Lawsuit Filed Against Foreign Affairs Minister | Cybersecurity Awareness in Schools #tvjmiddaynews

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  1. I need to speak to someone in your office about a selling visa scheme going on in Kingston Jamaica right now.

    1. @Anklesox 🥂U took the words right out my mouth🤣!!! Me a wonder how she nuh juss give up d link and treat it as a good ting for those who really need a buss,🥳 so long as peops can get true, wa d problem🤛🏽🤐🙈⌛✊🏾

  2. Foreign affairs minister dam thief. Why is these people in higher places so thief. At the end of the day all the thief not going to prison. Andrew holiness and him mps them a de biggest thief no prison. Example must be set. Full time

  3. Ain’t that a shame? citizens have to take Public Servants to court to get honest disclosure from them.😢

    1. Most HONOURABLE people. Shameful and show their deceit and untrustworthiness and contempt for poor black people in Jamaica. I am glad she did not win. 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  4. Interesting…hope we know the source of the lawsuit and file a countersuit when it’s done…two can play at this game

    1. What are you talking about filing a counter suit and which planet do you live on, where have you been hiding when all this was going on. We the taxpayers need to know why she did not disclose the money given to her separately. The Diaspora needs to know people in Jamaica needs know. No longer will we sit and take Garbage from these corrupt politicians.

  5. Step on Them Rattigan. We need to pull all the bamboozlers before the court of law. A lot more will face the same judgement.

  6. Grass roots Jamaicans coming fi unuh criminal politicians, Pernel Charles is next because him need to show title and receipt for the land he claims to own and who him buy it from in St Thomas and alot more of unuh weh feel like seh unuh is too big to be taken down just watch. Thanks to Wayne and Ratti/Herb

    1. Pernel is not the only one, PNP also one late PNP did get coffee land fe nothing. We Jamaican need to held our elected officials accountable. PNP AND JLP

  7. The whole lot of these politicians needs to held accountable for their corrupt actions, the so called police commissioner needs to be next followed by the so called DPP, followed by all the corrupt politicians in office currently and those out of office including Parnell Charles who cannot disclose how he obtained 1500 acres of sugar cane lands in St Thomas.

    1. Couldn’t have said it any better… Andrew and Kamina should be in the same prison cell as those involved in the Trafigura case!…I know you agree with me


    1. @dy persaud  In Jamaica dat does not matter ☺️☺️☺️rumor has it Andrew holness a jacket ☺️☺️☺️.

    2. Kamina, her boyfriend Andrew and the boyfriend and girlfriends involved in the Trafigura case should all be in prison….in the same cell!!… I’m sure you will agree with me👍

  9. Am sooo disgruntled about this kamiya Johnson ting ..something wasn’t right from the start and I know she wasn’t going to win anyway ..sick of these crocked ppl.

  10. We need to see more of this. Hauling our politicians to court, to let them submit to the country.

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