Lawrence On Parliamentarian Ruling: 'This Is Going To Be Fun To Watch' | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Lawrence On Parliamentarian Ruling: ‘This Is Going To Be Fun To Watch’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


Lawrence and Rachel “dork out” about tonight’s Senate parliamentarian ruling that will allow Democrats to move more legislation with just 51 votes. Aired on 04/05/2021.
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Lawrence On Parliamentarian Ruling: 'This Is Going To Be Fun To Watch' | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @My Tale What else you expect for the FASCIST MEDIA? They are scrambling for DEPLORABLE MINIONS to brainwash… let’s see how long those ALGORITHMS will work for them !

  1. It’s always a delight to see the GOP’s selective memory at work, especially when this leads to a cascade of crocodile tears.

    1. @1984 THEBEGINING the democrats actually have plans to change the country for the better. Republicans have had 0 plan of action on anything over the last 12 years except tax cuts for the rich

    1. Thank you Georgia!! And that’s why they want you guys NOT to vote in the next election as well as all other Red States who are also trying to pass anti-voter rights legislation. America can actually do something and the GOP can’t have that! They rule by fear mongering, and they can’t do that when Government is working like how it should be. They try to tell you what is wrong with government when all people have to look at is their deeds, they did NOTHING!

  2. Once again I would really like to see the Senate rule and how the logic went. I know it’s dangerous and sometimes disgusting to see how the sausage got made but I really think we need to see that tool.

    1. @Sharon Willicome Let me get this straight. You gave up the theatrics, and now you admit to being the old maid, but still cheap. Sorry. Not interested.

    2. @Janina Carter yha if you don’t agree with her call it racist because that’s what she does .

    3. @Eric Klaus Republicans are Racists all of them. Thanks to tRump for calling them all out in the open for the world to see!

    1. @Eric Klaus really kiddo? Because you seem to be missing that a police officer was murdered by Trump terrorists on January 6th…

    2. @E E and by the way it wasn’t proven yet but that don’t matter with you when you have no facts you just babbel garbage

    1. They knew this was coming and chose to elect another Supreme Court Judge. Actions have consequences. Let’s pray that Joe Manchin doesn’t fxck it up for us.

    2. @thom wessels actually Popeye, I’ve got an honours law degree and MBA and zero debt of any kind, but it’s nice to see the Florida Man meets Jersey Shore bubbling up in your post. We can only hope the next 3 year cruise on your rowing boat allows the grown ups to converse uninterrupted by your puerile and ignorant posts. I think I’d be happier at the fryer station than talking yahoo’s like you at the not quite successful person’s yacht club. A 41’ trimaran, that’s basically the Pinto of sailing isn’t it???

    3. @Mike Harper Yeah, I’ll just bet you have an MBA with zero debt of any kind. Mom and Dad still let you live there, I’ll bet. Correspondence Skool was good for ya, huh? And what kind of a sailboat did you take on YOUR Pacific cruise? You seem confused and of course uninformed about cruising trimarans but that’s understandable, since you only know about fiberglass ski boats. How banal of you. Enjoy your fryer station and that little lake. They fit your lifestyle perfectly. Oh and your tell card about FL and NJ are good indicators of where you are familiar with. Nice area, you chose, Fredo! I’m in SoCal. We’re getting our beautiful Tenaja cabin ready to move into as a second home. It’s on 48 acres, surrounded by Cleveland Forest on 3 sides and very desirable. Check it out, Cletus. You could only dream of our lifestyle. Breaks over, back to yer fries with ya.

    1. @Jack O’vellion nope I have voted Republican, Democrat and independent in 10 national elections , I vote common sense not political

  3. Considering the devious dishonesty by the Republicans to force their ideologues onto the Supreme court, Democrats better use every tool in the box to not only legislate but also to reel in the wannabe warlord at Mar-A-Lago. The media should never mention his name unless they are reading an indictment.

  4. I can’t help but think about that scene in Robin Hood: Men in Tights, where he loses the archery contest, then checks the script, and sees he gets another shot, then everyone else checks their scripts and are like “Yeah, he gets another shot…” 😛

  5. I’m really going to enjoy Mcconell and the GOP try to obstruct because of this . Let me get my popcorn ready

    1. It’s so sad that Rachel was so consurned about nursing home deaths until she found out it was the Democrats than nothing !! I wonder if any were geeks

  6. Who would have thought we’d be so excited about a Senate Parliamentarian ruling? Who would have thought we’d even know what a Senate Parliamentarian is?

    1. I love having an administration that is intelligent enough to be speaking of such things and using them to make laws that will benefit ordinary citizens. What a difference, what a relief.

  7. It was always an option to split reconciliation into three bills per year, one for each of its parts. They passed the 2020 bill, so now they have 3 more for 2021.

  8. I feel like someone secretly bought the dress I’ve been longingly wishing for. Absolutely marvellous !

  9. It is absolutely ref*ckingdiculous that this even has to happen in the US Congress to get three f*cking bills passed while hundreds more sit on a desk somewhere and dry-rot. And it’s all because of the goddamned ReTrumplican Party.

  10. I always enjoy the handoff between these two hosts. They always look like they’re having fun chatting and I feel smarter by osmosis

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