1. Hand them over to the senate ways and means committee as well as making them public, and get the guys that quit Alvin Bragg’s investigation on the case …

    1. @Belly Dancer Em lol that’s not how this works. The notion you must give up all rights to privacy or else you’re guilty is absolutely asinine.

    2. @Charming Jinx Well he is a private citizen like you , so what will you do when you see his tax returns? Your looking at a page with numbers , without the documents that show where those numbers came from they are worthless

    1. Bill Clinton had Epstein to the white house 17 times…

      But yeah let’s listen to mainstream media piss and moan about Trumps taxes 🤡

    2. Accountable for what? His taxes are obviously all legal since the IRS didn’t go after him. You nazis just wanted them to run a smear campaign about how he was smart and was able to pay almost nothing like all Americans would like to.

  2. I am DISGUSTED by the partisanship here. It shouldn’t just be “Democrats” investigating Trump’s criminal activities and security vulnerability. It should be all legislators – actually, strike that; they wouldn’t feel compelled to do so if the DOJ was addressing it (as they already should have done long ago).

    1. @Brian Becker BWAHAHA You don’t get to be judge in Court Little Brian. I’m sorry to hear about ur Blindness and deafness. Get well soon Boi

    2. It’s just a show of good faith for candidates to disclose them. At this point nobody really cares to see what’s in it.
      I am happy that congress was able to obtain them but whatever is in it is it really important anymore.

    3. So y’all finally got Trump taxes
      What’s going to happen? Nothing just more waste of time Trump still not going to jail 😂😂

  3. I would drive round to the tax off and collect them in person TODAY, before they go mysteriously missing 😮😮😮

    1. The average person wouldn’t know what it all means if it did get leaked, because we all do not have giant businesses and we don’t experience loopholes made for the very rich.
      Yes, the loopholes made from the exact people who want to review them……again!!.
      How come people can’t see this?

  4. He promised to show his tax returns the first year he was in office. Then came the BUT for 4years. This man hides more things than my pet ferret.

    1. If anybody believe what trump says they have a problem .trump never tells the truth who pay for the Mexican wall ❓

    1. @WebPortal they were all legal with the information he gave them. But the information was not true, that is what they are investigating.

    2. @Angelos Georgiou Grasping at nothing. If it was thought that he lied on his taxed the IRS would be going after him not congress. You people need to try and think for once.

    3. @Angelos Georgiou  I did, but obviously, you don’t understand. The IRS would have done the investigation, not Congress.

    4. @WebPortal congress is not investigating, it wants to see them. To see what TFG has been up to. The AG of New York is investigating.

  5. The rarest thing in the world is people who do what they say. Be a person of integrity, stick to your word. No matter what it takes, get it done.

    1. Crooks don’t follow rules or laws. The greed and power make them above the law bc the powers that be won’t do their job and hold them accountable.

    2. So y’all finally got Trump taxes
      What’s going to happen? Nothing just more waste of time Trump still not going to jail 😂😂

    1. Unfortunately, the only way to remove a federal judge is for the House to impeach them and the Senate convict them after a trial. There is no way the Senate Republicans will vote to convict a judge who has corruptly helped a Republican.

    2. @Joshua Brady so explain why the judge who sat on the tax return lawsuit without taking action for about 2.5 years shouldn’t be sanctioned. He was serving Trump’s interests through his inaction. Then there’s Judge Cannon in Florida who has demonstrated that she is not impartial through her outrageous behavior on a case on which she should never have claimed jurisdiction. She has been serving Trump, not justice, and is getting slapped down on every appeal.

  6. More reason that the legal system in this country needs to be overhauled . The way that things can be delayed until time runs out is just insane .

    1. @Pete Mitchell If u or I are being audited all tax records can be taken by IRS, DOJ, Federal Marshall’s.
      Part of a criminal investigation, evidence.

    2. there going to wait to use this when its closer to the election…. democrats are just playing dirty politics just like the republicans and people like you are falling for it, cause your just into the whole popcuture polla dramma

  7. The fact that this case has taken years to be resolved.,just shows that the entire system is beneficial to the real criminals.

    1. Not necessarily true. I have nothing to hide and I’d try harder just out of the principle of not letting people think they can just do whatever they want with my stuff. I’d burn my house down just to spite someone

  8. Happy holidays. Looking forward to consequences, subpoenas and indictments for the holidays and a new year filled with trails and very long sentences.
    If not, the rule of law will evaporate and it will destroy us.

    1. It’s nobody’s business what is in those tax returns…it’s between the citizen and the IRS and attorneys involved. How would you like it if your returns got posted on Facebook? Just to be fair let’s see Biden’s returns

  9. “We hope to get the documents by next week?!?” Did I slip into the 1970’s somehow? A notification to the IRS will get these documents to them before lunch! The needless delay in this whole process is absolutely staggering…

    1. So y’all finally got Trump taxes
      What’s going to happen? Nothing just more waste of time Trump still not going to jail 😂😂

    2. @Drought Tolerant

    3. @Drought Tolerant We all know you would be very interested in the tax returns of a billionaire who became a _Democrat_ politician.

    4. Agree with you Citizen Sane. However, nearly everything about the former president is absolutely staggering! No other person in today’s world would have gotten away with the long list of what Trump’s done. Especially his urging on the Jan. 6 violent mobs and telling them “We’re going to march to the Capitol…” as if he was giving them instructions–he was their puppeteer. And they didn’t seem aware of that at all, that’s what’s so crazy.

    1. Because the GQP only cares about Judges who declare themselves Maga. It doesn’t matter what their qualifications are. The rot of the Republican party goes very, very deep.

    1. Because it isn’t a law. It should be and maybe if we give more Democrats seats in the House and Senate, it will be. Previously, all presidents did it as a matter of honesty and integrity. However, we wound up with a president in 2016 that had neither.

    2. @RhondaH It wouldn’t even be that bad if he wasn’t out there committing Emoluments Act violation and the whole family grifted off the office and sold influence. What did Jared get $2 BILLION for? Because the stupid saudis think Trump is going to get back in and they are influence buying. Our country took a real hit on the integrity front with that criminal taking over the WH.

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