1. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
    – Maya Angelou

    1. @Rob Yea neither did we way back when I was growing up in NY in the 50s and early 60s. But that time and country sadly Rob is in our collective rear view mirror. Man I wish I could re create it just for the people who never lived through it. We were a very special people and country back them.

    2. @John B So true but the good news is he has just started with the pain, just wait till you see what he plans for you next. I would tell you but I know like most of you out there in never never land you probably wouldn’t believe it anyway.

    3. @Radicaleyes What you need to do is compare your financial statement to his……if his is higher then get some t-shirts that say “i’m a Chump For Thinking I’m more Successful than President Trump”

  2. He needs to be indicted” he’s not above the law” the evidence” on the table it’s not rocket science what’s taking so long?!

    1. @David Atkinson civil discussion please. Please. What should he be prosecuted for exactly?

    2. @David Atkinson – There is probably a good reason you are not a US attorney and simply a keyboard warrior. Stay in your pay grade.

  3. If it was any of us they would slap us with an indictment so fast our heads would spin he is no different he is a human being who did something terribly wrong and knows that it was wrong I think they should do what they have to do and the world will be a better place for it

    1. @Brbadge Why? He’s not above the law. And as you said, he is a FORMER president, which makes him a civilian.

  4. Concern over what might happen as opposed to what has already happened makes no sense.
    “Dude’s gotta go.” – Vice President, Kamala Harris

    1. @Tony Nogueira Perhaps you could try Hooked On Phonics before you try to troll political blogs. Your illegible attempts are not going to earn you any points with your cult leader.

  5. Please, let’s promote him from failed former unindicted conspirator to convicted treasonous mob boss.

    1. Running Short On Funds For A July 4th Barbecue, Man Opens The Family Safe To Retrieve The 16 Cents He Saved On Hot Dogs Last Year – “Thank you, Brandon! You’re a lifesaver!” said Smithers as he ran to the family safe and carefully removed the 1 dime, 1 nickel, and 1 penny he had stashed away last year for occasions like this. “July 4th is saved!” 📺🐑 #LGBFJB+ 📺🐑🐑

    2. @Cryst C O If you really want to live in a Dictatorship, Please move to Russia or North Korea! Thank you:

      Bless your Heart 🙄❗

  6. Trump, the most investigated person in United States, but the less prosecuted as well, this is insane. Garland, do your job!

  7. No indictment would be the end of this country. Indict, prosecute and sentence all involved in the coup, everyone at the Willard hotel war room must be prosecuted as well.

    1. @re run fun vids gas is high almost world wide. I’m in Australia and it’s extremely high here but we know it’s what is happening around the world that is causing it

  8. “Weighing two terrible choices” is not your job, neither is it Garlands, that’s playing politics. Garlands job is to administer justice, so get on with it and indict Trump.

    1. @Fool’s Foil What is the point you’re actually trying to make? Or do you even know? Are you trying to suggest that trump’s attempt to overthrow the government so he could stay in power is totally cool because Hunter snorted some lines? You keep going off on random tangents and never come back to actually say anything.

  9. It seems clear that most of us agree that TFG should be indicted, tried, and jailed. It isn’t at all clear that Garland thinks so. His failure to act has brought democracy to the edge of failure. If he does act, and the MAGA world reacts with violence, so be it. They will likely be the ones who pay the higher price. Refusing to act for justice because we are afraid of a fight for justice, is a sure path to failure.

  10. There’s a first for everything. Please hold 45 accountable! He’s a professional bully. He doesn’t deserve to hold office.

    1. @Tillery Innovations I guess you can attest for the fact that being stupid is a basic trait for being a republican. How’s trolling nowadays?

  11. Let’s hope so. The fact that’s there’s this much speculation that Garland will act is itself pretty alarming. My hope for a version of America that even remotely resembles the country I love is dwindling by the day. Rule of law seem like a pipe dream at this point, right up there with the tooth fairy. Happy 4th.

    1. @Correctpolitically literally no one on this thread advocated speculation as a premise for indictment. YouTube is weirdly omitting some comments so it’s understandable if somethings are getting lost with replies.

  12. Can we also appreciate how President Biden IS NOT breathing down the DOJ’s neck every five minutes, TWITTING about him! The silence from the WH is refreshing. Let them do their job!

    1. Then do it we all know what needs to be done . If the first impeachment hadn’t been overturned America would’ve been spared all of this crap . We could’ve concentrated on the countries concerns .

    2. @Angel Fish He is not like trump. Patients and let DOJ do their job. Tramp would have fired 4 by now.

  13. This always reminds me of a true story of a judge named Ram Shastri’s from 1772 Maratha empire of India who passed the death sentence as punishment on the ruling prime minister (defacto ruler) Raghunath Rao, who got the position after murdering the real prime minister, his own young nephew. This judge was under real danger when he was made aware of the plot, he investigated, found the sitting PM guilty of murder and judged him. Always wonder the guts needed to do that at that time.

  14. All involved in the failed Coup must be held accountable otherwise it’s their training exercise for all future elections. The Office of the President not the occupant needs protecting.

  15. Trillions spent to “protect our country” from outside threats…and then we do nothing about this grave threat from within? That’s a great big wtf.

  16. Imagine running a business and not firing a negative bad employee for fear of what they might do or other employees might leave? That is not an effective business nor boss. Garland needs to get on with it and let the chips fall where they may ! Because anything less is just being held hostage

  17. I agree completely with everything this law professor said. I pray Garland has the guts to do his job and indict traitor trump.

  18. When you take an oath it states “to protect against enemies foreign and domestic”. This was a domestic threat and only by prosecuting will you prevent something like this from ever happening again.

    1. @Theann Hayes – Yes I do realize that if there was a court, both sides would be heard. Think that is going to happen?

    2. “Like this”? What exactly do you “think” happened? … and don’t just repeat this garbage these talking heads are telling you. I was there. You’ll need to come with some facts.

  19. Exactly! They HAVE to indict ! If not this will HAPPEN AGAIN!!! And this can NEVER BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN!

    1. They have to wait, until they have an unbeatable case. What good is an indictment, without a conviction?

    2. @Barbi Morgan Yes it is, disregard this reply. you shouldn’t reply to these replies.

  20. I want the system to put some pain into Trump, in the same manner that he has put so much unjustified pain into the lives of many for his personal gain.

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