1. It could go either way. I don’t think Lauren Boebert is going to lose considering it’s a Republican district that she is in, but I will be celebrating if she did lose for sure. 🤣😂

    1. @💀My True Crime Library💀 hahaha.
      They took down The post explaining all the little freedoms you’ll never have

    2. ​@MRTOOTH0331 The Republicans are stripping away rights. P.s. Mask wearing during a pandemic? You don’t have the right to make other people sick because you’re stupid.

    3. @Anne Guetschow what has anything I’ve ever said have anything to do with mask mandates do you think Joe Biden wouldn’t put those mask mandates or Hillary Clinton.
      As for freedoms are you saying the Democrats have never an active a lot of taking away a ride from someone

    1. @Mr Pickles oh man, so many biases against whatever you don’t like. Let’s start making lists of things we don’t like and hate on the internet. This is the world after Trump.

  2. The fact that the crazies weren’t overwhelmingly voted out says something about the intelligence of this country.

    1. @Cathi Ruff Because Trump IS to blame. He supported bad candidates and they lost. Trump knows what a bad candidate looks like when he looks in the mirror.

    2. @Live Good Eat Healthy Let’s just say that going after Fetterman because he had a stroke is in poor taste. It doesn’t change who he is, and he will recover. Although I disagreed and thought Hobbs should debate, Lake is just a horrible character when she mocked Pelosi’s husband for being attacked. You can’t fix being a bad person.

  3. Lauren Boebert: the candidate of choice for the people who think Sarah Palin is too intellectual. As far as Lauren Boebert giving birth in the family pick up, someone should have told her it’s not necessary to give birth in the same place the child was conceived.🙄

  4. Given how truly terrible the GOP have been and the VERY low quality of the GOP candidates it is staggering that it’s been so close. WTF is wrong with America?

    1. @Shane Alan :
      *It’s the same as it’s always been; did you forget about the rush during 2018? Are you at the border counting them, or are you just repeating a number a far right commentator said?*

      *The only thing different is Biden is working on relations with countries where people are leaving to understand why, and he pledged to get kids back to their parents that were separated during last administration, else it’s same rules and same laws.*

      *You can post all you want; it won’t change the facts.*

    2. @Censored Opinions have you honestly not heard democrats defend the position on “gender affirming care” for children? I find that hard to believe.
      Far left das and progressive policies such as no cash bail and not prosecuting theft under $1000 have made places like San Francisco and Philadelphia comeplete hell holes.
      Is that what you want for the country?

    1. @CHAIRMAN OF THE BORED Sorry, but only those that lack class and a education will find what you call humor funny…Sorry, but someone has to let you know.I wish you the best thou

    2. @STONER HISTORY anyone who is a pedophile is a pedophile…. a groomer a groomer… how you associate anyone to this, other than a groomer or pedophile is up to you… I didn’t attach a “race” to this, YOU did…. maybe YOUR the racist…

    3. @Real American nah.. just that dems don’t believe in woman’s rights! So, make them sandwiches!!! -like a good democrat

    1. @Joel how would I know what??? I haven’t said anything that is not verifiable online … The Internet is a funny thing.

      The floor is open to anyone who can say something she has done to help her constituents

  5. If Boebert does win, God forbid, the one sad thing we can expect from her will be an absolute lack of humility. Any person with a shred of conscience would see that there are still half of the voters that want her gone yet her atrocious behavior will continue

    1. @Argyle Dante Donovan Oh, now you’re concerned about Fetterman’s health. That’s a whopper. Ever been to a Trump rally? All about beating people up, roughing people up, spreading misinformation, lies, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny, bigotry. I don’t know what world you’re living in. You’re obviously a Trump chump.

    2. @anita miller, lol. Look how your seething hatred is leaking out. You’re nothing more than a typical disgusting, hateful and racist Democrat.
      You’re obviously upset because I perfectly pointed out your convoluted hatred in my previous post.

    1. You give part of The American population more credit than they deserve. The Evangelical religious will vote for a devil so long as they’re against abortions and against LGBT people. Bobert is at the bottom of the barrel and people here part of them think she’s intelligent. Just like the fools thought that Trump was a great businessman even though he’s filed at least 7 bankruptcies and he’s cheated countless number of people that he’s done business with over the years. Ignorance and hate that’s at least half of America.

    2. @Donivan Potter You have hit the hammer on the nail. I could not have said it better. Especially about the Evangelicals. The Bible say life begins at first breath, not conception. Abortions are like anything else in this county. No one is going to put a gun to your head and make you have one but these idiots want to put a gun to those who do. Hypocrisy. Perhaps their afraid of the LGBT folk because their existence hits too close to home.

    3. @Joe King yes I worry about Erdogan to, I worry about the dictator wana bees around the world.
      Still the insanity in GOP Taliban and QAnus is more concerning cause USA is a friend of Norway

  6. Bobo lost Garfield county which is her home county. I voted for Frisch and i pray that he wins this election. Tired of having a joke of a representative that has done nothing for our district.

    1. @Me smart I am I’m in Pennsylvania but watching all the stats I feel bad for red states the people will suffer but guess must people don’t care. It’s sad

  7. I used to live in her district and was really embarrassed to see her run the first time. More embarrassed that she won. I honestly thought she had lost. I was excited. To think it’s a close race with her really alarms me. Adam Frisch seems like a reasonable guy. I never thought I’d see the day but I wish politicians would simply act like politicians

    1. I live in her district – Montrose County, actually – and, perhaps I have an overly negative bias, but I’m not surprised by anything voters here do.

    2. @Nameless I’m not sure how I’m gaslighting, but I lived in Grand Junction. Moved away a week before the election in 2020

    3. @Nameless “where is that sweetheart, a democrat stronghold? ” Either you mean which district, which we know is not a Democrat stronghold, or you are mistaken in thinking the OP claimed politicians were acting like politicians somewhere. I suggest you look up the meaning of gaslighting, and change your name to Clueless.

    1. lol is she worse than the DEms who refused to investigate Hunters laptop even though a statement by hunters business partner says Joe was Mr Big, and hunter met and made millions from people connected to the CCP, and convicted ukrainians.

  8. I don’t have a horse in the Colorado race—yet I will say that Adam Frisch is a decent human being who will represent Colorado with honor. He is 100% correct when he calls out Boebert for engaging in nothing more than “anger-tainment” and not doing any substantive legislative work.

    1. Boebert had competition from MTG for worst, both are horrible, MTG won her race. Let’s keep our fingers crossed Boebert goes down to defeat.

  9. She deserves to be humiliated and lose her seat after losing her business. She was never there for her constituents but for more subscribers. I’m not surprised she is losing like this, the media is terrible at this. We all knew she was in trouble when her debate went wrong. Colorado do better and elect candidates who are there for the right reason not to troll the libs.

    1. Everybody start praying bobert loses. She’s as insane as Margery Taylor Qanon,who also will probably win her district. WTH people?! Don’t you care about this country?

    1. Biden needs to have this wacko nazi trump racist bobo arrested for treason, that will end this nonsense immediately

    1. @OcrapO Name ONE THING that Boebert did for Colorado. Name ONE PIECE of legislation she crafted or co-authored to benefit anyone.

      We will wait for your response.

    2. @OcrapO Fighting to save your country by bringing a gun into Congress. “Hur dur… look… I got gun… its shiny…” 🤯

  10. Boebert is not “condemned” by “liberals”.. she’s condemned by intelligent people. It stuns me that she gets any votes at all.

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