Lab-Leak Theory: No Consensus On Covid-19 Origins, Says Vanity Fair Writer 1

Lab-Leak Theory: No Consensus On Covid-19 Origins, Says Vanity Fair Writer


Vanity Fair writer Katherine Eban joins Morning Joe to discuss her sweeping new reporting on the coronavirus and the emergency of the lab-leak theory to explain the virus' origins and how 'toxic politics and hidden agendas' prevented transparency

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    1. @DB Cooper this is all being filmed by the way and it’s going to go on BITCHUTE and BLAZE TV to show how fraudulent YouTube is and the support for child trafficking you support.

    2. @WU FLU okay, bud. If you’re not willing to type “Trump’s china travel ban” into a Google search and checking some various sources, then I’m not sure you have the mental fortitude to continue this discussion, anyways.

      Everyone is/has been lying to you. Your news, politicians, the right, the left, and yes, even Trump himself. It’s what they do, because they’re ALL out for their own gains.

      Accept that as a fact, then we can discuss the merits of a targeted travel ban.

    3. @WU FLU speaking of child trafficking, how’s Gaetz doing? I hear he’s being looked at for obstruction on top of the laundry list he’s already made for himself.

      See what I mean? The people in power only ever care about staying in power. Half of them probably don’t even believe the crap they spew; they just repeat it to stoke their base for, you guessed it, personal gain.

    4. You won’t get it from msm.
      You have to research for yourself.
      Start with the frontline doctors.
      Than Robert Kennedy Jr. Children’s protection alliance.

  1. The answer is yes we gave money and we were involved. If your not a scientist you don’t have access but we had access before they removed it from our database on the research they were conducting.

    1. The actual facts are that the design of the lab involved has never had an accidental release in the 40 years since the design was implemented. Level 4 labs contain pathogens far more dangerous than coronaviruses without any issue. If the Wuhan lab had a breach it would have triggered alerts outside the lab, including outside China. No such alert happened.

      That leaves one very crazy possibility, that a researcher intentionally took off his isolation gear and evaded/defeated all the monitoring to prevent that and intentionally infected himself with a coronavirus strain that he already knew was infectious of humans. and then resuited again without detection. The question is, beyond how anyone could do all of that, is how would anyone even know a wild coronavirus strain was capable of such? It isn’t like you can just look at a micrograph or a gene sequence at tell. The Chinese would either have had to have been testing on humans, people would have noticed, or have stopped an outbreak of this virus and been studying it in the lab which while remotely possible is highly unlikely. Tacked onto the crazy intentional infection stuff and you’re into fantasy movie territory.

      The reality is that the bat species that hosts a strain very closely related to SARS-COV-2 is native to Wuhan. It is far more likely the virus made a species jump into an intermediate species, something exposed to the bat’s guano most likely, and that species transmitted it to humans. Finding that intermediate species may never happen because it could be any of hundreds of bird species and they could be completely asymptomatic carriers.

    2. @Matt Grele and WMD usa wouldn’t lie? The great destroyer of democratically elected governments and appointee of dictators wouldn’t lie, right?
      Get right

    3. @Ken Shaw just curious of your occupation or what is your qualifications related to this info?

  2. these are the two anchors who vehemently claimed the origin of Wuhan virus as conspiracy theory. people, who would otherwise take the jab, relied their decision on the information these two clowns put up.

    1. And there will be no accountability from any of these people — WIV, Fauci, Daszak, or the media.

    2. just a coincidence that the biolab studying the ‘Earth’s deadliest pathogens’ is a stone’s throw from ground zero, right ? Also a coincidence, the lab’s manager can’t be located.

    3. @Clarence Spangle Nature has a *2017* article, titled: “Inside the Chinese lab poised to study world’s most dangerous pathogens” . too many pieces fit together.

    4. the fake ransomware attacks and fake Russian hacker stories are going to be used as an excuse to take down cryptocurrency

    5. It is still nothing more than “talk”. No evidence, no insiders ratting ‘em out, nothing but talk.

    1. No “theory”, more like query. You cannot prove that it came from the Chinese anymore than you can prove” Anthrax escaped from Ft.Detrick in 2001.

    1. @SEBASTION HAWK There likely was an intermediate carrier, MERS-COV went from bats to camels and then to humans. All I’m saying is there is not definitive proof that it came from a lab, so while its a good idea to suspect and investigate the lab leak theory, claiming it as fact is irresponsible at best.

    2. @Jeffry Donald so it originates from Wuhan, from bats, where they happened to be testing and amping up coronavirus in bats, in a lab in Wuhan…. And you honestly think it’s just as possible that it came naturally from a bat? Come on now….

    3. @Jeffry Donald claiming it was a right wing conspiracy for a year… Is equally irresponsible and dangerous

    4. @Adam Mcgrath yes, I agree with that and have the entire duration of Covid. There was/is no definitive proof against the theory

  3. Most complicated situation? Everyone but your viewers knew this in the first 2 months, but then you lied to the American repeatedly.

    1. Trump lied about his relationship with Xi-how they were great friends, Xi wouldn’t lie, and the pandemic was nothing to worry about. There is that.

    2. @J G that’s an interesting take. I believe that Trump talked that way about xi as part of Trump’s “art of the deal”. Negotiations are always easier if you are flattering your opponent, but I think Trump made his opinion extremely clear, multiple times, that China was and is America’s most dangerous threat and he dealt with them accordingly. I find it difficult to believe that anyone who is the least bit familiar with news and current events could possibly believe what your comment implies! I dont know, maybe I read it too fast, but i thought you were trying to imply that Trump had some sort of inside deal going with china. Which would b the exact opposite of what the media was saying @ the time, that he was racist and xenophobic against china. Did you blindly believe MSNBC then too? Cause if so, you must be dealing with some serious cognative dissonance to try & hold both those viewpoints!

  4. Couldn’t help but notice Saint Fauci’s name was absent from the conversation. The MSM will not be able to cover his tail for long.

    1. not for long “Nuremberg trial” (google) is coming for him. See Tim truth, Hugo talks, Brand new tube, Stop World control sites

      y t chan: Hugo talks some more, Hugo talks (his #1 chan y t is censoring anyone sharing the truth), A call for an uprising

      y t chan: World economic forum = this IS the evil elites y t chan & their evil Great Reset Agenda (google/see yt)

    2. @Crazy Daizy the only people that have been going to prison are republican extremists lol dream on

  5. What happened to the legitimate questions? Your company dismissed it as conspiracy theories, like you’re doing with the election. You all set our country up to fail.

    1. It was a conspiracy at first because there was zero evidence so far, Now it has some legit backing, It’s not that hard to understand.

    2. there has been evidence since the beginning if you have any kind of brain. Fauci and Obama sending money to wuhan (place the virus originated) to study coronavirus in bats and it was gain of function. Scientists have been saying it spreads extremely fast like a man made virus since the beginning. And the chinese nationalist going to school at Harvard etc…. anyone with a brain has known what happened since the beginning and it’s not a Theory Fauci emails confirmed it… msm will catch up one day with the evidence

    3. no, it was a conspiracy because if the news channels (that are owned by studios/distributors) said differently, they ran the risk of angering CCP officials, causing their movies/media to be banned from the lucrative Chinese box office.

  6. It’s a sad day when Vanity Fair does undercover work while the MSM runs cover for the CCP

    1. @boltmanCV Be informed, try another article. We’ll researched. Footnotes, and credits. Real reporting that engages your brain.

    2. Did you even read the Vanity Fair article? It makes a strong case for the lab leak theory and even goes so far as to show the Chinese Military ties to the Wuhan lab.

    1. The American people know jack sht. China has more STEM degrees than us. They are already more educated than us. Game over. 1billion plus people vs our 300million. Game over

  7. MSDNC 2020: “sOuNdS LiKe a CoNsPiRaCy ThEoRy”

    MSDNC 2021: “pLeAsE tElL uS mOrE aBoUt sCiEnCe…Vanity Fair”

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