1. Lots of videos like this lately. Maybe aliens are evacuating their observation bases before we destroy ourselves. Can’t blame them we are in a bad neighborhood. Lol

    1. @Hugh Manetty joking about people who have had strokes? Your mind is beyond twisted. They have done this to you. The ideology of the left. You have been made into everything you hate. Do you realize how discusting your comment is? Or will your narcissistic ego laugh it off?

    2. @Hugh Manetty another telling comment of narcissistic tendencies. To be everything you hate.
      No. Im nobody. Nothing. Im just your average american not indoctrinated by my tv my political Gods. Im not your enemy. Thats what you are supporting. Your own enemy

  2. I know everyone is making nervous jokes, and ha ha he he, but I for one would like to welcome our alien overlords and explain to them that I’m here to help them achieve whatever goal they have in mind, as long as my back door remains unprobed.

    1. @bLoWc16 I’m so sure you’d have the ability to comprehend such an encounter with another life form far beyond your intellect 🙄

    1. For Aliens, trump would register as a deadly virus…no different than COVID…except it attacks the mind….they would destroy him before visiting us, not knowing that technically, trump is a human being.

    2. What you need to know about these sightings:
      Satan and where are his kingdom and throne?

      The book “The Beginning and the End” by Al-Hafiz bin Katheer says on this issue:

      So the devil, God cursed him is alive now, seen until the Day of Resurrection, according to the text of the Qur’an, and he has a throne in the sea, while he sits on it, and he sends his squads to cast evil and temptation among people. And his name was before his great transgression: Azazel.

      Al-Naqqash said: That is why when the Prophet said to Ibn Sayyad: What do you see?  He said: I see a throne in the water, so the Prophet said to him ﷺ:
      “Disgrace, you will not exceed your destiny.” So he knew that the material of his revelations, which he revealed with it, is satanic, derived from Satan, who is watching his throne in the sea, and that is why he said to him, Be disgraced, you will not exceed your destiny, that is, you will not exceed your inferior, despicable, and vile value.

      The evidence that the throne of Satan in the sea, which was narrated by Imam Ahmad:

      “The throne of Satan is in the sea, he sends his squads, and they seduce people, and the greatest of them to him, are the greatest at temptation ” Messenger Muhammadﷺ.

      Ahmed said: Rooh told us, Ibn Jurayj told us, Abu Al-Zubayr told me that he heard Jabir bin Abdullah say, I heard the Messenger of God say:
      The throne of Satan is in the sea where he raises his squads every day, tempting people, so the greatest of them to him, are the greatest at seducing people into corruption.

    1. @Ali علي I wish those in the Middle East would find God, and decide to live in peace. If only they were religious people?

    2. Yea and they are going to impeech trump after they tell us about flat earth. Because its not true unless the controlled media says so. 🤪🤪 orange man bad

    3. @Augie Rockero republicans would be just fine with them. They are peaceful, and I’m sure they know their gender.

    1. If you imagine humankind being able to send a satellite to observe another planet where the civilization was at say, bronze age level, then it’s not like there’s anything particular to gain from interfering with them. Maybe abduct one or two for autopsies at most, otherwise just ignore them for a few thousand years. If they have some kind of abundant underwater natural resources then dive in to grab what you can, it’s not like they’re going to be able to use it any time soon.

    2. Earth is the most beautiful planet in the known universe. So they definitely wouldn’t pass. They actually have been here for a while. look up the battle of los angeles (not the movie, the history event). Also, there are ancient drawings of UFOs all over the world that are consistent with one another everywhere

    3. @Mark Fiore I don’t understand how people can hate that gov. As a libertarian, I like people on both sides, but I think Desantis is the best

    4. @B Loopy If we assume that there have been aliens, it’s not a given that they can breathe oxygen or even are carbon-based organisms. Something in the atmosphere might even be poisonous to them for all we know and that’s why they stay underwater. If that were the case, it kinda makes the “most beautiful planet in the known universe” part sound a bit different.

    5. They might just be looking at us like we look at a community of silver-back gorillas in the wild: just let them be and move on.

    1. @Piotr Trebisz 1945 Russian or American photo analysts would IMMEDIATELY know what these images were of.
      In the case of those ‘triangles’ that’s out-of-focus Jupiter and a few nearby stars – the picture meets exactly the locations of those objects at that time in the location the pictures were taken, but the camera is focussed close, has 3 plates and so shows triangles.
      Its not rocket science!

    2. @endintiers Sea birds don’t pull 100 Gs. Or disappear entirely in a split second. And four different people at once saw what never looked like a sea bird.

    3. I love it when morons think they know better. What you think a iPhone is going to do any better? These are cameras designed to see in the dark.

  3. Astronomy professor Michio Kaku said it best: “They have not made contact because we have nothing they want.”

    1. @Chardonnay wow, I didnt think of that. Could be. Originally , I was trying to understand what would make these beings refuse to DIRECTLY communicate with us ? I thought of a zoo scenario or farm where visitors are NOT ALLOWED to feed the animals. Thoughts?

    2. @Unknown when we have evolved enough to be able to live peacefully with them.

      You wouldn’t want a self destructive variable added into the equation.

      Or maybe when we can comprehend the complex equations of what the universe holds.

      Or maybe as, a species, can live through any disease they may have. They could be trying to avoid the same thing that happened with the Native Americans and Europeans.

      Who is to say really what criteria is needed for us to join a high level of civilization. There might some of us on the planet but definitely not all of us have the intelligence to even begin to comprehend a high intelectual beings without starting to worship them as gods and create religion based on this. I mean their presence in early civilizations is what our religions are based on, that’s why all gods comes from the sky for a reason.

    3. @K.W. Matterhorn That makes sense too, especially from the point of view of a civilization so far advanced beyond us that we don’t have a measure for it.

      And even without that, it could also explain these various UFO sightings like as Harambe type situations or something, where an alien visitor mistakenly went too close to the enclosure.

    4. @Chardonnay “Harambe-situation” I can totally picture that LOL! UFOs advised by some unknown authority : DO NOT to feed the wildlife!

  4. Yup, they probably have a base deep under water… We have only explored like 1% of the oceans… If they can go into the ocean and hide, a base under the water makes perfect sense to me…

    1. That’s what I always wondered. There could be an entire civilization and we wouldn’t ever know

    2. I too believe there’s something hiding down in the oceans and it would be the perfect spot to hide such a base/civilization

  5. It about TIME that the Government FINALLY told the PUBLIC the TRUTH about these UFO sightings!

    These UFO sightings, have been happening for DECADES!

    This is for REAL people!!!

    1. Our Foxzen albums are called Curious Illusions and Mystic Monsters – from 2013 and 2015 but new to you we are like Wyld Stallionz

    1. The US Army has signed a Crada to study possible UFO metal debris from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash according to Popular Mechanics and other web news media – Google it for yourself

  6. It would be crazy if aliens landed on the White House lawn and opened the door to their spaceship and out walked Elvis and he said” That was a hellava of trip man”

  7. My wife and I are a good fit, complementing each other perfectly like UFOs and blurry footage.

    1. Holographic projections, they can flip on and off infrared and microwave spectrum if they want it to become “stealth” – Jumping from sea level to 80,000′ in seconds, 6000mph turn on a dime – yeah, projections. The navy is chasing laser pointers basically. 👍🏼👍🏻

  8. It’s just totally amazing how we can take crystal clear pictures of anyting hundreds of miles away and every one of these UFOs look like they were taken in 1929,
    I’m going to have to push the BS button on this one.

    1. Holographic projections, they can flip on and off infrared and microwave spectrum if they want it to become “stealth” – Jumping from sea level to 80,000′ in seconds, 6000mph turn on a dime – yeah, projections. The navy is chasing 21st century laser pointers basically.

    2. This footage was taken by a state of the art tracking system on a guided mussel cruiser. Your IPhone 12 couldn’t dream of catching this footage. What are you talking about?

  9. Coming in close to watch their version of SNL….live from Earth, it’s Saturday night…..

  10. I’ve seen a ufo come out of the water in the Gulf of Mexico and just bolt to outer space…one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen

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