Labor Sec. Marty Walsh Says He and The President Are "Committed To Raising The Minimum Wage.”| MSNBC 1

Labor Sec. Marty Walsh Says He and The President Are “Committed To Raising The Minimum Wage.”| MSNBC


This week’s jobs report was better than expected, and the Biden Administration laid out their American Jobs Plan. U.S. Labor Secretary and former Boston mayor Marty Walsh joins Ali Velshi to talk unemployment, his commitment to increasing the minimum wage, and the economic effects of the Coronavirus. He says, “I get a lot of questions today about ‘what will next month look like, do I think it will be better or worse?’ It will depend upon all of us and what we do as far as our behavior and taking care of ourselves.” In spite of the pandemic, the American economy appears to be getting stronger. The most recent positive jobs report is likely attributed to the easing of coronavirus restrictions in states and counties across the country, but it could be a double-edge sword.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Labor Sec. Marty Walsh Says He and The President Are "Committed To Raising The Minimum Wage.”| MSNBC


  1. Consider $30,000/year is minimum wage. This is how expensive it is to live in USA. 30K income is a struggle to live on for a single individual.

    1. @Mimzy Jinx I guess you don’t like being proven wrong. Besides, I want to make this country better

    1. @Sue Montgomery the accent is clearly noticeable. But yes, he is also articulate, and easy to understand

    2. Yep Biden has people from different parts of the country. But i agree, his accent is rather pronounced. Regional pride with every word out his mouth.

    3. @Belly Dancer Em Lived in Boston for a while and currently in Worcester county. Small world!!!!!

  2. Keep up the good work. I know this administration has professionals who know what they are doing and they care about this country and it’s people.

  3. Yes!!
    Thank you President Biden for putting Marty Walsh in your cabinet.
    Fabulous asset to this country!

  4. An individual cannot live or even buy a sandwich for lunch on minimum wage much less a family to live on is an absurd notion. Even at $15 an hour lets an employer take advantage of cheap labor for profit.

    1. @Liberal Dumbfuck They can still make profits while paying a living wage. And some of those profit margins are huge

  5. The government gets roughly 25% of your earnings, 33% goes for rent/mortgage. 10% goes to sales tax. Your forced to have health insurance, car insurance, home owners insurance, an property taxes. Then there’s electric bill, water bill, gas bill, phone bill an gasoline bill. WTF is left to eat on.?

    1. And you”ll have to pay to keep Trump in jail 3 meals a day for him while your lucky to have a burger.

    2. And that’s all assuming that you had enough money to pay off all the other bills you mentioned first, which I really don’t think you would be able to making minimum wage pay

  6. If he was committed to that they would have pushed it through on this last bill when they had a chance. They could’ve.

  7. Politicians better talk really hard with their bed-buddies, corporate America, cause there will be a ‘Class Revolt” in the whole country STILL trying to starve us to death….it’ll make the insurrection look like a cake walk!

  8. Hear that?
    That’s the sound of angry voicemails from corporate lobbyists being left on republican phones all across the country.

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  10. AWESOME video title. It needs to be $15- $18+, with no dam inflation. $15 is LOW!/ THE MINIMUM!, AKA A BUS RIDER!!!!

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