Leaked tape pulls back curtain on Iran's foreign policy 1

Leaked tape pulls back curtain on Iran’s foreign policy


Karim Sadjadpour explains the significance of a leaked audio tape where Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif speaks out about Gen. Qasem Soleimani and criticizes Russia's actions in the nuclear deal negotiations.

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  1. A deal is gonna get done…This intended leak is creating the space necessary for a deal to be consummated.

    1. @Color Guppies I know, but Christian fundamentalists want to make it so.

      The worst possible thing you can be in America is an atheist. Atheists are the most discriminated people in America when it comes to public office and many aspects of public life.

      Religion is shoved down our throats every single day.

      Even in our schools, our science curriculums, and our even in our money.

    2. @Tdan Kendros I don’t know about that either. Parts of America, yes. In the urban areas, we have such a mix of people and diversity – to include religion and all beliefs. I think any religious zealots are a problem.

    3. @Color Guppies haha capitalism has bled the Country dry and encouraged the suffering of many Americans…starting with health care big pharma….that is the American religion

    1. Willie “sad” Tunes spewing again. The biggest threat to US national security isn’t Iran. It’s Fat Cheetos Cult45 mob.

    1. They are all in the same boat. This is a fake game. Zarif is also involved in all crimes. The question is why cnn is promoting zarif?

    1. @Billy Clinton Do you like Saudi Arabia or Israel better
      Read up on Persian history. Legendary stuff. One of the greatest peoples of all time hands down. I say this as an Irish Roman Catholic.

  2. Iran should openly declare the intention to sign the non-proliferation treaty iff Israel does so and the ME is nuclear free, or else Iran will pursue producing nukes.

  3. Here’s a joke: How many editors in the news room does it take to avoid printing the name Jon Tehran?

  4. Who knows what ee-ville, lurks in the hearts of world leaders?….maybe we don’t, but you can bet it does.

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