Labor shortage: U.S workers are looking for more incentives | JUST the FAQS

The U.S. is in the middle of one of the biggest labor shortages in history. Here’s what it's going to take to get more Americans back to work.


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    1. People making 30,000 a year paying almost 10,000 a year for rent not including utilities car notes car insurance health insurance groceries gas so what are you saying you must not lift anything work

  1. The prices are hiked up. the pay doesn’t cut it with the basic needs adequatly. multiple jobs are needed to live on basic necessities etc. Greedy rich crocks of s hit . Run this joint.

  2. Wages have been stagnant for decades. Costs are at record highs. Doesn’t seem difficult to understand why businesses can’t find workers.

    I saw one business offering a starting wage of $13/hr., which translates to about $27,000/yr. I live in one of the most expensive cities in America.

    1. Production levels on all jobs are set to get twice as much blood out of you for 1 person pay but require you to produce what 2 people should take to produce and people after decades of saying this are retiring early.

  3. Pay is an issue, but you are missing a stark reality. A lot of workers are dead (over 700,000 nationwide) and cannot work. A lot of workers are sick and cannot work. That is a big hole in the workforce.

    Employers are choosy and do not want to hire certain workers they are prejudiced against.

    Although employers want workers who are experienced, employers refuse to hire workers with the most experience – the older workers who employers have traditionally forced out of the labor pool. Employers view older workers as mentally and physically unfit and do not even consider someone they do not view as young as a potential employee.

    Perhaps if employers would view people they previously excluded from the labor pool as acceptable, they would find many more potential workers in the invisible work force.

  4. Almost all work places in the non degree sector are overwhelmingly toxic work environments and half are brutally physical and toxic (oilfield). Almost every interview I have had everyone wants to pay you the entry level wage and refuse to factor in your exp, I took my 401 and i retired at 45.

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