Labor Secretary Marty Walsh Reacts To New Jobs Numbers | MSNBC 1

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh Reacts To New Jobs Numbers | MSNBC


U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh reacts to the just-released June jobs report, which revealed that the economy gained 850,000 jobs last month. He tells Stephanie Ruhle that the latest numbers show that President Biden's economic recovery initiatives have been successful but adds that there's more work to do.

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Labor Secretary Marty Walsh Reacts To New Jobs Numbers | MSNBC


    1. And just like that you’ve got a bunch of traitor 45’s dimwitted cult members barking at the moon…I guess they’re still angry he’s going to prison..

    2. @Sean Schisler Why so rude…wait, that is what Trump supporters do..insult people they disagree with…never mind and carry on

    3. @Bigfoot hunting MT with Elmo yes that was rude of me.
      But unlike Democrats show me video evidence of Republicans attacking people wearing Obama gear ( clothing )
      YouTube is FULL of Democrats attacking Trump supporters or people just wearing MAGA or American flag gear ( clothing )
      My bad thats a Democrat thing.

    1. F•o•r ~p•r•o•f•i•t•a•b•l•e i•n•v•e•s•t•m•e•n•t W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p •m•e +•1•6•0•7•9•6•8•7•6•1•6

    2. @Lucas White; Then get all over it, the value is only there by you getting fools to fall for it.

  1. 9 Million jobs are open….880k added in June. I would like to know how many jobs out of that 880k were from the 25 States that did not end the 300$ Benefit?

    1. @Damen Rabbitt
      You call people who are unemployed “lazy people”. You are elitist. Meet some people, ivory-tower-boy.

    2. @Damen Rabbitt that doesn’t seem to be true if you look at the unemployment rate of the different states. Another thing that is certainly not true is making unemployment, or employment,, simply connected to a tiny little something something like the federal unemployment benefit.
      It’s much more complicated than that. Most people can’t grab that, so, I understand how this has came a talking point from the right to convince the simpletons. You don’t have to understand the complexity of the subject. You just have to believe.

  2. Enhanced unemployment benefits is not what is keeping people from their former jobs. Many jobs in the lower end of the labor market expose people to COVID-19 at a hire rate than jobs in Management and jobs where people can work from home. RISK BENEFIT ANALYSIS is what is being made. People are no longer willing to risk their lives for STARVATION WAGES.

    1. You do know some State’s never stopped going to work right? And most of those States only had their kids out of school for a month or so until it was considered safe? Unlike some… People have to go to work to feed their families. What’s worse now is the price of Food is skyrocketing in store’s… Fix that Sh*t!✊🏾🇺🇸

    2. ​@Bigfoot hunting MT with Elmo Why do you think it’s just republicans. How much is your rent. 500 bucks a week give or take is what unemployment is paying between fed and state. Maybe for morons in NYC this is chump change but in some places that will pay rent with a lot left over. You can also work under the table if you can and be making a fortune right now, I know people who get 483 a week in benefits plus 190 in food stamps a month and work for about 700 to 1000 a week in cash in construction and landscaping. Plus food stamp bonus money that was part of the bill. People who did this last year, and there is a lot of them made over 70000$.

    3. @The FuQ is Wrong with you? No, the Delta variant of COVID is on the rise, particularly in states whose populations have proved resistant to vaccination. (Vaccibation rates are lowest in the American South.) And the Delta variant is both deadlier and more transmissible than previous strains of COVID, yet many citizens have abandoned masking and social distancing as they rush to crowd cheek-to-jowl in malls, stadiums and retail establishments.

      Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA Director, recently predicted that the cooler weather of the coming Fall will bring “hyper-regionalized” surges in infections caused by the rapidly spreading Delta variant, a variant that is receiving a considerable assist from the numbers of Americans who refuse to get vaccinated and who are labouring under the false assumption that the pandemic is over. So if Dr. Gottlieb’s predictive powers continue to be quite reliable, pockets/clusters of high infection rates will emerge as the temperature takes a downturn.

      Lastly, this variant reaches more aggressively into the younger range of the population, something that I, as a parent and grandparent, find particularly disturbing.

    4. @KesArt Then we’re screwed, might as well carry on without mask mandates or lockdowns. The fearful are easily controlled by politicians, social and mainstream media, and fraudulent doctors on a power trip.

    5. @Eric Holdsworth You should tell those people they are stealing money from you. You help pay for their scam thru your taxes.
      We can all get rich if we are willing to give up some of the morals we were raised with.

    1. @Reba P Stimulus money is only a passyfier designed to keep you distracted long enough for Big Brother Biden’s colonization of America to reach critical mass.

    2. @digidanshow
      “Biden’s colonization of America” – that’s even more whacko than most Trump sheep

    3. @Jock Young There are a lot of dumb people who follow the ex-president. They think he is smart, which demonstrates how truly dumb Trump supporters try are.

    4. @Jock Young I truly feel sorry for you… I really do. You’ve allowed your hatred of a single person blind you into believing the lie that there isn’t a crisis on our southern border. If the current administration doesn’t get a handle on the situation and the current surge of humanity is allowed to continue… at least 14 million unknown persons will enter into the United States by 2024. Good luck with that…

    1. Plenty of Union jobs, manufacturing, ect. Available. Nobody should settle for low skill jobs and expect to get paid higher.

    2. @Damen Rabbitt I was a senior construction tech for a major cable company. I started at the bottom and worked every job up thru the company. I can design and build a entire subdivision by myself. I can climb poles, splice fiber and run the head end.
      A kid I know makes more than I do as a janitor for Costco.
      It is not how much you know that makes you more money.
      It is who you know.
      I had to make a choice to leave a job and co workers that I had worked with for over 23 years just because the company would not pay a livable wage.
      I left that job I loved and took a job using my last name. I now make more money doing 90% less work.

    3. @Damen Rabbitt You are 100% that the more physical the work the less a person is paid.

    1. they stopped paying the 300 dollar plus up and alot of states also ending the PUA program as well

    2. I think you’re asking if they’re lining their own pockets with the remainder,,, that’s a worthy question 👍

  3. THE Thumbnail for the video reminds me of my drill seargent giving me the “you f***** up ” look

  4. Aye, the former guy counted companies splitting shifts and cutting full time employees hours for new hires

    1. @Rob Hill Do you still have access to the internet and are able to use legit news sources not counting this network or CNN. Just because you don’t like someone does not make them totally wrong, I could admit if a democrat did something I like. I believe they call it being objective. I agreed with Obama when he implemented Masshealth Romney care to the rest of the nation. But middle class wages were at a historic low under Obama and they began to rise more rapidly under Trump, don’t know if he had anything to do with it, just true. Besides hating Trump, what have the democrats done that has been impressive or what have they done to initiate growth in the economy. Don’t count government spending because that is borrowed growth. Real growth, what have they done and what do you like? Pulling out of a fake pandemic when the government shut business down is not a big feat for Christ sakes. What is the democrats plan to deal with the country that may have unleashed this pandemic on the world. Fellating the Chinese and asking very sternly not to do it again.

    1. Trump will never relate to reality. When you haven’t really worked a job in ur life it’s ez to sound intelligent.

  5. People now know they are worth more than they have been getting paid. Since there are more job openings than workers, more are applying to better paying jobs.

  6. He was a compassionate mayor of Boston when it came to drug addicts and the homeless.

    1. He really was. He enacted many policies that directly helped me get into recovery. I’ll be thirteen years clean this August.

  7. Since Joe Biden made it to the White House everything is looking pretty good might be going kind of slow but it’s looking good and that’s my opinion

  8. Of course public facing jobs are struggling to find employees. Have you watched the news? People get yelled at, spit on, hit, or even shot while doing their low paying job because part of it requires telling folks you have to wear a mask. With time and a tiny financial cushion to look for a better paying and better environment job why would you sign up for abuse and potential exposure to illness?

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