Lawmaker fires back at Republican's comments during hearing 1

Lawmaker fires back at Republican’s comments during hearing


Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY) fires back at Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) after comments Roy made during a House Judiciary hearing on Asian American discrimination.
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  1. That’s it “RIGHT THERE” the racism that he feels is his given right to express anyway they feel pleases them. This is why racism is so strong. This is going to explode.

    1. @Brian Jones you are white, aren’t you? You do not have a right to speak for people of color, especially people of color whose friends and relatives were just murdered. STFU!

    2. @Big Picture Thinking do you have the balls to just openly admit that you think brown and black people are inferior to you?

    1. …if someone were to start joking about shooting Republicans in churches or at Walmarts, and moving the crowds with messages and jokes about everybody hanging Republicans on ropes in tall trees for justice, you are most definitely right, I bet you wouldn’t hear these jack rabbits talking about freedom of speech then big bruh….Lol…

  2. Roy likes to put labels eh. So, why can’t he address that mass murderers and those that look like him?

    1. They met to talk about the spike in Asians being attacked. Roy tried to change the subject. Pretty pathetic republican’s switch everything to social greivenves and victimization.

  3. Again, another white man, telling the group he’s not part of what is acceptable and what is not. RESIGN


    2. Resign? he is not going to do that. As soon as Racists who vote for him support him. and they support officials like Chip in order to COMMIT racial crimes and get away free. And they will not stop until they turn the USA into the NAZZI regime.

  4. As an African American I truly understand how you feel. I’m praying for those who unnecessary lost their lives because of racism. I’m praying for your community and your families. Please be safe.

    1. @matius bond
      Stop this garbage of Division! All People of Color must unite! United we stand, Divided we Fall. I love all People and America must permanently eliminate the culture of bigotry, hatred, and White Supremacy since 1600. Stop comparing one group versus another! This is Division. All People of Color must unite and understand one another. It’s time for a new change for a Better America! “What makes America GREAT, We’re all a nation of immigrants.” JFK The food, culture are different, but we’re all uniquely American. GOD bless America and all People of Color. At the end of the day, you’re all African. Read your history and educate yourself from mental slavery!

  5. Dont think he was changing the subject with “China BAD” and “Lynching is JUSTICE”. If I can hear that dog whistle, so can the next mass shooters.

  6. Roy can’t even wear a mask right, why should we expect his rambling gaslighting is worth listening too

  7. The fact that he went all the way back to last summer BLM protest , but conveniently forgot Jan 6th which just happened tells me everything I need to know about him.

    1. What did race Have to do with Jan 6th? I’ll wait. Summer riots involved race. This is made out to be about race. Is congress a race now? I’m confused.

    2. @hoaxone 845 while I also confuse trump supporters for white supremacists that is not always the case

    3. @hoaxone 845 GOP adopted the racist xenophobic posture of Farcical Opinionated Xenophobic noise channel. They have no policies and cannot justify their embrace of outsourcing jobs and destruction of manufacturing Meccas so they blame “the other”.

  8. How on Earth is it possible the RICO laws have still not been invoked to dismantle the GOP criminal syndicate?

  9. Jay Baker, the sherrifs spokesman, was promoting
    T-shirts with the slogan “COVID-19 imported virus
    From CHY-Na” “Love my shirt,” Baker wrote in
    another post in April 2O2O. “Get yours while they
    last.”‘ This cop needs to be fired or made to resign immediately!!!!

    1. Yes it is extremely racist and hateful statement. Seeing ty hat Congress hasn’t passed the anti-lynching bill as of yet. He knows how to dog whistle too!!!

  10. I notice he mentioned justice for everything but the insurrection in January. Amazing how that supremacist mechanism automatically kicks in.

    1. @Brandon Burgess The point is he mentioned incidents as far back as last year but failed to mention the most recent and we know why. Furthermore charged does not constitute justice if the charges are reduced to lesser crimes and culprits are not convicted. But I suspect you already know that. Nice try..

    1. Tone deaf would imply he is speaking in a slightly different context. He clearly said American should be free to oppose and attack Chinese because China is our enemy. With a history of wiping out the natives and trafficking slaves, i would rather be a “chicom” than a American.

    2. @calforrai Yea maybe you are right. My husband is Chinese and we have no interest in moving back to the states. He wants to lambast China but never once have I felt physically threatened here. The CCP has plenty it should be held accountable for, but the US really doesnt have the right to sit on a high horse when it comes to human rights violations.

      What is a chicom, by the way?

    3. @Ray Williams from the looks of it, chicom would mean Chinese communist~ As a Chinese from Taiwan who loathed the CCP, I would rather give the present CCP the benefit of the doubt. It’s natural to be upset at your government. But CCP is vastly improving, democrats/republicans are stagnating the country in a tug of war.

    4. @calforrai Ah okay thank you for explaining. Yea I agree… Trump really gave the CCP alot of ammo for why democracy DOESNT work. I believe in democracy but our government has become decreasingly democratic… As we can see from the 400+ voting limitation laws Reps are trying to pass.

    1. Remember when the Democrats rounded up 10’s of thousands of Asian Americans and put them in concentration camps during World War ll and now this is happening under another Democrat administration.
      So SAD !

    2. When he said lynching, he just bought black folk in it, again. So, they want us all to shut up and stop talking.

  11. I’m tired of these grown as men and women not knowing or not caring that their words have consequences! Especially with the positions they hold!

  12. Politicians like Roy make me sick. This whole situation is so horrible it makes me want to cry. I don’t think politics should have that effect.

    1. Then politics shouldn’t be pushed into it in the first place. They’re adding all these labels of an Asian hate crime. Don’t blame Roy for bringing politics into it when the media and Jen Psaki blame this crime on Trump. That’s directly adding politics into a tragedy just to attack a certain group of people. That’s fucked up. It was never confirmed that this sicko killed 8 people just because they’re Asians (which not all of them were the same race and shouldn’t mean anything but people just automatically want to make it about race). This is about a messed up kid that killed people because he says he was sexually frustrated not anything that has to do with someone’s race. So don’t push that narrative and focus on the family’s and getting justice for them.

  13. He talked about getting all the rope and finding the tallest tree. Clearly, he’s intimation or clearly talking about lynching.

    1. Don’t worry there will be a great number of lunches in HELL.

      Let’s see how much crap they talk then.

  14. “we take justige very seriously”

    Oh? Thats why you didnt vote to imoeach trump even though you thought he were guilty, huh.

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