Latest timeline in Uvalde school shooting | Official admits response errors

Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw provides new details in the timeline of the school shooting in Uvalde.

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    1. @cart ninja I’m actually in shock 😲. Those poor kids.
      Maybe they didn’t take it seriously.
      I’m so outraged they would allow this too happen.
      Really!! 19 cops in hallway waiting backup

  1. Response Error? The police refused to go in and save the children.
    That’s not an error – that’s on purpose.

    1. These are officers so are afraid and incompetent. They should not be in this line of work if they cannot step up when it’s time to work!!!

  2. No proper lockdown by the teacher to close the door and let the information informed to the whole school. Police didn’t enter school and just watched.

    1. The cowards sat outside and waited for the gunman to use up all his ammo on the kids.

      Fixed that for you.

  3. Yeah it’s the teachers fault for thinking they were safe and could leave a door open in the Texas heat what a coward this guy is do your job

  4. This is how an entire town loses trust in it’s police department. Utter failure, now they try to pass the buck.

    1. @Daniella Sanché • Their best is everyone else’s worst, the mother that was put in cuffs and then let go certainly did her best when she broke into the school and brought her own children to safety while the cops did nothing to prevent innocent lives from being taken by a psycho.

    2. @Daniella Sanché Their best? 12 min with the suspect outside and an hr with him inside and the cops did NOTHING. They were fighting with parents outside who desperately were trying to go and save their kids because the cops weren’t doing anything. They pinned a crying father down and held a TAZER TO HIM!!!

  5. The blood of these children is on the hands of the Uvalde Police Department. They are cowards that refused to go in and also prevented parents from saving their children.

    1. depending on a cop for help is worse then depending on a dog to pilot a plane. We need to get back to open carry!

  6. How do 19 officers stand in a hallway while children are being massacred for more than 20 minutes….to wait for shields. What a disgrace!

  7. Cowardly police inaction. In a situation where a gunman is shooting innocent children you must throw caution to the wind and put yourself at risk. I have a suspicion that the gunman killed himself and the police are trying to take credit for it to make it appear they did something.

    1. @Ryan If you are trying to make excuses for dozens of cops not going into a classroom to save the lives of children it tells me all I want to know about you.

    2. @Ryan Your grammar is very poor. It’s “your” not “you’re” and “would have” not “would of.”

    3. @Don Adams Since your grasp of current topic is so poor it would be best to change the argument to something more petty like my grammar.

  8. If you wanted to take an active shooter drill live to fool the public, what would you do differently? I really can’t think of anything, it has all the hallmarks.

  9. This was a setup plain and simple or you have two cowards that need to fired immediately. Imagine an 18 year old kid scaring/intimidating a big ole Texas Ranger enough for him to turn and run away. 🤔WOW

  10. Policemen – 7 on scene – would have found the shooter and engaged within 120 seconds, with a gun fight to the death. This story is implausible.

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