1. @Chris Albert I appreciate your attempt to speak reasonably with DOUG PARKER—-but that man came here to call anyone he feels doesn’t agree with him a “leftist” and create 20’straw man arguments about nothin…sadly folks like Doug aren’t here for any reasonable discussions. Fox News has them angry and making everything right vs left

    2. Why cant people just stop living in fear and move on? The virus is over. Full stadiums full clubs full bars….

  1. Here’s an easy way to tell who’s been vaxxed: people who wear masks got vaxxed, people who don’t wear masks didn’t get the vax. lol.

    1. @Ishaan Koradia Btw, thank you for replying and also listening to my concerns. It’s very kind of you.

    2. @ursaltydog I’m glad you are healthy. I respect your response it was very intelligent. I personally believe zero people have died from this Covid 19. I believe the Vaccine is a scam. But I am great full that you are okay and I pray blessings and good health to you. Bless you

    3. @Chandler Nelms Thank you for your kindest words and well wishes, Chandler. I’m on the mend.. slowly. I just received a call from my cardiologist surgeon, and my Echo results came back! My heart inflection rate has gone up slightly to 35%!!! I’ll take IT! LOL That’s better than the 20-25% from July of last year, 6months after my battle with covid-19. My last echo was at 30%.
      I’ve taken the medications faithfully, and even supplements the docs don’t know about. 😀

    4. @Leslie Winter Whether it was a plandemic as you call it or not, it still kills people. I almost died twice from the same infection. Before, I never took any medication. Now, on a host of heart medication due to the heart, pancease, liver and kidney damage leftover from covid.
      I remain hopeful you, your family nor anyone else has to go through what I did. I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

  2. Joggers are honoring Tulsa 1921 by having shootouts all day every day throughout the country.

    1. @Thomas Spencer pay attention to facts that are not coming from the left! There is evidence out there that states have exaggerated the numbers. Nursing homes and hospitals are getting federal money for COVID deaths. You think they’re not to going to exaggerate their numbers?!

    2. @Thomas Spencer you can still have covid and not get tested for it. Multiple people at my work had the same symptoms as me at same time and I tested positive. They used my results for their own.

  3. All the people in the casino scenes: “yeah!!” “whoo hoo!!” “waaaahahahha!!” does the camera crew ask them to do reactions like that?

    1. dude they’re people who go to casinos, they’re the biggest losers on the planet… of course those were genuine reactions

    2. @DJ Skippa I wasn’t talking to you. YouTube just lets you know when somebody comments on the same comment chain as you.

  4. Congratulations Vegas on the 100% vaccination rate, cause it looks like nobody is wearing a mask!

    1. The pandemic time is coming to a end….to the ones wanting to keep people in fear getba new hobby lol

    2. @Marcela Vargas because you shouldn’t be a coward with the choices you make. You claim covid is nothing but a mild flu and refuse to take precautions?! Then be a man/woman that you keep yourself at home no matter how sick you get from it. Put up, or shut up. No in betweens.

    3. @John B I mean to measure the time frame to open up after the case number subside. Not the whole Pandemic. Look at the cities manage well, usually stage the opening of business, so it can minimize the spread. Anyway, good luck with Vegas, I think you need lots of it. But House always win in Casino, Hope COVID is not the house.

  5. I bought a vacation package for next month a few months ago when travel was duurrrt cheap. Watch prices just skyrocket now.

    Edit: just saw a notification that the trip increased $200.

  6. 2% of people who are watching this comment I wish their parents still alive more than 100 years God bless you

  7. Priceline said most Memorial Day flights to Vegas last weekend. CDC told a company in Vegas a few weeks ago you can take off your masks vaccinated or not. Yes CDC told them.

  8. These comments aren’t going to age well when there’s not the outbreak you’re all hoping for

    1. @David Ballew you guys were saying that last month about Texas and look at there cases per day right now

    2. @David Ballew I read ur comment wrong lol I thought u were saying there was going to be another outbreak

    3. There won’t be any further outbreaks cause guess what, we hit heard immunity already.
      But CNN doesn’t want you to know that cause they make money off fear porn.

  9. idk why people are so mad at back to full capacity. we have plenty of vaccines for everyone and if people don’t feel safe going then *just don’t go*

    1. @Sony Soldier zero cases?! That will take WAY longer then a month and we will never have the entire country vaccinated.

    2. @Sony Soldier so you never want the country to open up? It is literally impossible for the whole country to be vaccinated

    3. @Sony Soldier the entire world could be vaccinated and you would still cry it’s to early to open up. Sorry people want to get back to normal.

  10. I really hope everyone is safe, everyone needs fun and happiness again….. freedom from this virus

  11. Vaccinate was sold as a “regain your freedom” weapon. Should have been sold as “you would live to see the next day”

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  14. So this is the part of the pandemic where we start hearing about outbreaks….Vegas, Disneyworld, Concerts, Pro Sporting Events, Weddings, etc, etc, etc….

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