Lawrence: ‘You Had A Right To Feel That Women Were Next’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. No, you’re not… Out of common sense, can’t call dibs on presidency… Want to win it? Earn it, the same than anybody else…

  1. No matter what happens now, save some fortuitous twist of fate, we will be stuck with yet another old white guy in the WH. I AM an old white guy and I’m tired of it.

    1. @AnnMarie old whit guy here too. If you had to pick one of them I’d pick the old white guy who isn’t a psychopathic danger to the world . But I’m voting for bernie. On the 17th. But we must get trump out . Bottom line.

    2. @Bobbie Angel old white guy here . Yea I could live with that. But prefer bernie

    3. @tin pan alley 1619 Broadway
      if you have the nerve to say you’ll vote for a socialist, AGAINST all we have built in the USA,i’d say you…need the help.

  2. “One of the best parts of this campaign was Elizabeth Warren.” Lawrence, you nailed it. Americans truly get the leaders we deserve.

    1. @Hildebeast Clinton he asked for a fifth of that. and has since said “I don’t agree with what they’re doing”
      what’s your point, sparky?

    2. @Carl Helbert hitler built the audobahn. and loved dogs.
      “they’re being pro-active but I don’t agree with that”

  3. Elizabeth Warren could have out-presidented the men she ran against with one hand behind her back.

    1. @Hildebeast Clinton you’re using “illiterate” incorrectly. (awkward)
      Jen’s phrasing is a joke, boomer. a pretty common one at that – making a noun into a verb.
      think “antiquing” but with edge
      (you might want to consider unclenching. and/or getting off SM if smashing words offends you.)

  4. We have to get rid of the electoral college & super delegates. One citizen, one vote it is just that simple

    1. Aren’t you just accepting mob rule. The electoral college is the same one that elected obama. By popular vote that mean california and New York will always elect the president how is that “democratic”

    2. Unwise to tamper with the constitution.
      Why should the goal posts be moved and the standard be lowered for the weak or incompetent?
      If they put up someone that actually QUALIFIED you would need to accommodate the weak.

    3. @Ruben Donate You say “mob rule”, and I say “people not so different from me using their vote”. The EC are not like us. Obama also won the popular vote, which should be 100% standard in a sane system. The EC should be nothing more than a poll sample. You’re so worried about New York and California deciding for all others, but coastal states are the ones buying from the smaller states to expand their infrastructure. Smaller states have much less business deciding for the whole, especially since they’re lately anti federal interference. What they want can and has always been handled via the legislature, where they are over-represented.

  5. She really was the most qualified and prepared individual. Oh well another 4 years of fried KFC. I don’t think this is the last of her though. She did make a pinky promise.

    1. @Timothy Flanagan ….. You couldn’t shine Lawrence’s shoes, let alone carry his lunch!

      Get out of here!

    2. With all respect and admiration for Warren, she was not… she made many mistakes and came across wienie and emotional. For example, when out of desperation she accused Bernie of bigotry. Another example, fashionably forgotten by the progressive wing, was the extreme and unpopular positions. One last point, pinkie promises? Really? She deserves presidency on pinkie promises?

  6. So she should swap her support for the VP position and then in a year when which ever geezer is the Pick dies she takes over as POTUS.

    1. No O’Donnell needs to slither away for being an old white man and kiss the poop off every woman’s shoes and beg them to have his job and beg forgiveness for being a slug of a man and he should beg all women to kick him in his tiny little balls.!

    2. Timothy Flanagan so a man who notices that a highly qualified woman wasn’t taken seriously is a weak, effeminate guy who must be a slave to women. You sound kinda scared of us — Boo!

    3. Maria G. Wait, Lawrence was talking about Tulsi Gabbard? She was the only woman (or man for that matter) on the Dem debate stage, that wasn’t a dishonest, opportunistic, grifter.

  7. The way he talks reminds me of Adam Schiff. The pauses and the emphasis and the passion. It’s interesting.

    1. One way in which the US is far behind other countries, is the way a lot if men have disdain for women and their abilities. Look at Elizabeth Warren. An extremely capable woman. So is Nancy Pelosi. I like how they both stand up to Trump, and the evil Bankers who surreptitiously drain our accounts of money! Bad BOYS!

    2. @Karen Smith You must have FDS (Feminist Derangement syndrome.)
      These people you so admire have behaved in the cruelest, most demonic ways.
      And they are who you like??

    3. @Steph J Schiff and O’Donnell are “cruel and demonic”? What an odd thing to just drop into the exchange without explanation.

  8. Thx I thought I was alone in wanting a women (Elizabeth Warren) for President. We’re well overdue, I will remain hopeful for America we deserve to a Women to run this country. 🙋🙆🙎💪😇

  9. Sad that she has pulled out. My heart goes with her. She is brilliant and I anticipate she will return. She is so much more qualified than Trump – she runs rings around him. She would have done America proud as President – she already has done America proud and I hope she returns. She’s awesome!

    1. @malificentpurple I wonder…did she accomplish anything in her state?
      evidently not, they rejected her.

      People need to ask that question of all senators and representatives.
      Have they been ‘representing ‘?

    1. they didnt mention all female presidents in the world. Brazil, Argentina, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, many other countries in latin america and africa had their female leaders. He was talking about those who had them early on in the 20th century

  10. Thank you, Senator Warren. You won more than you realize. We are getting closer because of you.

  11. One thing remains true. 
    The worst US Presidents were all men.
    I really like Warren, I hope she tries again.

    1. there was a Daily Show Jordan Klepper segment saying similar.
      cult45 woman: females would start wars
      klepper: but every war has started by men
      cult45 woman: well … okay yeah
      (LOVE klepper’s pulse, he’s so quick)

    2. I hear with the proceeds from her best seller “POW WOW CHOW” she intends to be the first female chief of her own native American nation.

  12. Maggie Thatcher wasn’t exactly a first for England. There was Queen Boudicca in AD 60 and later Queen Elizabeth I in 1533…Thatcher was just the first “Prime Minister”….but yes, it is sad that America (despite constantly claiming to be the greatest country on Earth) can’t seem to join the rest of the world, in so many social norms. Universal healthcare is another.
    Incidentally, when it comes to women in politics, even Iran has more women in congress than the USA. 😆

  13. I am proud to say I cast my vote for Warren.
    Not just because she’s a woman though.
    It’s because she had a plan.

    1. same.
      she also knew how to get those plans through the stinking quagmire of the congressional labyrinth. bc she’s done it before.
      but instead we’re going for “totally not that”

  14. I feel completely gutted by Warren’s withdrawal.
    Such a beautiful person, she would have made an outstanding President.

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