Kyiv ‘did not collapse’: CTV’s Paul Workman in Lviv, Ukraine

Kyiv 'did not collapse': CTV's Paul Workman in Lviv, Ukraine 1


    1. Алина ! Is that really you? I really didn’t mean to identify you with the clothes on. Can you please tell me your address because I want to see your pole dance live again.

    2. I wouldn’t mind letting the soldiers have their way with you Alice.
      You deserve it

  1. No one seems safe…it all confusing, one one hand …..
    On the other hand……
    Can’t believe anyone.

    1. Kyiv is correct.
      “Kiev” is a Russification. Russification is an imperialist practice.

  2. It did not collapsed now but would collapse in another 10 days time.
    I already said it many times so you’ll be get to witness what I already said till then.

  3. Former President Petro Poroshenko fighting on streets of Ukraine’s Capital
    Current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hiding in an unknown place of Canada’s Capital

  4. I will try to make a brief YouTube video today or tomorrow about the 2022 Russia-Ukraine war for the “Today with Jesimiel” Channel.

    Some key points I will discuss:

    (.) The USA and other countries inciting Russia towards conflict via conspiracies and hidden agendas!

    (.) I sent the Russian Government letters to consider peaceful alternatives! Russia should not have invaded.

    (.) The Ukranian government asks for international help, pleads for justice, etcetera, yet, they force by law men between the ages of 18-60 to remain in Ukraine, for war defences purposes. Why exactly are you calling Putin uncivilized/aggressor, while the Ukranian President in an uncivilized, dysfunctional, and unjust way forces men to fight a war! What about women? I have been a long-time advocate of women rights, but, are you telling me that the thousands of women that practice sports in Ukraine, or that join intelligence forces or work, are not more qualified to fight a war, than many over weight Ukanian men who could hardly run, or that may be a lot less intelligent than many Ukranian women? If women want “equal rights”, they need to fight alongside men, including in the front lines. Thus, I may be compelled to defend Ukraine when I see the news, but, I, representing Heaven, or wanting to exert such higher reason ideals, will not be deceived by “any” dysfunctional governments.

    (Jesimiel Millar Fernåndez)

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