Leaders Strategized How To Block Trump From Using Military To Cling To Power 1

Leaders Strategized How To Block Trump From Using Military To Cling To Power

Gen. Mark Milley worried about what the president might do to maintain power after losing reelection, according to new reporting in Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker's book 'I Alone Can Fix It.' The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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Leaders Strategized How To Block Trump From Using Military To Cling To Power


    1. I think he could have and should have done more, but Yes, on this it appears he did what the country needed him to do and he should be praised for it.

  1. The Coup directed by Trump, starring Trump. In theaters Jan 2021, postponed indefinitely due to incompetence.

    1. Due to the incompetence of “45” and it being countered by the competence and patriotism of those opposing the FASCISM movement of “45”

    2. @Rick Justus let me explain it to you… it didnt happen as you suggest. you get your information from an echo chamber of right wing propanda. there ya go…. does that help you little fella.

    3. @Joe w better not let them even get a toe back in the door…
      the damage is already so nightmarish & so far reaching

    1. @L. T I witnesses like the Stenos will confirm Trump repeatedly asking the question “Why do they have more Nukes than we do?”

    2. It’s basically confirmed already because Milly has not disputed it. It’s a very serious, unprecedented allegation against POTUS. He would’ve disputed the story through a spokesperson almost immediately as the news broke yesterday if there was no truth to it. That says a lot right there.

    3. @L. T It’s basically been confirmed with Milley’s silence. He has not disputed it in the 24hrs since news broke. It’s a very serious, unprecedented claim against a POTUS from one of the most powerful leaders in our military. Milley would not allow that to just sit out in the public if it was untrue. He would’ve disputed the story almost immediately if there was no truth to it. You can bet that every news organization has access to him, requested a comment and it seems they received nothing. That says a lot.

  2. Had my doubts about Milley after the Walk in the Park but after hearing the latest, I salute you sir, what a burden to bare

    1. @Cathryn Moody in fact purging your entire lines will be in order, so when your rise up next time… bring your kids

    2. @Cathryn Moody God bless Gen. Mark Milley.. True American Patriot, willing to defend the constitution and the American people from trump — the clear and present threat to US democracy.

  3. Seems to me that With what Trump did, makes him a Traitor. He needs to be tried for that also.

    1. @Scott Manerez LOL. So now people opposed to a fascist dictatorship are commies? Under a government where Trump is doing “nothing wrong,” nobody, not even you, has any rights, so that you could just as easily find yourself being executed because you fell under suspicion.
      What about all the soldiers who died on the Normandy beaches, etc. during WW II? Were they just a bunch of commies?

    2. @Scott Manerez yeah! Under a dictatorship, no one will tell people what to do or how to think!

    3. Raffensperger’s statement comes after an election integrity group said an analysis of ballot images proved that fraud occurred in an audit that took place in the county, which is the largest in the state and encompasses Atlanta.
      “They’ve been saying that there’s no evidence of fraud. That’s not true. And they’re misleading people in Georgia; there has been evidence of fraud for six months,” Garland Favorito, head of Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia, told a press conference in Georgia this week.

      Additionally, ballot images made public under Georgia’s new law showed that Fulton officials scanned nearly 200 ballots twice, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

    4. Agree absolutely with you Barbara. By his spurring on the Jan 6 mob rioters, he committed treason.

    1. Apparently the police and National Guard had no idea! No intelligence on the matter – despite a huge Dept of Homeland Security, established for just this sort of occasion (after the last terrorist attack). If the US can’t defend its own democracy, what the heck are they doing telling everyone else how to do it?

    2. @Sue Zbell Thanks!! We certainly appreciate your viewership of the Communist News Network and MSDNC. Our propaganda is working and you are a perfect example!!


    2. @Cathryn Moody Oh, I see now, she called you that- now THAT I agree with. Sorry for the misconception!!!

    3. @Yo Mama it’s ok. Misconceptions happen especially when You couldn’t get a brain cell to occupy your head if you put out a Rent Free sign

  4. Thank you General Milley for your patriotism and loyalty to the people! The US can never allow a political party that has lost its way, stage a treasonous coup.

    1. He actually takes his oath to the constitution seriously.
      If only half of the R senators took their oath half as seriously, then our country/democracy wouldn’t be in as much danger as it currently is.

    2. Like Joetatos said if any americans dare rise up again F15s and Nuclear weapons are on the table to prevent it. See Genocide.

    3. I hate to burst your bubble but another insurrection is coming & it will led by Tr…p & his loyal supporters

    1. @Mick A True. They are already trying to disparage the General’s name and his service. It’s disgusting to engage with them.

    2. @Truthsayer 1 Fifty years ago, we would have never seen a republican disparaging a General’s name.

    3. @Ellis James Exactly. Trump opened the door with his disgusting comments about dead soldiers, which emboldened TucKKKer Carlson to call General Milley a “stupid pig”!
      Hope all US military personnel remember this during elections.

  5. I’ve never hated anyone to the point of wishing death on them… But, I REALLY wish that problematic pumpkin would just bite the dust and go away forever!

    1. I hear ya. We are living in an episode of the Twilight Zone,and the episode, just doesn’t end.

    2. Mitch: trSCUMp MUST be made an EXAMPLE of how American deal with TRAITORS. CON.ald must be arrested, and tried for TREASON. IF THIS CRIMINAL GRIFTER IS FOUND GUILTY AFTER A TRIAL, THEM HE MUST be Executed by FIRERING Squad. Right now, wanna be, tyrants are waiting to try trSCUMp tactics all over again ! CON.ald

    3. Join the club! I wished the former president would go back to Russia and try to build that Trump Hotel in Moscow, as we heard he considered doing years ago! He could stay there too on a permanent basis, since he’s pals with Putin.

  6. The only surprise is that anyone is surprised and that people continue to be so complacent.

    1. @Cathryn Moody ADHD is Tom Hartman’s Book he is good. Chris Hedges an Chompski are the only voices I wanna hear.

    2. @Bernard Carbajal hahaha. You’re bouncing all over the place enterject more that I couldn’t care less about.

    3. You’re right, Michael. Trump’s gotten away with near murder for almost five years, while most of the GOP Congress members looked the other way all the time, even his spurring on of the Jan 6 mob rioters’ killing and injuring over 100 people.

    4. @Bernard Carbajal I don’t think your eye is your problem. And I couldn’t care less what books you like or what voices you hear. LOL

  7. Now you see why Trump tried to replace so many DoD officials in his final months. We were one or two generals away from letting the coup succeed. We might not be so lucky next time, we need better safeguards written into law…. not just ‘norms’ that a bad faith GOP autocrat easily ignores.

    1. Wannabe autocrats would appear to already well and truly established as Republican senators, with Mc Connell as chief enforcer with total control. It would seem that the overall strategy is to stonewall and obstruct anything and everything Biden is trying to achieve in the hope that they take over the Senate again and pursue their attempt to redefine democracy to suit their own ends.

  8. “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC…”

    Yeah, I thought I remembered that correctly. Never thought the “domestic” would come into play, but here we are.

    1. Yeah…but since our founding…it has always been a possibility and not an unknown danger; hence its inclusion in the oath of office. A few good men is all it takes. Luckily we still have them!

    1. He hasn’t come forward to deny any of this so unless he does, I’d say it’s accurate

  9. these are the men and women who have fought for our land, once again standing tall above us all. thank god for them.

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