Last public Confederate statue, Gen. A.P. Hill, removed from Richmond | USA TODAY


    1. @User not found yeah if I asked you right now when civil war place took place you’d probably say like duh, like, 1950s or something…

    1. @Mark Mower Ohhhh smash into the White House glass broken , bats , pepper spray, fists , etc . Saying let’s get the politicians and Pence because he wouldn’t go with trumps idea and hang him ? Huh. You clowns. Atleast don’t be cowards and admit it. 👍🏽

    2. @Facts over Fear ever know those January 6th people were educated people? They were doctors, lawyers, business owners, politicians, ordinary trades people, ex-military, present military. What was your typical antifa and BLM supporters? Hoods, pedophiles, drug addicts, college dropouts, the work shy, stupid, etc…

    3. @Mark Mower So you silently admit it boy ! Lol. P.s. I’m black , Mexican and Indian What your cute children will look like. Get over it 👍🏽

  1. These should have never been on public lands. Next, we need to rename military bases that are named after confederates.

  2. Notice how many black people pay the respects to Union civil war monuments. You don’t see them licking the boots or place in flowers on these monuments, do you?

  3. Absolutely tragic to see Monument Avenue and this statue ripped down. The most important collection of Beaux-Arts sculpture in America -rivaling Grand Central Station, gone. These statues were remembrances of the thousands who were buried in mass graves on the battlefield and reconciliation after the Civil War. They were works of art that represented the ingenuity and optimism of the industrial revolution. A site so important, it was listed by THE DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR on the National Register of Historic Places! We are living in the most anti-intellectual era in American History.

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