Law Enforcement: Suspect At Capitol Has Died In Hospital After Incident | MSNBC


    1. Why? You wanted to defund them and replace them just a few months ago? Hey but at least bidens wall is working. And you said walls dont work.

    1. Why does The White House Page turn of commits would be my question I haven’t noticed fox doing that

    2. @Judy Chandler Fox didn’t report:
      ~Russian collusion (for 2 years)
      ~”Mueller Time”!
      ~Jussie Smollet MAGA attack!🤣
      ~Lev Parnas
      ~Covington Boys intimidation
      The list goes on and on.
      You couldn’t find faker news if you tried!

    3. @Fred A gotcha like the fact that if the terrorist was white they would have said it or the fact that the terrorist posted Louis Farrakhan was his religious leader was left out of the story lol

  1. Had this been a “bad guy with a gun” instead of a knife, a lot more “good guys with a gun” might’ve been hurt.

    1. @t w beside being factually wrong on most of your replies, you also do not know basic knowledge about firearms and gun related deaths. Chicago should be your starting place.

    2. @Santus Scanderbegus How am I ‘factually wrong’ on most of my replies? Please be specific.

      Also please expound on my lack of knowledge about firearms & gun violence (I haven’t used the term ‘gun related deaths,’ so please don’t strawman). Please be specific.

    3. @t w ” eliminating more lethal weapons” = 90%+ of all gun deaths are from handguns. Less than 180 are done with ar15s. That’s a simple fact. So are you against handguns since they cause most gun deaths? We aren’t talking about survivability of being shot with 223/556 v 9mm right?

    4. @Santus Scanderbegus Stop with the strawmen. I’ve never said ‘deaths.’ Yes, gun violence has migrated to handguns since 1993, but what do you fetishizers have against reducing the overall number of gun violence events? The AR & its variants are consistently still used in mass casualty events with far more than 180 victims.

      Stop with the obfuscation about rounds. An ammosexual like you knows the different level of damage a round from an AR or its variants does v. one from a handgun.

      We’ve done it the way of the fetishizer for long enough, with only minimal gun restrictions. Now it’s time to add some more.

      This is coming from a gun owner, I own three. And I am certain Uncle Sam isn’t outside my door ready to confiscate. Cogent adults realize that. The slippery slope fallacy isn’t real, no matter how much your fairytale fever dream wants it to be.

    5. @t w As a New Yorker, i can tell you that in 2013 gov Cuomo made me a felon with a strike of his pen. Sure they didn’t come to my door but god forbid they do, 10 year sentence for something that was completely legal prior to 2013 (ny safe act). You’ve bought up the leftist narrative when it comes to guns, especially irrelevant ar15. And yes, there were around 350 deaths by rifles which 180 or so were done by ar15.
      Gun “restrictions” work perfect for Chicago and other big cities, just look at their numbers. Maybe its a cultural thing and not a gun thing. Maybe, just maybe socio-economic status has something to do with numbers too. But why worry about that when you can just ban/restrict guns.

  2. What did he expect? You try to drive into the Capitol after showing a knife you are going to get shot dead. It’s unfortunate he decided to do what he did.

    1. Hundreds showed up and only one got shot, while her friends murdered a police officer and wounded several. So maybe he expected also a free tour through the capitol.

    2. Joe Biden said that police under attack in the line of duty should shoot their assailants “in the leg instead of the heart” as a way to avert the killing of civilians.

      “Instead of standing there and teaching a cop, when there’s an unarmed black person coming at them with a knife or something, you shoot them in the leg instead of in the heart is a very different thing. There’s a lot of different things that could change,” Biden said in a meeting with community leaders at Bethel AME Church in Wilmington, Del.

  3. I think most of us could care less about him. It’s the officer that he killed and the one still suffering in the hospital that we care about!

    1. hahaha funny how liberals are saying RIP my condolences to the capital policer officer as they degrade cops a cross america as racist, nazis, white supremacist and calling for defunding of police which is happening in all democrat run cities by radical left wingers

    2. The officer death is sad for the country, sad for the capital police and devastating to his family. We do need to keep in mind who the killers are, where they come from, their purpose, their motivation, and attempt to gain insight from this terrible deed.

  4. “some of you traded your country for a red hat”….is printed on a shirt that Beau of the fifth column was wearing the other day. pretty spot-on analysis 👌

    1. Haven’t seen any red hat people posting that they were following Louis Farrakhan that would be the BLM DOMESTIC TERRORIST SIDE THE DEMOCRAT SIDE THE TRASH SIDE YOUR SIDE ONC E AGAIN

    2. @Dan Carver: The good thing about the constant rage of trumpers like you is that it is bad for the heart and the circulatory system. We will survive you, now I will enjoy a cool beer and relax 😋

  5. Well its good to know the Capitol Police are “WEAPONS HOT” WHERE ARE THE MAGATARDS!??! Oh they are regrouping… call COMMANDER Tom…ITS GOING TO BE WILD!!!

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  7. Society has lost its collective mind. The average human is too stupid to handle social media as well as being awash in automatic weapons

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