Lawmakers Introduce Bill Addressing Violence Toward Asian Americans | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Lawmakers Introduce Bill Addressing Violence Toward Asian Americans | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. It’s already a crime to attack someone. So why do we need more rules other than to virtue signal for the left?

  1. This bill should be anti-violence against any human, not just Asians. Singling out groups just keeps these issues going. It is stupid that these people who are supposed to be governing us can’t see this.

    1. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords you are missing the logic. If there are laws against violence against anyone, do ANY of the laws works? This must be a sweeping law, for all people, not groups.

    2. @SpicyHotPot you mean the civil rights act that black men died for but get nothing out of it despite other groups like ” people of color ” ( no black is not a color ) gays and women befitting from it ? What did the civil rights act do for George Floyd ?

    3. @P White well there were some protests about that last year you might not have seen on Faux. So its ok, I can get how you are ill informed on how it’s already noticed that those laws don’t work are people want action that Republicans have blocked.

    4. Ah yes, try to fix the problem and you’re the one creating it. Classic GOPutin troll technique.

    5. @Adna Loy Seriously asking, how many blacks or whites in US that were must endure racial shouts such like Asian Americans frequently must hear when crazy racist attacking then with nasty words such as “go back to china”?? I’m sure you never heard any of similar things happened to white americans and black americans tho.

  2. Of course these cowards target elderly women. They are too scared of someone who may fight back. This happens anywhere I am and there’s going to be an attacker becoming the attacked.

    1. I agree 100%!! I too am always aware of my surroundings. GOD help anyone who I see attack anyone, but especially a senior citizen! I have ALWAYS been like that, it’s called RESPECT! Same with animals or children. If people act like this in public, what are they doing in private!😡❤️🙏

    2. @Cole Chillen haha. I loved that story about grandma fighting back and HE was the one crying on the stretcher! I would LOVE to see a person to turn on attacker with martial arts and kick their arses so bad that the attacker NEVER even THINKS about doing anything like that again, to anyone!!❤️🙏

  3. The attacked on the 65yrs woman is disturbing and painful to watch but the 3 guys who just watched and didn’t do nothing, even closed the door from the old woman gave some sleepless night

    1. @Dahra Brofford I have but that don’t change the problems that will continue to see if we don’t confront this country racist system.

    2. The amount of weapons Americans conceal, I feel, would make people think twice. The hate, and the follow on attacks by people, both verbally, but also on social media is disgusting and unsafe! You can die in America from having different ideologues/race/religion. And you think other countries are bad – look in the mirror first!

    1. @President Joe’s Hidin’ because he was brain washed by the media into thinking these attacks are something new and the existing laws aren’t sufficient. So like most sheep he’s thankful for more rules and more control.

    1. I hate to be that person but…
      No, you and I and some other folks belong to eachother, but clearly there is a group who only belong to themselves, and they don’t even do that very well.

      I’m sorry but I’ve lost my patience with those people. If that’s how they want to play it, we should indulge them. Create a set of Criminal laws that target these sorts of crimes.
      Oh wait, we already have them, they just don’t use them when the target is Asian people, and probably Latins too.

  4. No first world country even approaches the level of violence we have here. It seems to mirror our International crimes.

    1. There was one. There was a bystander who ran across from the other side of the street to shoo off the attacker, albeit by then the attacker was already done and leaving. But at least he tried. On other videos it shows the bystander confronting the attacker.

  5. New fan of morning Joe …..keep up the great work …and that includes all the staffers interesting take on American politics that effect Canadian politics …we are the same people from a political perspective altho Canadians have been able to maintain a democracy which the usa came very close to losing …..your show gives me a well rounded look at why ?????

  6. Just a thought from across the ocean: to what extend are people afraid to speak up because they fear that the aggressor is carrying a gun… ?

    1. None. It’s the “Bystander Effect” look it up. Lots of people shoot “someone should do something” but no one reacts.

  7. The big guy had a knife….. so the employees shut the door to keep safe the building’s residents. Good move……. but unlike myself at 6/2 trained stubborn boxer….. you can’t expect everyone to be fearless. Hopefully they had called 911 once they saw it start.

    1. Doubtful the big guy had a knife. The 3 guys who said that are likely lying only.

      They also said they called the cops. The cops said no one called them. Watch other videos and you will see the cops saying so. Those 3 guys likely lied about the knife too. They just said that to save face, like how they lied about making the call.

  8. When I saw the little grandma cry from being punched. I made a vow to shop only in Asian neighborhoods. I will even eat delicious Asian food until the problem is resolved. I won’t remain silent if I see evil as this. That’s my hearts promise to you. Las Vegas stands together with you.

    1. I got goosebumps reading your comment. Thank you for your support. Where I live in Toronto, being a multicultural city, we are surrounded by Asian Canadians. There are very, very few incidents that I know of however, I noticed that the elders do not go out alone. They are always with their sons or any male relative with them.

  9. So now Seinfeld & the Simpsons predict the future. Guess we can throw House of Cards on the list too.

  10. I tear up every time I see the video of the 65 year old woman, who is on her way to church, be attacked and not helped by the 3 guys. One even closed the door and not help the woman. What happened to Good Samaritan?

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