Laurence Tribe On Trump’s Desperate Legal Filing And Whistleblower | The Last Word | MSNBC

Laurence Tribe On Trump's Desperate Legal Filing And Whistleblower | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


Trump's legal team filed a claim to stop a Manhattan D.A.'s subpoena of his tax returns that said the President cannot be prosecuted or investigated while in office. Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe tells Lawrence why Trump's lawyers are wrong- and why the tax return subpoena cannot be stopped. Aired on 09/19/19.
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Laurence Tribe On Trump's Desperate Legal Filing And Whistleblower | The Last Word | MSNBC

88 Comments on "Laurence Tribe On Trump’s Desperate Legal Filing And Whistleblower | The Last Word | MSNBC"

  1. Michael Humphrey | September 20, 2019 at 1:58 AM | Reply

    For a guy that has gone through so many great lengths to keep his tax returns out of the public eyes/ courts eyes he must have something big to hide

  2. How many lawyers does an innocent man need?

  3. Why wouldn’t the GOP also insist trump discloses his tax returns ….IF they are in fact “for” law, order and transparency?????

    • PU: Because democrats have CONSISTENTLY SHOWN THAT THEY HAVE LIED WHEN IT COMES TO TRANSPARENCY… There is no reason for this president to give into their childish demands…

    • Because the only thing Christians do better than paedophilia and bigotry, is hypocrisy.

    • @Joy Phillips are you still spouting lies? Isn’t there a Commandment against false witness?

      And the Constitution is a good reason for President Lies-a-lot to cooperate with Congress as they proceed with their Constitutional duty of oversight.

      Jeez, go read the Constitution before you comment next. Its not that long.

    • @Greg Gammago well said.

  4. Trump crowns himself emperor. Who will tell the truth that the king has no clothes on?

  5. Common Sense A Super Power | September 20, 2019 at 2:22 AM | Reply

    It’s bleedingly obvious that tRump has to be impeached, to show future presidents that they are NOT above the law! If Nancy Pelosi is more worried about the polls than the corruption trump is committing, then she needs to f**k off and let someone else be Speaker!

    • @Clueless??Don’t think so. Please don’t take this as an argument. It was simply a discussion.

      You seem to have a misunderstanding how standard deviations work. The IQ score is based on standard deviations.

      Here’s a couple good explanations.
      (ignore the heavy math sections. 🙂 )

      If you haven’t taken a probability and statistics course, you may be unfamiliar with the standard deviation graph.

      But basically- “by definition”, it means that a person in the .5% who are 3 standard deviations above the median (defined as 100) is balanced by one person in the .5% who are 3 standard deviations below the mean (middle line).

      What I said above was basically a quibble because 2 dumb people don’t balance out 1 smart person. The way it works is you get 1 extremely dumb person- so dumb that only 1 in 200 people are that dumb. And they balance out 1 extremely smart person- so smart that only 1 in 200 people are that smart.

      Anyway, as I said- just having a friendly discussion and no argument here from my side. If I get more time later, I’ll check out the video.

    • @Clueless??Don’t think so. I did catch the video and I’m familiar with Dunning-Kruger effect.

    • Blaming Pelosi and Democrats is so much easier than accepting responsibility and doing something!

    • Democrats looking to build an airtight case for twenty very good reasons. Strange coincidence–that just happens to be the number of Republican Senators needed for impeachment to actually be successful. Which is what people SAY they supposedly want, but then they start dulling the tool needed for the job! Are they really that stupid?

    • Impeaching Trump during his reelection campaign is both a stroke of genius and the ultimate poetic justice, helping insure his loss–and theirs–if Republicans continue betraying the Constitution and nation and don’t impeach him first! Yet, inexplicably, media and some silly Democrats are whining and complaining, just because Mommy Pelosi isn’t holding their hand every step of the way, telling them all the secrets they want to spill so they can spoil the scene, as Rope-a-Dope contestant #1–Total Loser Trump–continues tightening noose around his neck, surely and steadily, with firm resolve!

  6. Donald Trump is a criminal he belongs in a prison cell for the remainder of his life although at his age that would not be long enough

  7. That was the best show ever. Real talk from a Righteous source. Reality returns. No bs talk. Soooo refreshing.

    • That time line, was amazing to me. Connect the dots. But along with that, there was a recent interview of Trump where he discussed ‘foreign intel, on political opponents. And then the past history of welcoming Russian help, in 2016.

    • Are you serious. This fool had to retract one of his stories about Trump.

      Righteous source? Yeah…ok.

    • @firestream93 Laurence Tribe had to retract a story about Trump?

    • @Linda Scott Nope. It was Laurence O’Donnell. Google it!

      If you can’t find it, I’ll be happy to provide a link.

      Laurence O’Donnell is the MSMBC guy that is hosting this show.

      So, when someone talks about how “factual” this is, or how it’s good reporting…I’m like…nah!

  8. If you can’t believe a Harvard Constitutional scholar who calls the current president a criminal, who can you believe? I’m a believer!

    • “but we have typically selected presidents who were…not criminals. this time, we may have…missed the mark.”

      such gloriously understated grace and humour as well. gotta luv. xD” bbb

    • @aman andom you do know Donald Trump has allowed more immigrants in and has deported the less immigrants than mr. Obama right? Mr. Obama deported more immigrants then any other president in history present included

  9. Let’s use our constitution to our advantage, let’s remove this dangerous dotard.

  10. Claudy TheArtist | September 20, 2019 at 3:15 AM | Reply

    Mr. Tribe always keeps our government employees honest… Mr. Tribe is a National Treasure…

  11. Richard Nixon obviously had higher ethical standards than the Current Occupant and that is really saying something.

    • Back then, the gop, even Nixon himself, respected the _authority of_ the rule of law. The gop under Trump seeks to assume that authority. If granted, what could prevent them from shredding the constitution, and replacing it with whatever they wish? If so, how would that not be a coup? (First change: A president becomes president for life? Bye bye voting him out…)

    • nixon at least had shame…trump has none

    • Never thought I’d live to see the day when somebody stooped lower than Richard Nixon.

  12. Petra Alexandra, Inc. | September 20, 2019 at 3:17 AM | Reply

    The fact that trump made that comment shows how lawless sinister prideful and dangerous he is

  13. America, it is truly time to get rid of traitor Trump.

  14. A president .. Any president is not above the law. In fact they should be held more liable to the law.

  15. The Justice Department is a corrupt mess. They refuse to investigate the Trump administration at every turn. Corruption!

    • @Tracey Edwards Barr is not Trumps personal attorney that is stupid sounds like something AOC would say Barr has been around a long time and you will see who he is Comey ,McCabe , and a few more are in big trouble !

    • @ALI E My point is its been nothing but a waste of money they found nothing and if they did he would be up on charges and now Cummins ,Nadler ,Schiff are going back over everything again. They dont want Trump there because hes showing that it dont take a career politician to be in Washington ! SO MY POINT IS THE MONEY THEY ARE BLOWING IS TAX PAYER MONEY. IT DONT GROW ON TREES AND COULD BE USED FOR SOMETHING ELSE !

    • @Kevin Wilson Oh sorry, he’s not his personal attorney, he just acts like it. You must agree with that, don’t you?

    • @Tracey Edwards No not at all Barr has been around a long time hes not going to through his reputation away for Trump so the conspiracy news channels started that rumor but hes is going after the creators of the Russian collusion hoax !

  16. And he has packed the courts with compromised and corrupt judges

  17. For the life of me, I will never understand how ANY AMERICAN would attempt to protect a corrupt President of the United states.

  18. Republicans are to blame, they have no shame supporting such shady character

    • @vertigoz I know exactly what it means !

    • @Kevin Wilson I have no doubt you think you know, I am even sure know one knows it better then you, beside individual 1, that is

    • @vertigoz What exactly are you referring to could be alot of things so why dont you enlightening me !

    • @Joy Phillips they should be taxed, they receive government services. They would still be able to deduct their charitable contributions like anyone else.

    • @Stephen Smith well said, thanks for your thoughtful comment. I knew and worked with many Republicans, and while I am a lifelong Democrat, I appreciated their perspective on fiscal responsibility and making sure that government programs, regulations, etc. worked to keep the economy thriving.

      Unfortunately the Republican party took a turn towards winner take all at any cost, nastiness, corruption and underhanded strategy, first with the Tea Party and then with such strategies as Red Map. Perhaps they felt they had to because demographic changes would be changing the political landscape, but really there is no excuse for what they have become. Recently it has become a corrupt, party before Country, who cares about the rule of law or common decency or what is true attitude that is frankly putting our country in danger. The party’s whole motovation is “sticking it to the libs” rather than working with your opponents to compromise on what is good for the American people. Frankly unless they can keep power illegally I think the Republican party is dead. And good riddance.

      I hope people sucj as yourself will come together to form a new party to further reasonable conservatism.

  19. We didn’t fight a revolution against a king just to get a tyrant.

    – Laurence Tribe


    • Madeline Beauchamps | September 20, 2019 at 10:17 PM | Reply

      They won’t. Only the Progressive members are truly for. The Corporate Dems in power are just as bad as the Republicans. Nancy is going to allow Trump to re-elected. We need Dems with a backbone. Only the Progressives have backbone & they have been trying to shut them up since they came to Congress.

    • @Madeline Beauchamps Yes they do try to shut down those with a backbone and patriotic heart! I hope you’re wrong about 2020 though, our nation can’t handle another term of djt and his lawlessness, racism, division, trade wars and theft of government funds!😔

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