Lawrence: Why Mitch McConnell Revealed He Doesn’t Have The Votes | The Last Word | MSNBC

Lawrence: Why Mitch McConnell Revealed He Doesn’t Have The Votes | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


    1. @Chris Zerkel During the Korean Conflict treaty discussions, military negotiators wore diapers. They did not want to be the first to leave the meetings.

    1. J R ……………. Moscow Mitch is throwing Orange Capone under the bus to hopefully avoid the Blue Tsunami . Moscow is devious when it comes to self preservation, and slitting the throats of ‘friends’ is a minor inconvenience to stay in power .

    1. @Jakob Peter Raahauge *abuse of power of the office of the president is not legal* < there is no such criminal statute on the books. About the rest of your comment. *WRONG!* Just wrong.

  1. What’s a trial without witnesses and evidence?  It’s called a farce and a cover-up.
    At least 75% of the American people say that they want to see witnesses and evidence introduced in this impeachment trial. The American people are saying that the facts, and the truth matters.
    Republicans: “Eff the people!!”

    1. Daniel Baer So where are the sources proving he is wrong! Fox and friends is not a good source. We need a journalist source.

    2. @J Z plenty of accusations there as well but again we will all see here soon enough….lies from the swamp, disgusting

    1. Natasha Norman I guess I get the picture . My dismay at friends choosing the most corrupt president we have ever had over our long standing relationship hold no merit.You believe I won’t leave. Thanks for your open minded concern.

    2. @edward burket you know, you are right. That was uncalled for. It just does seem to me that every president people say the same things and the horror predictions don’t ever pan out. But I can tell it was upsetting that your friend blew you off. I apologize. Friends should not be that way. I have friends that don’t agree with me on a lot of issues but we don’t blow each other off that way. I am sorry that happened to you.

    3. @Natasha Norman Who’s panicking ?
      I’m simply disgusted at how far things were allowed to progress before people started taking action, and embarrassed by the support such an ignorant and inept man has been able to garner and maintain.

    1. @IT’S TRUMP’S ECONOMY, LEARN TO DEAL WITH IT Guess what! I’m American, and I care that TRAITORS like yourself don’t care about the constitution.
      IMPEACH AND REMOVE the draft dodging, Nazi coward!!!

    2. @IT’S TRUMP’S ECONOMY, LEARN TO DEAL WITH IT Oh dear, another Nazi saluting, Christian Fascist who is going to teach us history. And yet he can’t even remember how many lies his dear leader tells.

      Republicans have tied themselves to evil. Think about that.

    3. @IT’S TRUMP’S ECONOMY, LEARN TO DEAL WITH IT Oh, btw, comrade. You’re doing a really great job at pretending to be an American citizen. The Internet Research Agency should give you a raise… Say hi to Putin for me. Tell him, his own people will take him out. He screwed up.

    4. @Dave Schultz Let’s do a little arithmetic. population of NJ = 8,900,000. 73,000/8,900,000 * 100% = 0.82%

      Think about that.

    1. @camjamsdad The evidence is the polls that were shown in the first minute of this video. I would click the restart button and watch it again.

    1. @Dave Schultz ….. If you want to believe alternate facts man go ahead. What 45 supporters have shown us…. Is y’all are some willfully ignorant people.

    2. @della junis well you guys have at it. I am nobody’s victim and neither are most Americans so you have fun with your victimhood.

    3. IT’S TRUMP’S ECONOMY, LEARN TO DEAL WITH IT I would’ve agreed with you if, the FBI did not exist, CIA, justice Department etc organizations who do an excellent job investigating foreign bad actors. I would’ve agreed with you if it did not come out that trump only wanted the announcement of the investigation and not the investigation. I would’ve agreed if I didn’t hear Trump say to henchmen WHO DONT WORK in government that they should “Take her out” while referring to an ambassador. I would’ve agreed with you if Joe or hunter biden where the ones on trial.

  2. For his own sake, he should have said; “there’s now a majority for calling witnesses”. What he said instead is; “I’ve tried my best to make this a fars and cover it up but I failed”. 🤣

  3. Moscow Mitch admitted it so Trump and his owner, Putin, know it’s not his fault and don’t come after him with whatever they have on him and russian agent Oleg Deripaska.

  4. I hear Moscow Mitch’s dog whistle asking for help in strong-arming anyone who refuses to vote in Trump’s favor. 75% of America is giving the GOP fair warning. Trump’s on trial and SO ARE YOU!.

    1. Todd Smith is Atom Shift a new super hero name?
      Spell check, bro…
      Oh, and nobody cares about you brain washed red caps. I’ll spell it out for you;
      Drumpf has
      Again him, in which he pursued a plan to benefit his political campaign, not the American people, for whom HE IS EMPLOYED.
      Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and Atom Shift are not the
      if they committed crimes, the DOJ should do their jobs and investigate
      Bringing these people into a trial for the removal of Drumpf is ridiculous….
      Kind of like your argument

    2. @The Last_Saint Well said. Trump💩terds seem to miss the obvious fact that none of the Bidens were on that July 25th phonecall where Trump was shaking down Zelensky for ‘a favor’. The preponderance of evidence raining down on the GOP will not stop, no matter how hard they try to block witnesses from testifying.

    1. @john e Lawler why didn’t Adam Schiff and every single Democrat and Nancy pelosi call the witnesses when they did the same investigation in the House of Representatives they had their chance to call any witnesses they want but they’re lazy pathetic and they chose not to call any of them so now it’s like who cares

    2. Jus m They did call witnesses. Trump told his people to disobey the subpoenas, hence the “obstruction of Congress” charge. Keep up, honey.

    3. @The Hippy GriffI didn’t see the whistleblower come testify where is Hunter Biden and Joe probably smoking a crack pipe together

  5. He revealed the Information so the majority of Republicans attack the ones that want witnesses. It’s a bully system to cover up corruption

    1. Mark Tablack it seems to me and others you defending trumps. And i am not the only one thinking your a cult following sheep. so i suggest you read your own words

    2. @Just a bystander well that’s your and theirs problem. I dont know what to tell ya. You guys seem like a mindless cult to me. Peace.

    3. Stephen Rose ohh they did ? you must have been away when they told you and the public over and over they had every opportunity to do so . THEY DIDNT cause your puppet master blocked everything . He told them not to testify just like he is doing now . He has no case and is afraid to call witnesses. the Rat is crawling underneath a big stone . THIS TRANSPARENT PRESIDENT IS A COWARD AND HAS A LOT TO HIDE. Cause if he , likes he is saying innocent he has no objection to providing witnesses

  6. The reason he’s revealing that he does not have the votes is so President Trump could put pressure on the Republicans that want witnesses!

    1. Sharon Granger
      The old Republicans need to stand up to the TRATIOR.
      What is Trump going to do shoot them?
      The Republicans are weak, and brain washed by the evil con man

    2. Evan H  ……………..  I agree with you. But make no mistake; trump would have NO problem giving the Orders ( He’s too chicken to do himself ) to have people he doesn’t like shot or ‘disappeared’ . It’s what fascist mobsters do . So, the ‘fear’ among those that think so much like him is justified . They would be capable of doing same .

    3. Anthony E   ……………..   Please get in touch with your local #Maquis ( WW2 era French Resistance ), or form one yourself . Then train with the tactics of insurrection and hiding in plain sight . Be wary of plants, so vet wisely .

    4. Yeah Trump will put pressure on them by threatening to sic his sick supporters on them. This is like Hitler threatening the German establishment with his brown shirt thugs.

    1. Has anyone out there been getting continuous intimidating robo calls from RNC. I’m sick of them every day. I’ve stopped answering my phone

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