Land Dispute in Westmoreland Drags on | TVJ News – April 20 2022

Land Dispute in Westmoreland Drags on | TVJ News - April 20 2022 1


    1. Welcome to Jamaica, and you see people in the comment section defending these criminals but they themselves wouldn’t want people squatting on their land.

    2. Why would you want a foreigner to come your country and own so much prime land.

      She is not a Jamaican.

      Jamaicans cannot go anywhere and do this.

      Everyone is here, Indians, Chinese, Ukraine, Nigeria,


      Look how small Jamaica is.

      No country give Jamaica such previlege.

  1. Every where in Jamaica people lives are been disrupted by these criminals leaving their country to take over our island..keep up the fight for these people Mr Thwaites.

  2. I want to know who own this land??? How much land tax had the alleged owner been paying how long has this land been empty.

  3. Who sold all of this land to foreigners with Jamaicans living on it? What rights do Jamaicans have? If it was not paid for, create a path for them to pay for it. Foreigners can’t, shouldn’t own all of the prime real estate in Jamaica. This is an insult to the people.

    1. This ain’t foreigner land its old slave master land that has been handed down and now occupied over 30 years by squatters…. its all alleged 16 years ago the owner tried to get or evict them and was killed …. in Jamaica if yo no fence up your land or live on it you will find people will try capture it that’s Jamaica for you

  4. Hope can you Purchase 🙏 from someone without a Title.
    Does Jamaica 🇯🇲 have a LAW to represent the Island; NO.

  5. May God mercies be with the poorer class of people’s. who always get drag down and left out in the cold. Someone need to step out and defend the poorer class of people’s, because their voices is not heard. don’t give up my people God is standing by.

  6. Land agency a thief they sit in them office and give false title to people my grandmother used to work a peice of land she never tell us a she own it a cousin come here and sell out the land how we get to know a my grandmother own the land my granduncle piece was attached to my grandmother own they cut it off now my granduncle gave it to the daughter the daughter gave it to her only nephew the nephew gave it to me so me get it severe off when the serverier come he ask me who was so and so I said my grandmother he said you know all these lands that those people built house on is your grandmother land how them get it I told him a one of my cousin who live a canada come sell it out and it was not hers and a piece leave there and I am going to retain it and give it to someone who don’t have no land fi them self

    1. It is not land agency fault.
      The land tax need to be paid.

      This help Jamaica.

      Land agency do not remove name off titles, he got the assistance of a lawyer who simple remove the name so he was able to sell it.

  7. If the person has a title for the land then that person is the owner. That should be the law in any civilized law abiding country.

  8. This is what been going on in Jamaica since the last 10 years ago leave poor people let them live, why you wanna come by the land?💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  9. If these people should lose their properties, I don’t think it would be sensible for me to be going into the streets and risk my life to make a better jamaica, id rather go serve in another country that the law shelters the people.

  10. This PM owes USA alot for the financing of 2016 Election to over throw the PNP, he promised alot and have to deliver no matter what. I listen a speech by a investor lately saying he had spoken with the PM when he was in opposition about the investment for the land. How can a true investor not speak with the present government at the time he seek to invest in that Country? the answer is simple this PM is SELLOUT. One should choose wisely when they dip their hand in ink on election day. But this takes knowledge and deep research of our history in leadership of this Country Jamaica.

  11. Urban development corporation. We need to get rid of government organization s as such or we will be leaving in 🌲 trees

  12. I hope those people don’t move off that land born Jamaican have right to own land in their country too sell it to them and move on

  13. Jamaica is not a real place! How can people squat on other people’s property, and they continue to squat on the land contrary to the court’s decision. The Jamaican government of must enforced the court order. Jamaica, what a messy place!

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