Lawyer says husband of missing mother bought $450 worth of cleaning supplies

Investigators looking into the disappearance of a Massachusetts woman found a bloody knife in the basement of the home she shares with her husband and accused him of misleading police, a prosecutor with the Norfolk District Attorney’s office said in court. Brian Walshe, 47, was arraigned in Quincy District Court on a charge of misleading investigators who are searching for Ana Walshe, a 39-year-old mother of three who has not been seen in more than a week. #CNN #News


  1. That grin on his face is pure evil. Why do these men think that killing their wife solves their problems. The partner is always the first suspect. This idiot bought cleaning supplies and forgot to get rid of the knife. Hope he enjoys losing his freedom forever.

    1. I realize based on your name that you’re most likely a woman yourself, but you seem to have forgotten about women killing their husbands. Which does happen as well.

    2. @E Boston the pretty much are. You want to clear the spouse first, they’re usually the last person to have contact with the victim. If they have an alibi you start checking financials and phone records for possible conspiracy with a third party.

    3. @randal gibbons Again , NOT in every case. My husband was a prosecutor and I know from my own personal experience with my first husband and my family’s murder.

  2. So your wife is missing, and your in the mood to buy cleaning supplies and start cleaning something.

    1. She left him, but not before collecting a few bags of her own blood to frame him by spreading the contents all over. 😬

  3. Yikes. He’s smiling ear to ear… I’ve never anyone so proud leaving an arraignment hearing. That’s disturbing!

    1. Psychopath alert. It freaks me out to learn it can be your own freaking husband and a father of your kids!! Wtf

  4. The idiot is as good as busted. This amazing woman never deserved this! Especially after staying with him with his first arrest. Tragic 😥

  5. Another sad story and won’t finish positive. She was a good person and mother Her husband did something wrong and the truth will come out. Terrible things are happening everywhere in the world God help us

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    1. What if she up and left him and he is just happy she’s finally out of his life after years of abuse? People jump to conclusions too fast these days.

    2. @RPG123 Maybe. Most likely not. All her friends here in D.C haven’t heard from her. She’s very successful in her career. It is possible that she living it up somewhere in Italy. The chances of that are slim to non. I never said he was guilty. I said he doesn’t look innocent. Not to mention is a legit crook who has been in trouble before. Anything is possible.

    3. @RPG123 Blood found in basement, broken knife with blood found in basement, house burnt down, lied about his whereabouts, instead he actually bought cleaning supply worth of 450 dollars although he said he was out eating ice cream with his son. Bullshit.

  6. makes you wonder if hardware store employees ever go, “this man bout to unalive someone” when someone buys the usual starter kit when trying to get rid of a body?

    1. Because people make those purchases, for non-nefarious reasons as well. My daughter and her husband, just moved into a new home, and bought a lot of cleaning supplies, gloves, drop clothes, etc. because they were cleaning and painting the new house, before moving in.

    1. gee 3 kids and trapped with a pos guy. he scammed fake art was the last one was the a wife a success? a big shot in real estate was the claim.. why scam art pos hubby?

  7. Oh come on… I’m sure a neighbor has something on camera. The way this guy is smiling being arrested is simply chilling.

  8. Hold up 450.00 in cleaning supplies. That’s a years worth of cleaning materials. 👀👀👀👀.

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