Lawmaker confronts Jim Jordan for not saying election was fair 1

Lawmaker confronts Jim Jordan for not saying election was fair


During a House rules committee debate about a measure to call on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) refused to say that President-elect Joe Biden won the 2020 US presidential election fairly.

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  1. I really wish that politicians were held as accountable to answer questions directly as most of us hold our kids accountable to answer questions directly. This is so gross.

    1. I really wished that politicians who do not hold their oath of office to serve the American people would get removed from office. Raising a fist at domestic terrorists? yes – good bye – telling people to march on the capital – yes good bye… all of them even cruz who did the rally in Georgia telling them it was a battle.. yes – good bye!

    2. Its called voting. If people vote them when they don’t do their job then we wouldn’t have this problem.

    3. @Mikey Barboza True, but we voted Biden and the people didn’t accept that, also people voting for those people because they crazy like trump. The sane people need to hold those idiots accountable for their actions!

    4. ​@Defied_ 2020 It always amazes me to such great length child molester democrats go to to NOT doing research. You have never watched the video evidence, that is obvious. You have seen the usual 15 seconds carefully edited on MSM. So you have no knowledge of what really happened or what Trump actually said. But I am sure lack of will isn’t the only factor here. Tell me, have you ever completed an IQ test?

    1. Nevermind 1, there’s 534 others that are just like him. Doesnt matter whether there’s a R, D or I next to their name. They’re all the same.

    1. @Painting Animals On Rocks Yeah, as opposed to being part and parcel of the party of slavery – and every other terrible thing to infest the politics of this nation since before the civil war! You MAY wish to study American history. I am DAMNED PROUD to be a follower of the beliefs of Abraham Lincoln – and the party of which he was the very first president! They are politicians to be sure – but they don’t have the history of hatred, ignorance, and literal hateful stupidity the Democrat party does! Tell us all who the last member to hold “high office” within the Senate was – and see if HE belonged to the KKK. See Robert Byrd.

    2. @Todd Mueller Better do your research on your Democrat party . . . but then again, you probably would be in favor of slavery – right?

    3. @Ben Chod I would BET you haven’t studied five minutes of either candidate – don’t have an IDEA of the beliefs and what they both believed in during the past!

    4. ​@Genna Collings Good for you, Genna (and your kids). Admitting a mistake makes one vulnerable, so I can see why people don’t do it, especially in our current toxic environment. But when we meet another’s contrition with our empathy, it makes healing so much easier. There’s enormous power in the mutual trust that’s created by vulnerability and empathy.

    1. @mo0seonfire What happened at the Capitol was indefensible. For them trying to justify is reprehensible. If they can’t see the glaringly obvious difference between the two “wrongs” then no wonder Trump was able to so easily manipulate them.

    2. @L Erkins Yeah but it’s fine for when left wingers in the BLM protests burn down multiple buildings, kill 23 people including a black police officer David Dorn, and destroy businesses, yeah gotcha lmao that never happened.

    1. @G Worm absolutely. I will forever question this election & elections moving forward. Not because of anything Trump’s team presented or the other lawsuits filed on his behalf. Not because of unlawful voting changes enacted by states such as Pennsylvania. I’ll forever question this & future elections because of the resistance for any investigations & audits. If we can’t have transparency in our elections, how can we not question them?

    2. @Frank Bowden sure, I can just mail-in my vote from the luxury of my own home. You never watch a movie you already know the ending to?!

    1. We have solid e evidence you dont. Biden said it was a convincing victory. What more do you need? Grow a brain

  2. How do people like this hold these positions. Talking about pea and heal when on American people causing terrorist threats on their own country. Still planning attacks

  3. Stop allowing the likes of Jordan, Cruz, Graham, Hawley to control the narrative! Stop them! They’ve forfeited the right.

    1. @timtheman678 Well apparently so. The DEMS are going to try and impeach the President because of something he didn’t say. So yeah. They must be able to hurt you…

    1. @you are fired! Yep. The same medal the coach of the New England Patriots just rejected. Trump is so toxic right now that accepting anything from him is career kryptonite.

  4. Jim Jordan tell the widow of the officer that was killed during the riot on the Capitol. Get Jordan out now. Enabler

    1. The officer that died in the riots died of a heart attack. A preexisting condition. Which means it was due to COVID..

  5. When Republicans lose, the want reconciliation. When they were in power, they did everything to thwart Democrats efforts.

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