1. Old and sick! Better not suffering, my cat of 10 years was euthanised 2 weeks ago, 4 different treatments, and nothing works, he was suffering a lot, was sad moments for me, but was the best for him!

    1. @Ryan Prosper why can’t one make a comment without having somebody say something that ruins the sentimentπŸ’”πŸ˜₯πŸ’”

    1. I’ll tell you , it said LA zoo broke like every other zoo in america so they has to go , the big eaters that cost the most to feed , no one has the money to buy them or the budget to feed them so you get this . the cheap way out . Board members still getting pay checks .

    2. @Officers Club the lions were over 20 years old, which is much longer than they would have lived in the wild. What are you complaining about?

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