1. That would be a welcome change. Yesterday’s spin included “Lone survivor shot by Kyle Rittenhouse testifies”.

  1. “It wasn’t until you pointed your gun at him, advanced on him, with your gun, now your hands down pointed at him, that he fired, right?”

    1. @Noneshere It was worth it to become a hero of the downtrodden. I bet people come to the homeless camp he lives in to congratulate him daily.

    1. @Lars Brinton and he also says well the guy had it in a weird angle toward you….it’s not like he had 2 hands on it…soooo that means he’s not a threat right? Cmon…lol

    2. @Michael Hernandez They are, but not much when your toting an assault rifle. WTF did his mom drive an illegal aged 17yr old across state line to “monitor” the scene?, what could go wrong?.

    3. He was trying to stop him shooting any more people. Such a pity did not him him hard enough instead he tried to take away his gun. What would you do if you are near a shooter? Dont you try to take away his gun if you have only skate board.?

    1. @Brad it’s true, the FBI admitted it. Now why the comment is here, well I assume it’s to reinforce the idea that the left is crazy

    2. @Purple Freedom Makes me wonder what happened to all those videos of Hunter with a prostitute in a hotel room smoking crack. He who controls the narrative controls what is considered “rightful” information. Venezuela is a prime example of it.

  2. This is a cute little short clip. But what happened before this was a literal breakdown of emotion from experiencing almost being killed multiple times but the left will spin it some other way. DROP ALL CHARGES🇺🇸

  3. The moment the prosecution’s case collapsed completely was when Gaige Grosskruetz said “Correct” when asked if he pointed the gun at Kyle first.

    1. He sued the city for 10 million dollaras & never mentions he also had a firearm. What a fuqn weasel.
      He’s praying the bs criminal charges stick so his civil suit will go through without question.

    2. The other part where the idiot prosecutor asks why didn’t Kyle return to provide aid was stupid. That’s not how escalation of force works. If Kyle returned and occupied an area with force, he would be viewed as a threat at that point. The moron attorney is blatantly trying to get Kyle to either appear to be irresponsible handling the weapon, or admit to something he did not do. The fact the judge even entertains this is dumb AF.

  4. A man named Ozro Robert Lee died after being hit in the head with a skateboard in 2015. CNN can’t get anything right 😂

  5. This kid has born constitutional rights as red-blooded American. The right to defend himself from harm. It’s easy for people to play Monday night football with this case. No one knows how they would’ve reacted in such circumstances. Rittenhouse is innocent. Evidence points towards innocent .

  6. If anything, I admire Kyle’s restraint. At that age and in that situation they are lucky more thugs didn’t get killed. He did a remarkable job at identifying threats and acting accordingly.

  7. Prosecutor: “You used deadly force, correct?”
    Kyle: “Correct”
    Prosecutor: “Did you consider just asking them nicely to stop attacking you?”

    These people are so F**king stupid…

  8. I don’t care if you are running at me from the front, the back, the side or zig zagging.. if you have a gun and people are shooting.. guess what – if I have a gun, you are gone. Period. Leave the dude alone for God’s sake and let him deal with his trauma of the whole ordeal.

  9. No need for Kyle to worry, he has many lawyers working for him on both the defense and the prosecution. He’ll be ok once this is over with.

    1. No really. Even if he is not found guilty, records stay for the rest of his life. Enrolling online to take nursing courses won’t help him to get a job if he ever graduates.

  10. Why hasn’t this case been dismissed when the prosecution was caught trying to falsify sworn statements and hiding video evidence? Kyle is a hero.

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