Labor Secretary Walsh On August Jobs Report: ‘We Have More Work To Do’

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh joined Stephanie Ruhle to respond to the new jobs report released Friday, which found that the economy added just 235,000 jobs in August compared to 720,000 expected. He also discusses wage growth, labor shortages and what comes next for President Biden's economic agenda as the delta variant drives coronavirus cases up.

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Labor Secretary Walsh On August Jobs Report: 'We Have More Work To Do'


    1. @Stonevalley ######## I’m sure it’s just a daily reminder how much Joe Biden actually sucks here I’ll give you one too 250,000 deaths from covid under Biden’s watch

    2. @Mark Evans don’t forget this s*** started with Trump it’ll pass it’ll pass one day it’ll be gone LOL

  1. Shout out to George Floyd on sixteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals🖕💉

    1. @omi god Why don’t you use your brain and put 2+2 together? I wasn’t talking to you, I was wishing the same ‘miracle of sobriety’ on the OP

    1. “Real” wages are a figure determined by taking wage increases and subtracting the effect of inflation. So yeah – since inflation has been taking off, that impacts “real” wages, even though salaries have actually been INCREASING.
      Inflation is not controlled by any President, and neither are wages. The OP is presenting a classic “red herring” argument, especially since he doesn’t say whether “real” wages were declining in the months BEFORE Biden took office.

  2. Stop the CAP 🧢🧢🧢. Almost 3,000 people dead from covid in 1 day and a you have to say is get back to work

      HE SAID ENEMIES 2.24.17.
      Media thee enemy.
      Just not yours on free press news media pages against us.
      EST 3/5/1770. BOSTON MA.
      You have news from 1 man unquestioned. FOREVER.

    1. Every time a Duh-Publican says, ‘we have it all under control and it’s better than it’s ever been!,’ they really mean it’s hopeless but they aren’t going to do anything about anything anyway.

    2. I’ve never met a hard working Trump supporter. They pass the hard work off on other people and always try to go home early. They are worthless.

  3. When President Trump was in the White House: “omg the number is way below the forecast! IMPEACH HIM!”
    With demented Biden: “forget about the forecast, it’s wrong”

  4. The supply chain bottlenecks are devastating to many industries. When you can’t get the specific raw materials needed to make the products to sell, businesses and their customers suffer.

  5. Dresses in the same vein as the commerce secretary, uses primarily the same measures, but then why are there two departments? Sorry but the lack of difference is that since labor’s not a quantity / piece of property as much as it is a quality, this gentleman’s not allowed to speak in those terms because the average laborer’s not allowed the same respect…

    Now that’s too bad because monthly stats aren’t going to capture feelings of trauma over the last 1 1/2 yr, and growing…


  6. Well thank the pubs for grave hopping and quitting due to mandates. The job and housing markets will be opening up. Pass those 2 tucking infrastructure bills and the problem will be solve.

  7. I think this admin in trouble. If its not broke don’t fix it. They should have kept the Trump ball in motion when they took over and they would be in great shape today. Not good.

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