Lawrence: Biden's Joint Address To Congress Had Heart And Feeling 1

Lawrence: Biden’s Joint Address To Congress Had Heart And Feeling


MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell breaks down Joe Biden's first presidential address to Congress and comments on the "simplicity" of the president's language: "Every single sentence had a very clear point to it and every line of it had that 'Biden humility' in it."
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  1. “Heart and feeling”
    Are you implying that Donnie’s were all “Fart and Grievance”?
    Go Joe! I am enjoying the calm of good governance in America.

  2. after 4 years of a nightmare who we feared would speak his mind….this is what a president with heart and knowledge looks and sounds like. America is back …but for how long.

    1. @Don Adams I have, among leftists he isn’t very popular. Among useless neoliberals he is quite popular.

  3. He established the narrative, set the tone, defined and framed the challenges and potential solutions so artfully and succinctly

  4. President Biden nailed that speech with confidence and compassion. He talked a lot about Americans and helping Americans, not himself. Not red or blue, not Democrat or Republican. To Biden, it’s the United States. THAT is putting America first.

    1. @BidenHarris: MAD Magazine’s Person Of The Year You are WRONG about the bill, by the time the bill passed there were fewer people going to jail especially black people.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis LOL you can’t even spin things well, DNCstan. Go snort some more kool-aid

  5. Great speech addressed to ALL Americans. Not carnage. Not, “Me, me, me, me, me, me, MEE!” Let’s get to work – I want to see what good stuff happens next!

  6. I enjoyed watching ABC 15 David Muir on President Biden, after I switched to Lawrence and Brian ending my day.

  7. Trumpists are the greatest disappointment of my life…I never would have believed so many of my fellow Americans were so gullible and malicious. My worldview was completely changed and I have far less faith in people or the future. Biden is bringing me back around. God bless Joe Biden.

  8. Actions speak more than words…the facts over feelings…and the truth far more than false narrative… We will see this in the future, close future… All the time God is good.

    1. of course dont forget the idiotic republicans not agreeing on giving anything good to American citizens – continuously opposing…………..

  9. Very good catch on the “seems like a good man” semantics. It stood out to me too. I couldn’t get through the entire rebuttal because I kept throwing up in my mouth. Such disgusting pandering!!

    1. @Mary Ann M, I watch it, it was pack full of lies that I am surprise that I watch the whole thing. Shame does not register with these republicans, but they should be ashamed of themselves. When he said that America is not a racist country, I about threw up in my mouth. Does he know the history of the U.S., what was done to the Native Americans, African Americans, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, and etc?

    2. @K. McKee, fact, but the trolls don’t care because they will continue to spew their lies and peddle their falsehoods.

    3. @K. McKee, fact, but the trolls don’t care because they will continue to spew their lies and peddle their falsehoods.

    1. He’s not ‘cut-throat’. That’s an ugly thing to say… and I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you don’t understand the real meaning of that description. He’s honorable, decent and straight-forward. I’ve known him since we were working in the Senate together, forty-some years ago. I’ve never know anyone to use those words to describe him.

    2. @K. McKee I think Mr. O’Donnell is brilliant. He goes for the jugular when there is injustice. Cut throat as in he takes no prisoners nor takes crap. I truly loved his coverage of Trump during those 4 crazy years. I truly looked forward to 10pm He would just jump right in. That’s when i realized there is no messing about, straight for the throat. A metaphor if someone lies you cut them off. I certainly would never ever mean any disrespect to Mr. O’Donnell, not on your Nelly. Heaven’s to Betsy! Each day after Mr. O’Donnell was done with this dressing down of Trump I would think, will Trump now resign. I lived in hope.

  10. Tim had a once-a-lifetime opportunity on a global stage to make good of himself and African-Americans but instead, he decided to blow it!

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