Latest on Jamaica's Islandwide Oxygen Shortage | TVJ News - August 29 2021 1

Latest on Jamaica’s Islandwide Oxygen Shortage | TVJ News – August 29 2021


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  1. Can the tourist industry diving oxygen supplies be used in this emergency to make do until more shipments arrive perhaps?

  2. It’s like them forget that the country close so how so much activity is going on something is not right here

    1. Peter Graham, there is no scenario.
      Why did oxygen finish????
      It is unacceptable.
      It should not happen.
      My dad died because there was no oxygen in Savanna-la-mar.
      I am angry!

    2. As a teacher in Jamaica, more accountability was required from me than what is required from these people.

  3. Yea low oxygen cause all the crooked politicians breathing too much ….why can’t covid catch some of dem since it’s so dangerous ?

  4. That’s what happened when people do a lot of drugs, Oxygen is one of the most abundant element in planet earth both this guy talking about oxygen shortage, how about get involved in putting oxygen ed n in a cylinder right there in JAMAICA there is enough oxygen in JAMAICA.

  5. Somebody didn’t do there job properly ,like any business you must check your inventory to made an order. That being said you know oxygen usage have increased dramatically since 2020,as the sole supplier of oxygen medical that is you must have been watching the market constantly. You should have had reserved oxygen in case of emergency like this.,so you’re telling me if there is a situation where delivery can’t be make for a three month period we can’t sustain ourselves until we get the next delivery?

  6. You guys should be highly embarrassed of yourselves reporting about the oxygen shortage. Clearly means you guys are not doing your job. Clearly!!! Pure lies you guys walk around and feed the nation. Acting like you guys have it all together!!! Smh

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