Latest Impeachment Witness Corroborates Amb. Taylor’s Account Of A Quid Pro Quo | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Latest Impeachment Witness Corroborates Amb. Taylor’s Account Of A Quid Pro Quo | Deadline | MSNBC


Wash Post’s Robert Costa, former chief spokesman for the Department of Justice Matt Miller, NYT’s Nick Confessore, Real Clear Politics’ A. B. Stoddard, and The Root’s Jason Johnson on today’s testimony from a senior official of Trump’s National Security Council, Tim Morrison. Aired on 10/31/19.
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Latest Impeachment Witness Corroborates Amb. Taylor’s Account Of A Quid Pro Quo | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. If he goes Headfirst they can open the door with his head!
      Oops, I mean, if he goes out headfirst, they should be able to throw him farther! Actually, both!
      If he has a concussion, and is thrown as far as possible, he will be stunned where he lands long enough for the cops, waiting for him at a long throws distance away, to quickly throw on the cuffs without any kicking and screaming from Trump!!!!!

      I’m just kidding. I know that is not going to happen that way.
      But the thought sure did make me smile!

    1. This is a propaganda, extreme left, political network of evil and lies. Once again, please understand, i don’t want any of you to be fooled by these manipulating opinions that are designed to make you anger & hateful toward both the left and the right peoples. They want you to commit violence against the people of this nation. Many are from other countries, most are not US citizens, and they want to change this country into a EU socialist/communist government. Socialism/communism governments have failed to work unless the government controls everything you do, say, and/or want. That restricts freedom, at a huge price to freedom. They want to wreck this nation military to pay for free government services. The price for destroying our military will harm us all, in ways you cannot imagine. Take small steps in changing what has been successful for over 200 years. Doing change, slowly, is the best way to do everything governmental and financially.
      Nobody gets everything they want, not even presidents, billionaires, or dictators, thank God for that. Try to use restraint and level headed thinking and persuade the ones who can provide the good results. Don’t hammer them, it won’t work, but it will cause harm to all involved. EXAMPLE: You don’t burn a field of wheat just to get rid of a pest.

    2. @Fight 4 Right Errr… Truth and facts are “propaganda….evil and lies?” Methinks you doth protest (and freak out) too much.

    3. @Fight 4 Right So is it left wing propaganda that there was an inside whisltblower reporting extortion of the Ukraine by Donald Trump? Is it left wing propaganda that the extortion plot was corroborated by the former US ambassador to the Ukraine? Is it left wing propaganda that Rudy Guliani’s henchmen tied to the Ukrane were arrested for illegal campaign contributions to the REPUBLICANS? Is it left wing propaganda that Republican conservative Christopher Anderson resigns from the Trump administration and now testified under oath that Trump essentially extorted the Ukrainian president for dirt on Biden by withholding millions of dollars in military aid? Is it left wing propaganda that the rules for impeachment have been passed in the house? It is about time that honorable conservatives realize that they are being conned by a professional con man and their own reputation is being soiled by their continued blind loyalty to a criminal president.

    4. Like Blackmail is called Extortion. It’s giving a bribe, holding up already approved military protection for the Ukraine against Russia to serve your own wishes.

  1. Trump says that his phone call with the president of Ukraine was a “perfect phone call.”
    Well if it’s as perfect as he says it was, then he should release the entire unedited transcript to the public, so that we all can revel in the glory of such a perfect phone call.

    1. Have you EVER heard of any sane person describing their phone calls as “Perfect”??? who in their right mind even thinks like that?

  2. It’s not a horror movie if you are defending the Constitution. It’s a horror movie only if you are defending the person who was violating the Constitution. Republicans have an easy out, defend the Constitution.

  3. The Dems should use the word Bribery in order to enable their Senate Court argument hold up because it is the legal proper term. And Trump’s “typical and common” tactics are “the use of bribery to get a deal favorable to himself”

    1. lisa ngawhika Uhhh…yeah, since the Biden “crime” was created by fox, not by evidence. The reverse is true for trump.

    2. @Tixe 100 well if your on that page CNN created false news not by evidence the reverse is true for the dems!!!

    1. Clarissa L I watched the Watergate hearings, with my high school friends returned from the war. Nixon was not a man of honor—except for the fact that he resigned.
      But I get the sentiment—trump is current and seems like the WORST. And he might be. History will tell.
      What seems clear to me is that neither of these people should have ever gotten NEAR the White House. (And I’ll include Reagan.)

    2. I was eating my lunch, sitting on the lawn at the University of Minnesota and became surrounded by people who were against the war. They developed a document including the demands of every interest group in campus foolishly that they wanted the President of the University to sign. Then an announcement was made – Four students had been killed at Kent State. Yes, it was a crime!
      Trump unfortunately makes Nixon look like an amateur.

  4. How many more people do the Republicans need? How many people will resign or quit working in the White House? How many more excuse will the Republicans make for POTUS?

    1. @Aisha Abdi Pence first. And I’d prefer it be much sooner, so the Dems are not distracted from the 2020 election.

    1. Forgive him, Cruz is a blobfish. You can’t expect him to maintain solidity outside of water. His spine was not built for surface gravity.

  5. 1. Trump does not have any experience of “governing the government”
    2. Trump has been always in the trouble with laws, like casino business
    3. Trump’s attitude is always “knowing all” in a narcisitic way
    4. No human emphasy or sense of humanity or ethics. None.
    5. Always “Me first” attitude
    6. No care for others

    1. Harumi H. You are so right.he should not be president because he is not capable and he is business person who has nothing but corruption in whole life.As he became president he run country like his business .he doesn’t realize he is corrupted person.because he lives in fantasy and B.S.we hope republicans get good sense so impeachment will be easy.

  6. What more does the republican senate need to clearly see the crimes commited by trump and his crew? The average American has seen/heard more than enough.

    1. Aero FPV Unfortunately the republicans in the senate are conman just like trump himself. They all come with from the same swamp.

  7. My question is: What if Obama did what Trump did, would republicans stick up for Obama and say it’s not impeachable?

    1. If Obama was 1% as corrupt as Trump, the Republicans would have marched up the White House lawn with a noose, a tree and some pitchforks in the first week of his presidency.

    2. It’s amazing the amount of conspiracy theories they were willing to weave together regarding Obama, but can’t seem to see trumps violations of office and criminal connections that are clearly being exposed and backed by solid evidence and testimony.

      All these people who were expressing their hatred under the guise of patriotism when athletes were kneeling to bring attention to those deprived of basic human rights, now attack and disparage decorated servicemen at the whim of a pathological liar who would never make that type of sacrifice for his country.

    1. Rocky Knotts … we, the people, will not descend to crass trumpian chants.
      After 2020 we will claw our way out of the trump gutter.

  8. So much for the strong party of Constitutionalists and rule of law. They are -looking like- pretty weak and shambling hypocrites now.

  9. Trump has spent his whole life not being accountable so why should he start now, he’s he’s a serial grifter treating the US public as rubes .

    1. Robert Draper It looks like the democratic systems are reacting properly, and hopefully he’ll be held to account. Worst case—all the clowns, amateurs, hangers-on and fellow grifters they’ve installed in the departments will start being very careful. Maybe even professional—HAHAHAHA—just kidding. They need to go, and the process is starting.
      They’re all about to wish they’d read the Constitution they swore to defend.

  10. The horrible thing about this whole Trump phenomenon is that his supporters just BLINDLY follow him as though he is the Pied Piper

    1. Like Jim Jones, Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Castro, Franco, Erdogan, Putin, etc.

      See the pattern? If REPs were in charge (dictatorship), they wouldn’t have to answer to anyone, ever again. That’s what Trump supporters and some corporations really want. A fascist dictatorship. Not a democratic Republic. They (ignorant, scared, apathetic, bigoted, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, uneducated, sociopathic, extremist, easily manipulated, low IQ, amoral) want to force the rest of us to bow down to their evil.

      They are the deplorables the REPs need to fulfill their plan for a fascist state. But we’re NEVER going to let that happen.

    2. Yes they will follow him until it is too late and there’s no more America.
      They don’t know any better, they still wouldn’t if trump fueled a civil war and has the country divided up like Berlin.
      I hope all trump supporters have to live on the Soviet side.

    3. I agree, which is very dangerous and down right idiotic. But, then again, a low 70% of Trump’s supporters are uneducated people, some who had not voted in YEARS. That tells a lot.

    1. I think Bolton is the whistleblower and this testimony will be as late as possible to be the cherry on the cake.

  11. We as Americans need to remember the names we are hearing those who defended the constitution and those who defended their party

  12. Republicans need to go on record, yet again, that they are against the U.S. Constitution and for high crimes.

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