Lawmaker shot at Jonestown compares Trump to cult leader Jim Jones 1

Lawmaker shot at Jonestown compares Trump to cult leader Jim Jones


Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA), who was shot by members of the Peoples Temple during the 1978 Jonestown Massacre, says she sees similarities between cult leader Jim Jones and former President Donald Trump in the way they use their charisma to connect with disillusioned American and act as "merchants of deceit." Speier was shot five times on an airstrip in Guyana while accompanying a lawmaker to investigate the nearby cult.
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    1. @reality Your obsession with other people’s sexual orientation is ver telling. Time to come out of the closet William. Your self hatred is apparent to everyone.

    2. @reality why? Is it a subject of personal interest for you?
      Are you hoping to hook up with one of these bi or gay liberal men that you keep “noticing”?
      Or, are you just asking for “a friend”?

  1. Evangelicals who support 45 were already in a death cult before he came onto the scene. It’s nice to hear someone saying it though.

    1. @Dicky Jones I pray right to trump now to be honest. trump is real, he answers my prayers. If trump would have been alive during the time of Jesus he would have been driving the nails into that weak socialist birkenstock wearer. I’ve now been able to sleep with three of my hot neighbors wives. My wife kicked me out but I got right with trump and that’s all that matters.

    2. @Marshall so what if we burn cities to the ground? Were you outraged when Sherman burnt cities in the south to ground and plundered its resources? No, of course not … but suddenly you republiklans get all snowflakish when we want to loot and torch a few minority communities for political points. Give me break Felicia …

    3. @2WITnessESN1 Donald trump was the character they Used for Damien Thorn in the Omen series! They both have the same initials DJT, Damian James Thorne and Donald John Trump! Damien Thorne was sent to military school because of his behavior and so was Donald Trump. Both DJT’s have lied, cheated and stolen and both became president! The Anti Christ is Donald John Trump!! Someone call Q STAT!

    1. @Buckler We voted for 12 candidates , how about you just one everybody else was refused a ballot.

    2. @Fat Freddy’s Cat sorry if I confused you with truth and facts. We know how long it’s been since you sheep have seen either one.

    1. @Brian Jones how very sad you carry such a heavy burden….seek happiness instead of misery, the thing about life YOU may remember these words is everyone gets what they’re supposed to!!

  2. Since when is trump charismatic? I reckon he has had the most successful charisma bypass in medical history. Flat monotone voice used to drone a succession of kindergarten level one syllable words.

    1. @Brian Jones No, that’s the opinion of the Supreme Court, Congress, and everyone who realizes that “It’s true because I say it is” is NOT evidence. It’s opinion.

    2. @Richard Miller
      Using logic and commonsense on people like Brian Jones is an exercise in futility. However I do admire your willingness to at least try and have a dialogue with them. It’s like trump emptied their skulls along with their wallets. Imagine having a obese pig with a fake piss coloured comb over as your hero. I ain’t no Biden fan but anybody was better than trump.

    3. @D O He gave everyone takes breaks, If you consider China an ally then sure I agree, he didn’t contribute to any deaths that was the virus, and getting people to love their country is not brainwashing them

    4. @David Cat … when you get 10,000 folks at rally’s, you are charismatic. When you can get people to clap about gladly getting exposed to COVID, you are charismatic. When you can have people watch the video clip of the capital riot and say it was just like any other visitor day at the capital, you are charismatic.

    5. David, maybe you can see through it like many others but his ability to ‘con’, be convincing, is what’s at work. He resonates with the kind of comfort and pat answers his followers think they’re getting or want to get and they’ve totally lost rational/critical means to evaluate their leaders. It’s an ongoing pain to see these folks running entirely on their emotional bond as if he’s some great all conquering parent they can trust with their lives.

  3. Anybody ever hear the final JonesTown tapes of the children being forced to drink the poison? It’s heartbreaking.

    1. can’t tell where one starts and the other one stops —- equals—THE COMPARISON. they could be —kinfolk to each other!!!!

  4. “You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart, right? The spies and treason, we used to handle it a little differently than we do now.” – Donald Trump

    1. “Don’t we have an island somewhere?” Drumpf, whilst trying to figure out whether we should put the elderly on cruise ship lines infected with Covid-19 in Guantanamo Bay.

  5. Way before Jan 06, I said Trump was as Jim Jones. He thought of himself as a messiah and a lover of people. Always said he acted as cultist.

    1. I always thought he had a lot of similarities to David Koresh as well. I watched a documentary on Koresh and the way his followers spoke about him reminded me a lot of the way trumpers speak about their orange messiah.

  6. This. More people should make a study of how cult leaders work so we can keep it from happening so often.

    1. @Kevin Strong I don’t know that I’d call them dumb, but more on the order of, believers of misinformation, which each and everyone of us has done one time or another. Thing is they followed an unwise leader by doing unreasonable and unspeakable acts i.e, convincing women to cut a baby from a mothers womb and kill the mother. A person would have to be on some powerful drugs to do something so irrational. Bottom line is we all have the ability to do such things if we become unaware.

  7. I think the pathological need for vicarious power is at the heart of this. There are two types of people, though: One seeks power by following someone they see as powerful, regardless of ethics. The other develops their own capabilities through hard work and study.

  8. I like to call them Cultish Unamerican Nihilistic Terrorists. Or an acronymized version thereof.

    1. and i call ’em “bottom feeders….” they come and suck up whatever sh*t he wants to put down for them!! anybody with a tank knows you need bottom feeders to clean the tank…..

  9. Question What’s the difference between Trump and Jim Jones? Answer Trump would have charged for the drinks.

  10. There’s one big difference between the two. Jones went down with his followers. Baby cheezus went back to the White House and watched on tv.

  11. This Representative Jackie Speier knows what she’s talking about. While traveling with Leo Ryan to investigate the Jonestown massacre in 1978, she survived five gunshot wounds she received, when sadly, her mentor State Representative Leo Ryan was assassinated that same day…..

  12. Those who “admire” and “worship” Trump aren’t the smartest people on the planet . The only sure thing.

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