Layshia On Players Using Their Platform To Speak Out On Issues Of Race, Social Justice | MSNBC


    1. @D B Does she think she’d be getting paid to bounce a ball around a court if she was living back in her ancestral homeland? I have never seen such ingratitude than I see from black Americans.

  1. It’s not there platform! If there employer allows for them to protest or take knee then ok. Doing just cause on TV alot of people don’t want to see that or live there lives that way.

    1. @Cubs MLB Perfect Inning Gaming If there employer is allowing it nothing we can do but not watch. Stopped watching NFL last year.

    2. The Democrat Communist party are very good at voter Fraud. Why do you think they suppress voter ID!

  2. I don’t want my entertainment infused with race debates, politics, crime rates, LGBTQ stance, religion, pro life stance, or anything serious. We watch sports to get away from the grind, not to be reminded of it. What’s next? Are they going to deliver your bills at the movie theaters? How about a promotion exam at the club.

    1. The athletes you expect to perform for you are human beings. They live in this world the same as everyone else.

  3. Of course she isn’t worried I mean come on how hard is it gonna be to social distance with only 10 people in attendance

    1. That comment ‘make good trouble’ and attributed to John Lewis just rocks my socks off. I respect and embrace the actions of sportswomen and sportsmen to use their professional sporting background as a basis to advance social justice for everyone.

  4. John3:16 nkjv
    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

    1. Eye One cuz I wanted to express my freedom of speech. U know what I said is facts. WNBA ratings are sooo low. Even most hardcore feminists don’t watch

  5. We are one nation, under God. We are all one nationality – one people. Those who seek to divide us do so for their own not to help those who truly need it. We have accomplished so much in 245 years – think of another century of working TOGETHER as Americans to achieve even more. Trump 2020; Haley & Scott 2024!

    1. Stable genius responsible for 150,000 American deaths and America having 25% of global coronavirus cases: “Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.”

  6. Poor poor victims making 100s of thousands or even millions throwing a ball through a hoop. Such a horrible life these “females” live.

  7. Watch we have another new spin on the fake news media machine. We will now start to see new racism videos being propped up and running viral. Trying to point to oh see racism does exist

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