1. @TheAnonapersons Each golf excursion costing about a mere half million dollars a day. Or about $99,300 average, per day, for the entire four years in office.

  1. They ignored it because it was on their side. It still is. And still will be. Until it’s dealt with, the future of the country is in jeopardy.

  2. It wasn’t that they ignored domestic extremism…. Its more like Trump and his supporters ARE domestic extremists.

  3. Trump didn’t ignore these sick people. He joined them, action speaks louder than words. Trump said, ” proud boys stand back and stand by.” Call a spade what it is, a traitor.

  4. Not ignore “right wing extremism” but the las administration decided to use it as their “bully boys!” Mmmm reminds me of another regime around the 30s and early 40s!!!

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