Ky. Gov. Beshear: Goal Is To Get The Entire Long Term Care Community Vaccinated By The 1st Of March

Ky. Gov. Beshear: Goal Is To Get The Entire Long Term Care Community Vaccinated By The 1st Of March 1


    1. Dale Rogers – At least they got rid of the Trump sychophant Governor before Beshear, or else Kentucky would be a big COVID petri dish.

  1. And mitch mcconnell is right out front leading the battle 😅😅😅😅😅 – can anybody tell me what this “man” has done other than accumulate $40 million?

    1. Hmm. Democratic Governor and a GOP Senator. One willing to do something and one who says “I can’t do my job without the permission of the rat King.”

    1. The only state that would give Old Jefferson Davis a place to live after the civil war,many think he was born here,not.

    1. They voted for him,here they fly two flags and could care less how much blood was spilt because of them,little red hats and no mask ,we helping anyway.Just to keep the Covid safe

  2. 4324 cases in one day… The entire country of Japan has yet to see numbers hit 1000 a day. America, put a mask on, would you please?

    1. That’s just the numbers for one state… our death rate is averaging three thousand people a day… yayyyy freedom 🙄

  3. Shouldn’t McConnell and Graham have their ballots disallowed. Do we know they weren’t tampered with?

    1. Actually Andy shouldn’t be in office. There was election fraud here in Kentucky but since it’s Kentucky no body cared.

    2. @Devin Gimple I’m sure that if there was voter fraud, someone as well-spoken and intelligent as Andy would not have been the winner 😂

  4. The young cherries ultrastructually cycle because squid lilly drip unto a mere lunchroom. unusual, political saw

    1. Why? Kentucky seen how horrible Andy was and chose to stay far away from even the party that he is in this time around. We learned our lesson.

  5. I feel for the citizens of KY but maybe they should be treated with the same urgency as the Congressional Representatives and Senators have to addressing the needs of their constituents.

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