Lawmakers ‘Within Inches’ Of Agreement On Covid-19 Relief Deal | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.) says that lawmakers are "within inches" of an agreement on aid for state and local governments in coronavirus relief deal. Aired on 12/07/2020.
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Lawmakers ‘Within Inches’ Of Agreement On Covid-19 Relief Deal | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @Bernadette Cavadi americans enjoy the suffering of themselves and others in order to brag about how capitalistic they are. Sadistic group….

    2. @Andre Littleton Actually it is the “RepubliCONS that are like that” Not all Americans are RepubliCONS .

    3. I see lawmakers, on both sides of the aisle getting primaried next election cycle. Voters won’t forget the who’s who in this failure. Imho

    4. @Richard Thomas is that so? Where were these non-republicons when pre-existing conditions threatened the lives and livelihoods of Americans for decades? Oh that’s right. Just like Biden, these non-republicons were busy shaking hands to work with republicons in the name of unity. You don’t have to commit the crime yourself to be complicit, otherwise anyone can hire a hitman and claim they’re crime free.

    5. Pelosi should be thrown out. She can pass a measley bill now because Biden will be President. What does that even mean! She should be kicked out of Congress for saying something as asinine as that. Idiots , what is happening to our country? Electing a man who has early stages of dementia. Really has it come to this! Wake up America!

    1. – if you could convince a #harris #biden Supporter to really love America. He would stop burning our flag, burning our cities, stop his Socialist thoughts, he stop voting #demorat

  1. They have profitted off the Pandemic and dont want to give the common American struggling a measly 1200 dollars we need to get rid of them all

  2. Bailout the airlines and retail businesses, but don’t help the people that fly on those planes, and shop in those retail stores?

    1. You are exactly right. These “Problem Solvers” are not working for the American people as a whole. Anti-American, just like TRAITOR Trump. Remember their names when it is time to VOTE. VOTE THEM OUT!

  3. While the world is being saved by Washington Politicians might we take a moment and remember Dec. 7 1941? Or might that be too much to ask of MSNBC?

    1. They also brought freedom and their rights to have a vote. That’s what real freedom is. Ever been handed a folded American flag. Not these stupid trumpers with a Confederate one !

  4. No stimulus. Just more slush funding for the rich….. This is how both parties play games….. Everyone should stop tax deductions for a year then see if they want to self slush fund.

  5. FFS, give the money directly to the people. The rich and businesses will get it anyway in the end, what’s the big deal? Trickle down is a failed system.

  6. No checks. Both sides are agreeing to this. So no matter which side you’re on can we at least agree that politicians are clueless?

  7. If their goal was to screw over the American people, then why didn’t they just go on television and say we don’t want to help anybody, just ourselves.

  8. And for people that are not on unemployment and lost their jobs having to stay home to take care of their kids get nothing.

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