Lawrence On Those ‘Left Behind’ In Afghanistan And Vietnam 1

Lawrence On Those ‘Left Behind’ In Afghanistan And Vietnam

Lawrence O’Donnell explains that no army has ever evacuated from a lost war without leaving anyone behind.

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  1. Of the 9 billion dollars of Afghan govt. monetary reserves, 7 billion is held in the U.S. Of course they’re going to be nice to us, they’ve got too much to lose.

    1. That’s naive… if they can be bought with money, you don’t think Russia and China can offer them double the amount to cause chaos?

      How about the real reason is that even the Taliban is sick and tired of this war.

    2. Of the 40 million Afghanistans who want to be free, you allowed just 100,000 Taliban to control your country! Think about that before you blame other’s that tried to help you!

  2. He gives a very good America history lesson, hope all Americans learn the truth and history behind fictional “Greatness” of American. American is strong in military no doubt on this, but there are still much to learn and grow as a nation

    1. Americans thought leaders like Kissinger and MacNamara were whiz kids at the time. Maybe they were the best minds available, but they were flawed. Not a good assessment of human intelligence.

    2. The US has over 5000 nukes. It could have won if it wanted to. It wasn’t willing to do what it takes to win.

    3. @Ken Albertsen Kissinger’s actions created ISIS out of Syria by promising Sadaat the Palestinians’ right to return and reneging to keep the balance of power. Nixon told South Vietnam to cancel the LBJ Ceasefire behind his back to hurt Humphry. Death toll was 37,500 Americans (3, 750,000 dead Asians) and he told them if he won in Nov he’d make sure they won. He signed it in ’73. He sentenced 22,000 Americans and 2,200,000 Asians to certain death for a campaign tactic and 4 SCOTUS picks.

  3. Good analysis of an other defeat, How about the next defeat to come. America never lean from Vietnam, it will not lean from this disaster either. However, the military industrial complex wins every time.

  4. Yeah Lauren these days we have people anti-government those anti-government is the only one that think that they can do it better and their anti-democrat

  5. Thank you for recognizing that war is not manageable in the best of circumstances, and retreating in defeat is not even the least bad. Fair analysis and solid historical understanding.

  6. Thank you Lawrence for reporting a truthful historical reality of war. Unlike pundits and so-called journalists who have little historical understanding and actually been part with a “murderous” system that started this war (I’m talking about Nicole Wallace who is quite disingenuous) are just spewing nonsense for the sake of saying things to cater to whoever she wants to impress…

  7. Hello common sense and future hope to do better. We probably won’t hear of this reasoning and blunt reality of history elsewhere. Gosh, I wish more Americans would find a moment to listen to this editorial, and examine their own thoughts in a hopeful way. Sometimes hearing a reasonable monologue that contrasts our painful history to modern moments is necessary and refreshing. Thank you Mr. Lawrence O’Donnell…j

  8. Thank you so, so much Lawrence. This segment was a breath of fresh air. I love your anti-war stance. And clear-eyed perspective.

  9. I agree with our President, I support and always proud of our Military, our Military goes whenever, wherever they are sent, that takes courage, courage that most of us cowards had and never will in this life or the next, I am very proud of The United States Military

  10. Lawrence, ….trying to teach history and decency to Right Wingers is like trying to teach a gator how to surf. They won’t hear anything that doesn’t dovetail with their Q-Trumpian skewed view of the world. They know as much about geography and world history as they know about sentence structure, …in other words: very little. They relish their ignorance. Good luck.

  11. Waoh!!! Lawrence really got this one thoroughly correctly!…. But trust the Republicans and the right wing media to play their favourite card: blame Biden!!!

  12. Good point: Ask them for their opinion of how they would have pulled them out. . . Especially since they’ve never done it before It’s always easy to point a finger until it’s you.

  13. Thank you for a thoughtful history review. Having lived through that time in history I remember those awful days. Some people have very short memories.

  14. “Left Behind” “Left Behind” “Left Behind” Wow what a thought provoking editorial. I’m going to have to think about all that. Thanks again Lawrence. For me, you are the best ( of good, better, best, “the best” ).

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