1. If those who knowingly posed as fraudulent elector officials should end up in prison,
    seems to me that if that happens and trump remains free, than there’s no justice in america.

  2. So tired of hearing this, “could Trump face charges” “top prosecutor says Trump may have committed a crime” “what crimes could Trump be charged with” “will Trump be prosecuted” “hear this one prosecutor’s opinion on what Trump could be charged with” “Trump indicted??”

    Tired of it, just tell us when he’s indicted or something actually happens.

  3. Under conspiracy attempting to put Clarke in a position to do an illegal thing, even if it didn’t happen would still constitute an “overt act”.

    1. @Steve B Yes. Trump did a lot of boasting, took credit for the work of others, and wasn’t trustworthy. That has a lot to do with why he lost in 2020.

      It doesn’t mean he was breaking any law, though.

    2. @$hiek Yobooty No criminal charges were ever filed by the DOJ or any other agency – federal, state, or local – against any Trump organization. No indictments for fraud were ever issued.

      You are mistaking civil action for criminal action. That is a common mistake, yet a mistake all the same.

  4. I’m no lawyer but how will he not face some kind of charge for all the crap he has pulled? He must be held accountable for his actions otherwise this will keep happening.

  5. I imagine that upon reflection on a possible impending prison term, Jeffery Clark will decide to sing long, loud, and enthusiastically.

  6. They asked grown men and women to hide in a government building so they can jump out from under a table in the morning with fake documents and yell SURPRISE!! 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️🤡

    1. @Javiel Paulino It’s called Hypocrisy at it’s finest. Or…..Picking and Choosing, like they do with what scriptures they prefer to follow in the Bible or dismiss.

    2. @Ruth Cook I know. If a Hollywood screenwriter came up with a plot like this they would be fired immediately for being too outrageous that no one would believe it.

    3. Find out where they expected to hide overnight? The conspirators may have had places planned out to hide in with lawmakers assisting them. Go out in the field and pull back the weeds. They had plans and various plays in place.

  7. This is fascinating, albeit on a slightly creepy way.
    The old adage about the ability of power to corrupt and the near certainty it will do so seems apt.

    1. @Kim Yes, the corrupt are drawn to power, and power does indeed corrupt, not usually, just from some shady characters that think laws doesn’t apply to them.

  8. Everyone involved in planning or others need to be locked up in prison. Same as for the ring leader himself number 45

    1. @Aaa Blur Odd that constitutional lawyers and prosecutors disagree with legal expert, Blur.

  9. We cannot let Trump walk free from crimes that we know he committed. And with his indictment and conviction will show to the world that we stand strong on our Democracy and Constitution. The world know of his wrongdoings but it is up to us to hold Trump accountable. If we been promoting Democracy with a Constitution to the world then know it’s time to show what happens when someone that holds a Presidency and violates the Constitution or putting our Democracy in danger is prosecuted.

  10. I’d be interested to see/hear the communications he had with his SCOTUS nominees… everything in his presidency needs to be examined.

    1. @Maria Hewitt Maria, in your comment you celebrate malice, sadism, and violence. These behavior leads to believe that you are deeply unwell. Behavior rooted in these traits are not that of a mentally well nor an emotional mature individual. I pray for you, for your healing, and for your peace. I am sorry for whatever in the past has happened which lead you to this thinking and this type of behavior. Please pray be well and peace be to you.

  11. I was shocked to learn that that DJT’s scheme had incredibly long tentacles. It was a huge web of criminality How many people will be arrested now?.


    2. @SNOOPY SNOOP #1 Half of the House and a quarter of the Senate belong in prison too. Oh, and at least 1/9th of the Supreme Court also

  12. “Seditious Conspiracy” – Oooo, scary words! That sounds like someone is in a *LOT* of trouble. I might even believe that there is enough guilt to share among many, many people.

  13. All those who signed should be charged, jailed. Period. I have seen people so jail time for stealing a candy bar, food, water etc. These scum bags need to feel justice.

  14. The case in Georgia is strong bc of the tapes. But it also fits a pattern of how he operates. He did it with Ukraine, too. The 1/6 Investigation is also strong for it shows intent, and all the people who will go against him including former aides.

    1. Just a matter of time. Rats will try to save themselves when they see that Trump is going down too — along with any hope of a pardon.

    2. Then there’s the civil suits for dages he caused to individuals. People don’t have to wait ya know. Sue him now if his lies caused some damage and get a check before he flees to Dubai.

    1. Is that supposed to be Dimberly Guiltyfoil? I don’t think there are caps capsy enough to capture her tone, but . . .

      THE BEST. IS YET. TO COME!!!!!11one!!!eleven!!1

  15. Lock them up!!! They knew what they were doing was wrong. Mail fraud at the least and I believe that is a 5-year federal sentence.

    1. Fixed Title: “Hand picked Liberal lawyer says once again that major event makes it “more likely” Trump COULD face charges… again.

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