Laughter follows top GOP leaders' awkward moment 1

Laughter follows top GOP leaders’ awkward moment


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), the third-ranking Republican in the House, gave differing answers at a joint press briefing about the role of former President Trump in the party.

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    1. @Kraang ‎‎‎‎‎‎​ it’s only been four weeks not four years let’s have the same discussion two years from now not a week in to the presidency after all we are still waiting on that wall and I’m still waiting on America to be great again

  1. Let’s be real, do we really believe Liz Cheney is going to back down from her beliefs? For goodness sake her father delivered BIRDSHOT directly to the face of his “friend” lol

  2. If you’d rather lying jellyfish leading you, stick with the program. If you want a real person with integrity, you gotta get Cheney in charge

  3. “Oh , so you don’t think I should share my opinion along with yours, my dad just called and would like to invite you for a weekend of fun, duck hunting “

    1. @Brooke Baldvag just 2 months ago you created your account. Don’t we have bigger issues like covid?! #tRump’s gone but he left us with a pandemic and quite a mess didn’t he? #Brainwashedidiots. Sad. Maybe you could go visit him in Florida? Oh that’s right he finds his followers disgusting and uneducated like himself. Noel Casler Utube him.

    1. @Str8 Street are you talking about how Republican lawmakers got censured BY THEIR OWN PARTY for voting to impeach Trump?

    2. @Scott Harrison oh…and what about the Republican lawmakers who are getting censured by their own party for voting to impeach Trump?

  4. The female Republicans have more balls and backbone than the males, actually that may apply to both parties…

  5. Pence and his family are hiding from trump and his brown shirts. “Amicable” does not seem to be the correct word

    1. @Jean Knitter It’s their favorite new lie. They think anyone who’s not woke is evil. It’s part of their cult’s beliefs.

  6. Some people you just have to respect for their courage even if you don’t agree them. And she is one of those people.

  7. This woman have more balls, than those boots licker around her! Look at Scarlise on the back shaking his head! Like a Bubble Head!

  8. People who think Liz Cheney is standing up for “truth and honor” are morons. The fact is she and everyone like her just want their power back.

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