Lawrence: It's No Mistake Biden Hasn't Named An AG. He's Waiting To See What Happens Tonight | MSNBC 1

Lawrence: It’s No Mistake Biden Hasn’t Named An AG. He’s Waiting To See What Happens Tonight | MSNBC


MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell talks to Nicolle Wallace about the importance of the Georgia Senate runoff races and how the results may affect Joe Biden's appointments for his administration. Aired on 1/5/2021.
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Lawrence: It's No Mistake Biden Hasn't Named An AG. He's Waiting To See What Happens Tonight | MSNBC


    1. No ex president has ever gone to prison, and even he does it won’t the prison you or I would go to. It would be club med wall street minimum security prison where he plays tennis every day. Heck he might even get Martha Stewarts old room…


  1. I think Glenn Kirshner should be given some major role in the investigation and prosecution of the Trump admin.

    1. @Jill Monroe I’m german and listening to Mr. Kirschner every day. He would be the best and I’m sure he’s surrounded by a lot of good intelligent people also. Justice matters

  2. Republicans are burning down the house.
    They better not complain when it happens and there’s no turning back.

    1. @Tim Jones It’s not about who I like or if I set around looking for things to be personally offended by, A Trump economy shows on my bills and paychecks just like a Biden ( Obama 2) will as well. Biden wants to be friends with China and that alone will put us right back down. Biden has made alot of money from China and we are the ones who pay for it. How do you think these career politicians are worth millions?

  3. Such petty politics. Sad to think that the Republicans will try to block nominees just because they can. It’s no longer about what’s good for the country.

    1. This is what you get from petty, power hungry people. They have no morals, no integrity and no desire to move us closer to a More Perfect Union.

    2. @DaBoogieMonstah supporting the communist party what are pathetic people you all are, support the true Americans but not the communist! You WILL REGRET BUT ANYWAY TRUMP WILL WIN SO IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT OTHERS THINK.

  4. If the Democrats control the Senate, he will try too help all Americans not just some like the selfish Republicans.

    1. @Maja-Danmark so just roll over and play dead till Cruz becomes prez? Or maybe the Dems could grow some balls and start using some of the powers granted them like congressional subpoena etc.

    2. @Ken D I agree that the House didn’t use the full extent of their power for the past 2 years and they should have.
      I was responding to the question regarding acting secretaries. I outlined the problem and confirmed that appointing acting cabinet members as the alternative solution. Or maybe ”Vacancy’s Act” confused you?

    3. @Maja-Danmark I never professed to totally understand the whole governmental laws but if it was OK for trump why can’t Biden do it? Besides can’t Biden veto any change to the “Vacancy Act”? I’m thinking Chuck isn’t going to help Moscow Mitch with a super majority.

  5. You got it right on the head. There are at least one dozen ANARCHISTS in the US Senate.
    That CANNOT stand. Anarchist has ZERO place is government.

    1. Then those people if they seek to obstruct the Biden Administration for petty political point scoring in a time of crisis need to be named and shamed nation wide so that they can get to feel the heat of people under duress. Make them feel the pain.

    1. I really do like that idea. And former President Obama for 1 of those SCOTUS seats that will be vacated soon.

  6. Joe Biden needs Glenn Kirschner for his AG. And Joe don’t need to confirm him…tRUMP hasn’t had many (if any) of his staff confirmed outside of his court picks.

  7. Scotland’s Leader Says Trump Wouldn’t Be Allowed To Visit…never been so proud of my Scottish heritage (Clan Gunn)

    1. @Dench2020 How do you know he’s “worried”? Do you have telepathy? 9 out of 10 magats claim they do.

    1. Agree, I hope Biden will be encouraged enough by the GA result to nominate Glenn. That guy won’t let Trump and his mobsters to get away.

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