Lawyer For Capitol Rioter Appeals For A Pardon From President Trump | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1

Lawyer For Capitol Rioter Appeals For A Pardon From President Trump | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


As President Trump's term comes to an end, NBC's Chuck Rosenberg discusses possible pardons the president could still give out including to those who have been charged for their roles in the Capitol riot. Aired on 01/15/2021.
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Lawyer For Capitol Rioter Appeals For A Pardon From President Trump | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


    1. @Ben G the financial and political backlash from Jan 6 will pale in comparison if Trump issues pardons.

    2. @Beyond Stylz enough with the orange man jokes, Donald Trump is a giant one big eyed monster that they have Animaniacs new series which they make fun of him.

    3. @Amy Elizabeth news reporter: oh yeah, if they are good people why did you let them take weapons and attack on Capitol Hill?

      Donald Trump:( he is silent for 12 seconds and then he speaks) let me get back on that and I’ll let you know. ( he slowly taking his golf clubs, slowly walked through the door and went to his Jet Plane to go to play golf but no one want him to play anymore so they banned him for life )

    1. This is why the Second Impeachment needs to go through. Because in the Constitution’s text, which states that the president “shall have the power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.”

      So if Trump gets impeached the second time. It takes away his ability to give pardons to everyone, including himself.

      It also removes Donald J. Trump from office and disqualifies him from future elections. This also removes his perks and benefits as former president.

      The Former Presidents Act of 1958 provides several benefits and perks that are available to presidents after they leave office. The biggest personal benefit that former presidents are entitled to is an annual pension, which is over $200,000. Widows of former Presidents are eligible for a $20,000 yearly pension. 

      Additional benefits also includes:

      1: Office Space and Staffing Allowances: Starting six months after a President leaves office, the General Services Administration (GSA) provides funding to establish, furnish, and staff an official office anywhere in the U.S.

      2: Travel Expenses: Chief Executives and up to two staff members are reimbursed for up to $1 million in costs annually. Spouses of former Presidents also are eligible for up to $500,000 per year for security and official travel.

      3: Health Benefits: Provided that they had been enrolled in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program for at least five years, former Presidents are eligible for health annuities, similar to all federal employees. (Jimmy Carter is ineligible because he only served a single term and did not hold another federal position.)

      4: Funerals: Presidents are guaranteed a ceremony with full honors and the option to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

      5: Secret Service Protection: Former Presidents and their spouses are eligible and can opt to receive lifetime Secret Service Protection.

      However, Presidents who are removed from office through the impeachment process are no longer eligible for the pension and benefits provided in the Former Presidents Act. Lifetime Secret Service protection is provided under a separate law so this benefit would not be impacted by removal from office.

    2. @justsomeguy true. Not only do they lose their right to 5th amendment, they might HAVE to testify. They could lose they’re 2nd amendment too.

    1. @Justin Koeberl It looks like Jack riddle is simply a troll looking for attention. It’s best we leave him alone, stop replying to his posts, and allow him to Simply Lament underneath the bridge she crawled out from.

    2. @Jack Riddle Whataboutisms … the only rebuttal the poorly educated can make. Obama pardoned poor people serving outrageously long sentences for drug possession……princess bone spurs pardons war criminals, traitors, white supremacists, pedophiles, and white collar criminals. Big difference.

    3. @Landon’s Channel do as your told AOC red hats felons Harris released from prison with take care of you the inciting insurrection as elite cities brunt to the ground for months and the wite supremist meth Trump supporters as the first step to communism is silent the people use false flags and after the fraud and corruption to over throw a president and economy and the communist are coming after the constitution next as that’s a standing in the way of freedom

    1. @Steam fish White rice The problem with pardoning his family is that they have not been charged with a specific crime. If they accept a pardon then they admit guilt.
      Trump can’t blanket pardon individuals without any charges made. These domestic terrorists have yet to be brought to trial and by the time they are scheduled to appear before a judge Trump will no longer be President. Timing is everything here.

    2. @The Blade True, it would and he would do it but they have only been charged and have not been before a judge in court yet. They have to be found guilty and only then can a pardon be issued. Trump will be long gone before investigations by the FBI and all evidence is handled by a federal prosecutor and the defense teams. There just isn’t enough time for Trump to absolve his domestic terrorists.

    3. @tecums3h
      Unfortunately, a president can make blanket pardons. Nixon had not been charged yet with a crime when Ford pardoned him.

    4. @tecums3h
      I was in a hs civics course when the Ford pardon happened and our teacher made it a point of discussion. It’s a get out of jail free card for anything before the pardon. Only for federal crimes though. State charges, like maybe NY state, aren’t covered.

    1. Trump is setting the stage to pardon his family members, what a crook!

    2. @Steam fish White rice Trump is history, and you folks show no interest in beefing up election integrity for the future, although that would be fulfilling Michelle saying we go high

    1. @The Wraith AOC was nearly attacked at some point, she said she cant say what happened yet because of security rules.

    1. That’s what I thought. Wouldn’t he then be admitting he’s guilty of “inviting” them which then implicates himself in his own trial?

    1. They say he can give blanket pardon. Like i pardon this person for all federal crimes until this moment. I think US consituition is written to help criminals.

    2. You don’t have to be convicted or even charged to receive a presidential pardon. For example if he pardoned his kids and listed every federal crime they committed before they were even charged it would be valid. It’s really messed up.

    3. @Brandy Courvoisier technically you can if the crime is federal. Now should he? Definitely not! However, the way pardons work is if they have committed a federal crime whether charged, convicted, or even under investigation they can be pardoned if the crime the pardon is for is mentioned.

  1. “He’s the most soft-spoken, calmest person you’ll ever meet.” – said by lawyer as footage of him screaming and pounding his chest airs.

    1. Wait… you realize that some of them where rioters right? so their family potentially will approve that pardon…

  2. “We love you… “ Trump
    The next day: “these people don’t represent us, I STRONGLY condemn the violence” Trump

    1. Yup. Don the Con strikes again. and again, and again. It’s time for the Dem’s to grow some balls. Treason charges anyone?

    2. @Lifeis Good the analogy would work if Pelosi would have riled up BLM. Which she didn’t.
      Trumps just got played.
      (…then again, they’re trumps. They’re on this planet to be played. )

    1. And that’s why trump won’t pardon him. It’s like admitting he told them to commit the insurrection and Trump doesn’t take responsibility for anything.

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