Lawmaker who’s a single mom reveals shocking advice she received

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) talks to CNN's Kaitlan Collins about her new book, "I Swear: Politics Is Messier Than My Minivan" and the difficulties of being a single mom in Congress. #CNN #News


    1. @Deborah Freedman that will free up Katie Porter to run for president, which is a much better job for her anyway

    1. @Tony ok genius. I’m trying my best here to behave myself. She is a brilliant representative of the people of her district. About the abusive husband with a restraining order: He deserved more.

  1. I think all politicians are corrupt but with Katie Porter I don’t. Maybe because that white board. 🤔I can’t wait to vote for her for senator here in California.

    1. ​@Jade H no I’m not. She dumped a boiling pot of water on her husband’s head. She was physically and verbally abusive. And the court sided with the wife in a custody case?!?! Omg!!! Alert everyone.

  2. Katie Porter is a national treasure. Intelligent, wise, straight to the point, arms herslf with facts and knowledge.

    1. I agree. I hope she can maintain her integrity as she moves up the ranks. It’s very hard in that environment.

    2. @Lu Shoberg absolute power corrupts absolutely. I fear that too for the Los #DosJustins, @KatiePorter.
      Demonstrated Intelligent, honest brokers for the #citizens. I will work with this.

  3. I love the way she handled the big executives. The whiteboard is her power prop. It’s hard for them to lie when she has it written in black-and-white..

  4. What’s not to love about Katie Porter as a politician?!! We need a lot more like her ASAP with the way things are going 🙄

  5. Katie for President! She truly cares for this country. Just a few more people like her in congress and we’ll be a stronger country!

  6. She is really one of the few people ,who work for the people in government . Our country needs more people like her on both sides.

  7. I could listen to Katie Porter all day long! She’ll make a great Senator and I hope to see her running for President in the future.

  8. The qualities of her effective leadership include courage, strength, the ability to communicate effectively, knowledge, judgment, integrity, and interpersonal skills. A particularly important quality she has is vision, along with the power to implement that vision.This is someone that has a real grasp on the pulse of most Americans. Her personality is similarity to our basic values and related traits. A natural leader who leads by example, I wish we had more like her.

  9. Katie has an equally magnificent sister who is a physician. In the early days of the pandemic she was a voice of calmness and reason.

    1. Yes, a lot more! Real people with positive values and honest work ethic, who are not afraid to speak out against injustice.

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