Laurence Tribe: Dershowitz Defense Of Trump ‘Extreme’ And ‘Dangerous’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Laurence Tribe: Dershowitz Defense Of Trump ‘Extreme’ And ‘Dangerous’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


  1. “Extreme” and “dangerous”. There it is the two words that define the majority Republicans these days.

    1. Seriously? impeachment of a president, which has only been attempted 3 times in 243 years, is extreme, especially considering there are no crimes included within the articles of impeachment. Donald trump is by no means extreme compared with the corrupt democrats in Congress.

    2. David Allred all previous impeachment attempts were also extreme, and also unsuccessful. the key word is CRIME. Abuse of power is such a broad charge, it trivializes the importance of the process. Democrats are arguing that Trump’s sole motive in withholding aid to Ukraine was political, not that his actions were criminal. There are obviously many plausible and valid reasons for the Biden’s to be investigated for their corruption, all of which would benefit Trump politically even if this was not his objective. The Democrats are not mind readers – they cannot prove what Trump’s real motive was. In any event it is clearly illogical to try someone for the crime of “motive.”

  2. Trump has two half brains: ‘left’ and ‘right’.
    In the left side, there’s nothing right.
    In the right side, there’s nothing left.

  3. Republicans don’t want to hear witnesses like Bolton and Mulvaney, because they aren’t going to tell Republicans anything that they don’t already know, which is that Trump is guilty as charged, and republicans know it, they just don’t want the American people to hear it themselves.

    1. David J Actually I think it maybe the total opposite … bring on all the witnesses, release Atkinson’s transcript that Schiff has been withholding … the whole enchilada …

    2. Just Me   ……………….  Listen, I know it’s an unmitigated nonsense smear against Biden, but if I were in HIS shoes, I would WANT to testify, and RACE to the hearings. It would show how callow the Republicans are, and bring untold publicity to Joe – and maybe make him look like the ‘Man of the Hour’ . At the same time, the arguments against hearing from Bolton would be null .

  4. Holding up aid was illegal. Doing it to help reelection is unethical and a high crime of basic election abuse. He broke his oath of office.

    1. Debra A. It is not illegal. Foreign policy is the sole purpose of the president, not appointed bureaucrats. They all work for, and at the pleasure of the potus. He also was doing what we elected him to do. Get rid of the crooks.

    2. @James Campbell your statement is rather naive, holding up aid is illegal when it is used as a bargaining tool to influence the next election.
      Remember the government had already agreed to send the money, however Trump withheld the money until the Ukrainian could start a smear campaign against Biden, to start an investigation, it didn’t matter about the outcome of the investigation, it was to smear his opponent.

    3. Every appointee of the current administration is abusive in some way. Pompeo is chart topping abusive. I’m involved in a project where I’m expected to request a meeting with someone who works under Pompeo. Procrastination is the safest move right now.

    1. Rose Stewart I concur. I have fond memories of my daughter at that age and the thought of a guy like Dershowitz taking advantage of that innocence and naivety truly makes me ill. But he is now speaking in the hallowed Well of the US Senate – what has happened to America?

    2. @Yusuf Ginnah I agree 100 percent. The other issue is, especially in the case of Dershowitz and Epstein himself, they so easily excuse their behaviour. It’s obvious this wasn’t his first time at the rodeo. There’s no telling how many more victims are out there because guaranteed Epstein wasn’t the only provider.

      These news shows including CNN still have him on as a guest. Every time they do there should be a banner that reads Admitted Pedophile…or they shouldn’t have him on at all. They’re just proving what these poor girls think. If they speak up their lives will be ruined and these guys won’t face any consequences

    3. @Gary Cherwonick I don’t know. I was thinking about Roman Polanski and how he had to leave the country 40 years ago. His career was ruined…as it should have been. I don’t live in the US but I would say for all the bible thumping happening down there, your country seems a bit hypocritical. I think other countries should bar people like Dershowitz and the Prince from entry or at least announce a predator watch. No wonder Megan and Harry came to Canada. I wouldn’t want to be in the same room as that man. They should all go live under a rock somewhere.

      Twelve is such a hard age but great at the same time. So much drama but they start babysitting and going places with just their friends. This girl had that stolen from her by a man who will have his name in history books.

    4. Rose Stewart I agree. There is so much hypocrisy in the US, especially from the so-called Bible Belt – they support Trump because he is now Pro Life, totally disregarding the fact that he was Pro Choice a few years ago (I guess that’s double hypocrisy)?

      For Dershowitz my hope is that his legacy will one of disgrace:

      1) Professional humiliation – “academics” thrive on praise from their peers, but after the dust settles on this “trial” other Constitutional experts will publicly and professionally destroy his reputation for his recent, bizarre “legal opinions” – no one has agreed so far and for the past 240+ years of the Republic ;

      2) Like Bill Cosby I hope that all educational institutions formally withdraw and revoke any awards and accolades that he has received for his admitted sexual tampering with minors (even though he “had his underwear on”);

      3) That he will be charged and convicted for his activities with minor children and be placed on “The Registry”.

      Every time I see him interviewed on TV I feel that I need to take a shower – I can’t even imagine how his victims must feel. Karma…please!

    1. It’s as if the Republicans and Trump supporters know he did wrong, but they just don’t care. Don’t care that he did not abide by the rules, therefore, we have a bunch of people who are cheaters, big time. They want to be the ones who get to cheat, but woe if Democrats would cheat. It is their despicable, and bullying way. That is what we are fighting, to keep it clean, honest and lawful in our Democracy and White House.

    2. @birdlynn hubbard they absolutely don’t care. It’s a pure power situation. Nothing more. They are playing a short game, for their own benefit. Constitution be damned.

    3. Alan Dershowitz is beyond disgusting, he is and always will be a total and complete HYPOCRITE because Mr “I taught Legal Ethics for 35 years” talks out of both sides of his ugly mouth. I’m glad i was never taught by him at Harvard. He himself didn’t practice what he taught others in his class.

    4. @Mike Quinlivan We the people are the true Americans, Trump is the enemy of the people and of America. He has used us all for his selfish benefits while spitting on us. The Republicans should not be enabling him to manipulate our country the way he has. He has turned his Republican Senators against our own people and country, following co-man Trump, Putin disciple.

  5. The best mumbo jumbo was Dershowitz dillydallying down impeachment lane– looking for fig leafs and throwing them out for whoever wants to use them.
    He’s reading John Rawls!

    1. @P. “If you wish to be a success in the world, promise everything, deliver nothing”. Napoleon Bonaparte

    1. @david bias What is there to like about Trump he is a terrible human being, father and husband.

  6. GOP senators are afraid of Kochsand Mercers of big corp as much as they are afraid of this tweetstorm. I am positive some of them have even been bribed or blackmailed by Don the Con.

    1. Does Trump have money enough to bribe all of them? He had also created many enemies. Anger and retaliation can go where ethics and patriotism may not exist.

    2. @María Martínez It’s not just Trump. Look up Koch brothers and how they stream rolled any GOP speaking out against their values.

    3. The Kochs and Mercers, and what they have done to American politics, should be exposed. They like to be shadowy figures in the background. Time some light was shone on them and their donations, and agendas.

    4. @Michele Mcneill Not only donations but spreading unfounded rumors, feeding trolls, bribery, etc. Nothing is beyond them.

    1. The opportunity for witnesses was in the fact finding portion of the impeachment proceeding, which lasted less than 80 days. The fact finding period in the Clinton impeachment lasted nearly four years. If you can’t see how faulty these charges are, you are just a goon and a partisan hack. I cannot wait until a republican Congress decides to impeach whatever loser candidate put forward by the democrats if this is the new bar for impeachment. What a circus.

    1. @john carioscia Gee, John. It seemed to me that Marky E was speaking for himself. Isn’t that a good thing to do? Are you speaking for yourself or is someone paying you? The trolls are out in force but it’s hard since they have nothing to stand on. Trump is guilty of abuse of power and all the Republicans can say is “far out”.

    2. @soaringvulture P.S. After this sham is over, you can expect the Dems to launch another impeachment, within 1 to 2 months at the most, this will happen in order to tar trump going into the general, that might please you, but again I repeat, this will happen over & over regardless of which party is in office. The exact thing Hamilton wrote about in the Federalist papers, impeachment is a sham anytime it’s initiated by only one side of the aisle, no more then a political tool.

    1. They are on Trump’s team because they are foolish, abusive and dishonest. A few years ago, Ken Starr lost his job as Chancellor of a University, because he falsely reported to the Fed. govt that there were “0” sexual assault reports on his campus over two or three years.

  7. The only way for Republican Senators to safeguard themselves is to overwhelmingly vote trump out of office. Take away his bully power.

    1. That seems such an obvious answer, but they are either too stupid to see it, or too cowed by the bully. Shame on them.

  8. Is Dershowitz being blackmailed to give his peculiar opinion? what happened to all Epstine’s records and photographic collections?

  9. Dershowitz doesn’t believe what he’s saying. He’s being paid to say that and he’s not above taking the payment to spread that BS.

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