LaTosha Brown: ‘I Don’t See Voting Rights As A Partisan Issue”


    1. @Oliveria663 you don’t watch American news, yet you are stating your opinions in the comment section of a YouTube video posted by MSNBC an American News cable network🤔 only Trump voters commit election fraud, yet Biden got 80 mil votes. Limiting opportunities for voter fraud is an attack on Democracy…….yup, I think I’m done with this one

    2. @Oliveria663 Democrats brag about how Republicans are poor and less educated all the time these days. So wouldn’t it effect them more? I need a consistent argument from the left, it seems to conveniently change to suit certain situations lol

    3. Voter suppression is putting up barriers to vote and you can easily overcome them if you are wealthy.

    4. Sounds like Texas is a third world Banana Dictatorship. Arrest them and force them to get the anti-American voter suppression bill through.

    5. @OldManGhost well yeah that’s what I’ve been arguing all day, tighter restrictions only disenfranchise the poor. Feels good to finally hear someone else say it.

    1. You SHOULD believe who I am. If I say I IDENTIFY as the Lottery Winner, then well dam Give Me My Money!!

  1. Thank God the Supreme Court debunked this partisan lie already after massive review and evaluation…now we just laugh and listen to you push the fake narrative knowing better

  2. I’m so sick of people telling us how oppressed we are. No voting rights are being taken from us. Believe it or not we do know how to get an ID and find out where to vote

  3. You’d think MSNBC could get at least one person to speak on behalf of the other side in this issue, but then you’d remember that this is MSNBC, and they don’t do that.

    1. Neither do 80% of voters, but it would cut down on fraud and the democratic party can’t win with out it.

  4. actually asking for an ID to buy a gun is more unconstitutional then asking for ID to vote. back then you didnt nor was you intended to need ID for a gun but you did need to prove who you was to vote. guns are an inalienable right. voting isnt.

  5. “Lottery, 211s, newports”, flying, driving etc all require an ID !!
    TRUTH is being persecuted and deception is being praised ! ! !

  6. Voter suppression is putting up barriers to vote and you can easily overcome them if you are wealthy.

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