1. @DrunkAtheist My argument from start and you can look at all of my posts is that the judge is making determinations of guilt and innocence that are not his to make, I have never stated an opinion on Kyle’s guilt or innocence

  1. You left the clip where Gage describes. No Admits, how he ran up and tried to shoot Kyle hesitates in fear for a moment in a surrender position then he pointed his pistol around at Kyles head he wasn’t quick enough and Kyle disabled him

    1. Or where they played the footage of Kyle putting out a dumpster fire, and then getting attacked by a dude who was trying to blow up a gas station.

    2. That’s why he told friend his only regret not killing kid,yes cause he debunks what he tried to do. This is the leftist model cause others what your doing. Also bicep man wanted kyle to surrender to him,so he not only wanted to arrest kyle,also kill the kid this was evil versus good

    1. @bakedinspiration it’s because they’re rightwingers… I used to be too! Many never made it out before the Republican party converted into a radicalized far-rightwing cult of traitors.

    1. @Courtney Gooden I haven’t heard any testimony about him not having a license, have you? Is it possible it’s more misinformation being peddled by the irresponsible and biased MSM?

    2. @Alex Poore you might also want to ask her what 10 U.S. Code section 246 says about 17 year olds and their duty to the militia.

    3. @Datsamoutful she wouldn’t know a dang thing about it I’m still waiting for her ignorant response but she claims she “reads so well” LMFAO.

    4. @Courtney Gooden he’s also a citizen of America we’re allowed to go anywhere we want as long as we’re NOT TRESSPASSING. Are you going to question the roiters coming from a longer distance then Kyle nope because it’ll be going against your narrative.

    1. @Michelle Jones let me explain it to you because obviously you didn’t watch the video.
      1) Kyle was 20 minutes from home with a rifle his friend lent him while protecting the car lot. The owner of the car lot asked him to come help with security because he used to work there.
      2) rosenbaum was on video earlier in the day trying to fight people calling them the N word (he’s a ginger) and screaming to shoot him.
      3) rossenbaum told Kyle he would eat his heart before donning a mask and chain while chasing Kyle into a corner. Rossenbaums friend let a shot loose from his pistol into the air while rossenbaum screams “f you” at Kyle as Kyle turns around rossenbaum grabs his barrel so he shot him. Clear self defense.
      4) after deciding not to stay with rossenbaums corpse he started down the street towards the police barricade.
      5) The second casualty was a man that chased Kyle down and struck him in the back of the head with his skateboard. As he swung his second time Kyle shot him in the chest (from laying down completely on his back) clear as day self defense next.
      6) the third man that walked up with his pistol drawn through his hands up as Kyle shot the second guy so Kyle points his barrel at the ground not at him. Not until the guy raises his firearm and points it at Kyle does Kyle shoot him. The third guy shot is a felon not even supposed to have a gun, but he even corroborated this in his testimony during the case. Also when he was in the hospital he was on video saying he wished he executed Kyle so clearly self defense. All these men that were shot were chasing a fleeing minor and all paid for it. The most Kyle should get is misdemeanor possession of a firearm other than that he walks.

    2. These news organizations are afraid of being called out by the leftist mob and losing viewers so they tell them what they think they want to hear instead of telling them the truth.

    1. @BiZzZy I’m not Kyle Rittenhouse I don’t know what his intent was nor do I know what he was thinking but from the videos I’ve watched I don’t see intent but self defense. .

    2. @Scotty Porter if he go with a illegal rifle to a event like that he has intent to prove that he is a badass. Al what happened after that is coming his way by the choices he made!

    3. @BiZzZy Yeah that would prove that you are in illegal possession of a rifle that’s all that would mean. You’re combining two separate charges and allegations and one has nothing to do with the other. Prosecution has to prove without a reason of doubt what your intent was by providing evidence.

    1. It is what he did. Maybe they should have the bodies of the two dead people in the court laid out during the trial.

  2. So we should feel bad for the guy who was burning dumpsters and setting fires over a guy who kept asking if anyone needed any help. LOL!! thanks America

  3. I guarantee you guys that if it had turned out different youd NEVER hear about the dude with the pistol and his court case (if he would even get one). Also it WAS riots and NOT protests even the prosecutor says so 🤣🤣🤣

  4. So how dumb are these guys that attacked a guy holding an AR15? Even the fool that almost had his arm blown off admitted that he wasn’t shot until he pointed his illegally concealed pistol at Kyle.

  5. From what I’ve seen Kyle was defending himself after an attack from a skateboard, and an attack by a convict child diddler, and another attack by a dude aiming a handgun at him. The self-defense is very clear.

  6. I don’t think the prosecutor understands anything about self-defense or even supports self-defense from the way he’s acting.

  7. After the video I saw on Bitchute of the whole series of events it is evident that Kyle is innocent and carrying on a trial any further is a waste of time but I’m sure some want it that way.

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