Latest Transcript Release Describes Alarm Over Pressure Campaign On Ukraine | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Latest Transcript Release Describes Alarm Over Pressure Campaign On Ukraine | Deadline | MSNBC


MSNBC’s Garrett Haake, Associated Press’ Jonathan Lemire, NYT’s Nick Confessore, and former federal prosecutor Berit Berger react to the release of the transcript of George Kent’s deposition where he said Trump’s pressure on Ukraine “goes against everything” in the State Department. Aired on 11/07/19.
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Latest Transcript Release Describes Alarm Over Pressure Campaign On Ukraine | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. How can Trump encourage Ukraine to fight corruption, when he himself created the most corrupt administration in American history.
    Instead of surrounding himself with highly qualified experts, he has surrounded himself with an unqualified staff of C and D list sycophants, roguish grifters, scallywags, and the most unprincipled neophytes ever assembled. And they are all swimming together in a sea of moral turpitude.

    I can’t help but feel sorry for Ukraine. Trump strong armed and extorted the President of Ukraine into fabricating a bogus conspiracy, for the sole purpose of helping him get reelected. What Traitor Trump did to Ukraine is almost as bad as what he did to the Kurds. In both cases, people lost their lives because of Trump’s treachery.

    1. I don’t think Trump is capable of seeing any of his actions as wrong. He always seems genuinely surprised when people take him to task- in his mind everything he does is perfect even though he will loudly wail if someone else does the exact same thing. He has no ability to reason or rationalize, no logical part to his brain.

  2. Adam Schiff: ” Mr. President, I will agree to let the whistleblower testify in person next week, but only if you agree to release the full unedited transcript of your  “perfect” phone call with the president of Ukraine.

    Trump: “On second thought, you’re right Adam, whistleblower identities should be protected
    at all cost. Having them testify in person would do irreparable damage to the whistleblower program.”

    1. @T Rock Quid pro quo means this for that. You are saying that Obama giving money to Iran for not developing a nuke is illegal. You are saying that giving money for a hamburger is illegal. I disagree and say quid pro quo is legal

    2. David Primeau it’s about public interest versus private interests numbnuts (should I Google Translate into Russian for you)

    3. @Mike Harper Ad hominem attacks are used by people who cannot use facts and reason to back up their opinions or arguments. Maybe I am a numbnut, maybe I am not, I don’t even know what it means. I looked it up and it is someone who is “slow-witted, unresponsive, or inept person”.  I certainly would not call someone that who I don’t know. I have a B.Sc. with majors in mathematics, physics, and geophysics and a minor in geology.  I also have a B.Ed. and retired from teaching10 years ago at the ripe old age of 50.  I don’t think I am a numbnut as you put it, however I do value your right to free speech and opinion. 
      I don’t know what you mean by the rest of your reply because you are not specific.
      Exposing corruption in the government is in the public interest, wether it is Biden or Trump. Is that what you mean or is it only in the public interest if it is corruption by Trump? Please be specific when you speak, ambiguity leads to confusion.

  3. *“If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed… and we will deserve it.”* _~ Senator Lindsey Graham, May 2016_

  4. In this whole story i feel the most for Former U.S. Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch who said that President Trump pushed for her removal. She lost her job for doing her job.

  5. This gets worse every day. While aid was held up by Trump and his lunatics people died. Both soldiers and civilians. As usual the GOP do NOT care, and bury their heads in the sand. All parties should be working together to resolve the major issues. Instead they hide and plead no understanding of it. (GOP)

    1. @v blackwell That’s Trumpsky for u.
      That’s the measure of the excuse of a man.
      Impeachment is atlast happening..

    2. DEMOCRACY is at stake for our country. Nothing could be more important. Republicans seem totally oblivious to the DANGER we face. They have been lulled into a false sense of ..complacency

    3. @v blackwell So true, I served in Iraq, the last thing we needed is to give up on the very people that helped us. But then I could never salute Trump either, he is and always will be a coward and a bully.

  6. I know there is a segment of Americans that want a “Dear leader” who will defend him to the death. If you just support Trump, but are turned off by the idea of living in an authoritarian, banana republic, please stop defending and enabling him & start speaking out.

    1. @Web Grep Bureaucrats are also required to follow their own oaths of office and report when they see a crime or violation of law and policies.Some of these guys are active duty military, ex-military, career diplomatic corp, career intel. They don’t care who the president is, loyalty is to the country not the man in office.

    2. He lives in TV land, so the questioner has to be played by Tom Cruise if we want a “you can’t handle the truth” moment.

  7. Traitor trump and his corrupt administration have and continue supporting Russian interference in Europe and the middle east

  8. The *Electoral College* is going to have to have *_a lot_* to answer for. Who *_bought or threatened_* the selection of *Drumpf* over *Clinton?*

    1. I thought that when the election was over. One of the electoral college in Michigan said they didn’t care who the state voted for, they were voting for Trump. We seriously need to get rid of the electoral college. I knew in my heart, some of them were bought and paid for. We should find out who it was.

    1. Lowest unemployment in 40 years.
      Lowest black unemployment rate ever.
      New records in the stock market.
      Renegotiation of NAFTA.
      Keeping the border safe.
      Bush 2 Afghanistan Iraq. Obama 3 Syria Libya Yemen. Trump 0.
      Criminal law reforms.
      Reduction of laws rules and regulations to help new business.
      Scrapping the TPP.
      It seems USA citizens have benefited from this, not Putin.

    1. so are all in the cesspool@pennsylania . Not one of the people around trump have any moral and conscience . So are the republican senators and you can also throw in quite a few of democrat. In short almost everyone.

    1. They don’t care. As long as they are getting paid, and have a Republican in the White House. He could be trying to become authoritarian and the republicans would go along with it. Blindly follwing

  9. The GOP players and the president should be changed with manslaughter for all the Ukraine men and women who died awaiting our promised military aid.

    1. This Senate is demonstrating that they don’t care what trump does, they will continue to Violate their Oath of Office, and Shamelessly REFUSE to DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! These Sitting Republicans MUST BE OUSTED, they are no longer doing jobs, instead, formed Into a GANG, Committing blatant Crimes….

  10. The only way for us to insure fair elections for EVERYONE in 2020 is to remove this whole criminal administration–Trump, Pence, Barr, and the rest of these corrupt cabinet clowns–putting Pelosi in charge! Surely not what Pelosi seeks or desires, but what other choice have we?

    1. The Senate’s actually just as corrupt….even if they come to their senses and publicly admit that Trump has done impeachable offences, in the same vein they’ll exclaim that they don’t care

  11. Our Lord LittleHands must resign.
    He won’t and that doesn’t matter.
    Demand his removal and force resignation!

  12. If ONLY the popular vote can simply be called “The VOTE” we wouldn’t have this problem to begin with! #AbolishElectoralCollege20

    1. It’s strange the popular vote didn’t win the election. The people vote should count better than they got…

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