just exposing racism. I love all decent humans. Definitely not ignorance. Definitely not racist. Like I said I do discriminate against stupidity.

    3. Hey it’s the only thing that will help ratings. Most people are onto CNN and their crappy executives.

    4. @D.O.D Then why haven’t you called out Jim Crow Joe on his blatant display of racism through the years. Kamala did she called him out on it just before she joined his team.
      In fact she told him if he’d had his way and kept segregation she wouldn’t even be on Capital hill

    1. @The Dude Thank you. Between you and me and the wall? Trump and the Republican Party are now bread that is getting ready to be baked, sliced, and put in the toaster. If he, them, the GOP is made on any of this looming crap? It’s over for all of them. But don’t you think that it’s great that America can get so sick and hurt and still pull an end run and recover?

    2. @The Dude Dude, try to check it out. There was a snippet on the news from a real estate and taxation atty that said something like: There is no way possible that Jared and Ivanka will not be deposed!

  2. He shouldn’t be getting any Secret service considering he made over a hundred million last year

    1. @Emily Hart weaseled 100m is also good.
      It would only take 1 ss agent to “protect” him if he is in prison.

    2. what about pillosi. shumer. kammy Biden???… They Should NOT be paid While Americans ARE Struggling to make ends meet And these Criminals Are Letting More Criminals INTO Our Country???? Make them Pay Out Of Pocket For Them and ALL of the Benefits!!!

  3. Who cares? Why is CNN still reporting on Trump? The only stories on them they need to cover is when they’re going to prison.

    1. @Kirill S.
      No doubt about 2.0. I remember some time ago hearing about trump had/has a copy of Hitlers book on his bedside nightstand. Old report but it’s been out there for some time.

  4. He’s trying not to have his company from being investigated by the NY AG for the same shady real estate practices his father in-law has done.

  5. Stop giving trump and his “circle” air time. Unless he’s doing something actually news worthy, ignore him.

    1. I attempted to post a comment yesterday similar to yours & Google /YouTube refused to post. There were NO curse words etc. Eye opening remarks regarding why are they still supporting DJT & keeping him in the news. No matter how THEY want him to be, he’s not POTUS anymore! I won’t post everything I attempted to post before. But bottom line is if God wanted Trump to be president as his (DJT) prophets predicted, he would be REGARDLESS ! Correction: Just saw where they posted a small portion of previous comment just now!

    2. CNN put Trump in office. In 2016, they pretty much gave him 24/7 coverage, because his antics brought in good ratings. Then they clutched their pearls in disbelief when he won.

    1. @Billy Scenic what goal post? Iam a former librarian, that’s no bill deal, but I listen to kpfk.org, and that’s a big deal. You can’t compete, white nationalist sources are are always commercialized. Name a famous white victim of a police killing or shooting, no false equivalents, please.

    2. @Morris Phillips, It happens a lot, but when a white person it’s kill by police nobody cares.and it’s so unfair.

    3. @Dell Hibbard I care. If enough white people rallied against police violence, qualified immunity would disappear.

    1. @Greg because i know when america falls western civilasation wil fall.why not kamala because she lost the first primairy and now she is president.thats not democratie

    2. @Leon Verhagen Kamala is the VP, not the President. Biden is the President now for the next 4 years and another 4 when he wins his second term.

    3. @Greg one of those what.please look and listen to joe when he was yonger and look at him now. He is not going to last 4 years. Im guessing he will bee going whit retirement in a month or 2. Why is he never alone did not campain wont answhere questions because he is not fit for it .

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